Creating a Strong Clan

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  • Feb 21, 2013 (117 months ago)
I, like many others, have bounced around clan to clan to find the right mixture of donations, high level players and non-douchebags. I see similar problems in almost every clan and I find myself wondering how many clan leaders have ever played other, more popular online games with stronger community support and requirements of a clans purpose.

Needless to say Ive seen my fair share of bad clans and I figured Id write a guide about the creation of a working clan as Ive done for various other online games.


First off let me just say that there is a reason there is a rank of elder. It shouldnt be used as a useless gesture to members to show how much you feel you appreciate their membership. I cant tell you how many times Ive seen donate and youll become an Elder in two weeks. If everyone receives the status of Elder inside of two weeks time, how much of an accomplishment does a member possibly feel theyve earned? There is a reason the game has three ranks, 1) Leader 2) Elders (or police, if you will) 3) Members. Thats why Elders have the ability to administrate the clan, they are intended to be administrators not general membership.

An Elder should be respected and listened to. If a member has Elder next to their name, their words should hold weight. That being said and Elder should be a respected person amongst the clan and they should serve a vital function.

My perspective on Elders (or Officers, etc) is that you dont promote them unless there is a job that needs doing. Likewise, if they are not doing their given job, they are demoted. It just saves awkwardness. Theres nothing quite like promoting someone to lead your clan to a better place and that person doesnt log on, or do their job. If a person is an Elder and chooses not to do their job, the other people who are doing their jobs generally seem a bit annoyed.

I can appreciate how this perspective on promoting to do a job and demoting if its not done may seem awkward but you have to appreciate that if your clan is functionality well, being an Elder is a respected and cherished position. If your clan is implemented in such a manner, everyone knows that an Elder is an important role in the clan, people will feel like they deserve respect and that is because they work hard to be your clans Elder.

As far as requiring an Elder to have a role or function, I mean something like recruiter, kicker, organizer, etc. In Clash of Clans these roles may entail such things as:

* recruiter: should be fairly obvious, recruits and gives the initial info to the members as they join
* kicker: watches donation levels and removes members who do donate or become inactive
* organizer: plans cup competitions, organized events

Im sure the concept of a kicker may be an amazing shocker to some of you that feel that people deserve more respect than to be removed for their lack of effort. Thats just fine but thats not necessarily my perspective, so in the scope of this guide, lazy and selfish people shall be removed because I am a tyrannical gamer!

If you get what Im laying down here, its that Elders have jobs that they do to maintain their clan. These jobs keep the clan well oiled and working properly. Elders are role models and they should be treated as such.

By appointing someone as an Elder you are appointing them to make decisions on your behalf. That being said you have to utterly trust their decision making capabilities. If you do not, youll be put in extremely awkward situations in the future (trust me on this one)

Clan Leader

A clan leader is the jack of all trades who helps in all Elder roles but generally has a much more long term plan of things. They know where the clan will be in a few months, how or if they want to expand the clan in a more competitive manner (cup competitions and the like) and how they can go about doing so.

Above all, the clan leader lays down the groundwork of the clan. Theres nothing saying their decisions are law and that they cant take the advice of his or her Elders but they will make the final call. What I mean by final call are things like the requirements of the clan and how complex they should be. The leader helps assert the vision of those goals to the clans membership to make sure they are not forgotten.

Lets go into some of the things a clan leader can implement into a clan:

* cup quota
* level quota
* troop advancement quota (ie: lvl 4+ donations)
* weekly donation quota
* donation troop type
* maturity quota

While the game doesnt currently have these built into the recruitment process (some like level quota will no doubt be implemented soon), these factors can cause a player to be removed after joining such as maturity quota (big one for me).

The clan leader makes the rules and designates which people they can trust to maintain that those rules are followed properly.

Burden of Leadership

Ill say this once because it is so, so important. If a person doesnt hesitate before taking a position of leadership, they probably wont make a very good leader (be it clan leader or Elder). Leading is a job, its work, its taking the time to administrate rather then going into that next battle. Responsible people realize this and know that the agreement they would be making to lead is not to be taken lightly. If a person jumps towards being a leader without giving it much though, 9 times out of 10 that person is going to be a poor leader. If you are a good clan leader and you are looking for an Elder to help administrate your clan, you already know what I mean.


The membership get the quotas applied to them after they join (in most cases) and if they fall short, they are removed from the clan. The kicker, Elder can remove them or any Elder who feels a particular member isnt up to snuff. Its important to note that if you have chosen your Elders wisely, you can trust that the removal of a player was done with a thought process behind it rather than an itchy trigger finger.

If there is a donation quota on the membership, it must be maintained. If your clan is formed on the standard of donations then a player who continually does not donate is not a productive member. Its always fun to walk into a new clan and see 5 donation buttons that pop up within a 5 minute period. If they would all just give to each other, theyd be full. That, to me, is a neon sign that the clan is disorganized and lacks leadership in the right areas.

I personally wouldnt advise making a minimal troop type requirement, ie: Archers and up. Youre really just telling your membership that they have to farm with specific troops. I like using Barbarians in my battles and I donate constantly. Ive had level 6 Barbarians the day they were released but due to Barbarians being shunned, I would not be admitted into various clans. To properly donate to these clans I would have to change up what troops I farm with. The clans donation rules should not dictate the troops in which a player deploys. Donations, in most cases, are fodder. They give you 25 extra targets to take a beating while the other, more valuable troops, do the important stuff. Barbarians are great fodder. Take these things into consideration when creating your donation rules.

Pushing Cups

If you are going for a clan who is pushing cups it is obvious you will be more hardcore about your requirements and the follow-through of your membership. Ive been in guilds/clans like this before and comradery often takes a hit to efficiency. There are types of people who thrive in these environments and there are types of people who get stepped on.

Thats not to say that your clan can't have fun pushing cups, but be realistic. I can state with utmost certainty that no clan will make it to the top 10 with the attitude of we are gonna stay strong, stay together and well make it to the top! If you believe your clan has the makings of a top 10 clan, look on the leaderboards, find the 10th best clan and look at the last 5 players on its roster. How many of your clan have similar cups and base setups? Now to put it into perspective remember that the players you are viewing are the LEAST ADVANCED players in the top 10 clans. I say this not to sadden you and ruin your dreams but to wake up the leaders who set unrealistic goals for their clans. If you are going for top 10 you arent grabbing level 50 players and letting them level up, you are looking for 90+ players who have 2500+ cups. The standards that your clan must adhere to, to be a top 10 clan will break your clan apart if its not ready and the vast majority of clan are not.

That being said, I find that cup competitions are a healthy way to get the guild together and break the monotony of farming. The main goal is to let your members know when the next cup race is and for how long it will last. I would suggest doing something like the first week of every month is to push cups. Mandatory or not, you decide, but let your players know ahead of time. Also keep in mind that if an update hits and new content is released, you may have to push that cup race off. People often like to farm after new content is released and if you have goals on that cup race, they most likely wont be met once your clan desires to farm for the new Prince of Goblins Hero (I just made that up, dont get excited).

Bells and Whistles

There are things that I havent seen in the few clans Ive been through. These things are perks but would go a long way into improving the social integrity of your clan.

* centralized web site / facebook page for clan
* skype channel / ventrillo server
* out of game recruitment (i may be able to help with that on this site eventually

Some of these actually cost money and all of which can not be accessed inside of the game. They are external means of communication. Since Clash of Clans doesn't even let you have private conversations with other members, I don't think more advanced means of communication is all that crazy of an idea.

In Conclusion

If you are to take anything away from this novel its that leadership is work and making a good, lasting and respected clan takes a lot of effort from the right people. Selection of those people are imperative and if done properly, your members will respect you and they will feel that the mere joining of your clan is an accomplishment in itself. I cant tell you how rewarding it feels for your clan to respect its membership so much that they love every moment of it and donations are all nearly instantaneous.

Good luck in your clans creation!
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