A good, cheap, effective way to raid

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  • Jun 20, 2013 (113 months ago)
Many people in the game think that Dragons, P.E.K.K.A.S., Golems, etc. are the best troops to use in battle. And yes, to some extent, they are: they deal loads of damage, have high health, and intimidates people. HOWEVER, they are also extremely expensive (you can train two P.E.K.K.A.S/ dragons at level 1 with the same cost of my army), take a TON of room (ranging from 20-25), and take a long time to train (my army trains more than twice as fast as it takes to train a P.E.K.K.A). With these to consider, ARE they really the best troops to use?

In my opinion, they're some of the WORST units to train (except for at a really high level where they need those troops to win). I believe there are some way more efficient troops to use that will give you the same, or even more loot...

Let's start with the barbarians: the most under-rated troops in the game. Many people do not realize how great their stats are comparing to their price, their one housing space, and their incredibly fast training time. For me, they replace giants, sometimes wallies when they're being stupid and go after the wrong wall, and sometimes goblins. However, if you use barbarians wrong, they will be hugely defected and crushed by mortars before you can take out their defenses or whatever else your trying to have them take out. I like to put them in right after the mortar(s) hit and in about 10-15 in at a time. BEWARE though, barbarians attack anything, so try to have your archers attack all the barracks/ army camps/ spell factories/ etc so your barbs can focus on the important stuff.

Let's compare these barbarians to giants: giants are slow, take a housing space of 5, and do about the same damage as barbarians. Giants only unique and great asset in my opinion is their incredible health. Mortars can't do really do anything to them, but wizard towers, cannons, archer towers, and hidden teslas are what you need to look out for. I think that giants are good, but not good enough to use them in raids because the tier one troops can be more effective if you use them right.

Next troop is archers: the most commonly used troop almost everywhere you go and the most commonly donated troop BY FAR. However, you have to keep in mind their health. One level 5 mortar can destroy level 5 archers in one shot. Now that shot could have just gotten one archer- or could of gotten 20 of them. But they are vital to your attack. Many times your archers can destroy an army camp or barracks or whatever without being touched, so that way your barbs or whatever you use won't have to deal with it. In addition, archers add to the diversity of your attack. For instance, if your destroying a defense such as a cannon, your barbs can be up front taking the damage while attacking it, while your archers can still attack it while the mortars or wizard towers aren't attacking it. Archers can't do much on their own, but they can be a crucial asset to your attack if you use them right with other front-of-the-line troops such as barbarians.

The next troop is often hated by people and aren't used too often: goblins. Personally, these troops are some of my favorite ones. They can take out collectors in an instant or storage's in seconds. One goblin can't do anything on his own, but many of them are great. You can't function well with all goblins or mostly goblins because no defenses can be taken down, but they are incredible with other troops. Their unique skill is their ability to target resources with double attack. At level 5, goblins can attack at I believe 52 damage a second. Multiply that by two and it's 104! That's incredible for a tier one troop. Goblins do take the longest for a tier one troop, but they are also the cheapest if all of the troops are maxed (100 elixir per goblin). Goblins are GREAT in attack, but use them wisely

The last troop I'm going to talk about is wall breakers- or what I like to call them: the dumbest troops in the game. Wallies can screw up your attack by going after the wrong wall, but they are VITAL to raids. If you try to destroy walls with barbs or goblins, the mortar will be able to hit while they're all compacted, and also many times your barbarians will go after the wrong, useless buildings like barracks or army camps. They can frustrate you and ruin your attack, but you still have to use them, but don't overuse them because they are quite expensive (3,000 elixir for one at level 5). I tend to use 6, but don't feel like you have to use them all or even any for that matter. Sometimes I use all six, sometimes I use three, and sometimes I use none. Use them WISELY.

I've talked about the four troops that I like to raid with in detail (barbarians, archers, goblins, and wall breakers). Now I'm going to talk about how to raid with them. First things first are the different types of raids I do. I do 2 DIFFERENT raids, depending on where the resources are on my opponent and how easy it is to get.

The first strategy is just going after collectors. People protect the storage's in the middle and usually leave their collectors out, not protected by walls and little defense. And for the people who don't check their bases too often, you could get anywhere from 100k each to 250k each (my maximum amount is around 270k each from this strategy. With this, you can get all the resources using about half your army and usually can get 50% for the win if you care about trophies. This strategy is the easiest to get the resources without using all your troops, so it's my favorite type of raid. HOWEVER, it's not too often you find these bases. Many times you have to use my other strategy

My second strategy is where you go after the storage's. My army consisting of barbs, archers, gobs, and wallies isn't necessarily the best strategy to get the heavily defended storage's, but it does the job. Be CAREFUL of going after too good of a base because this army will get cut immediately with little resources gained. For this strategy, I ALWAYS use the full 30 seconds to decide IF I'm going to raid this person, WHERE I'm going to raid, and HOW I'm going to raid. Usually I will first use one barb to go after builder's huts if they're out in the corner because it helps with 50% and the achievement "Union Buster". Next, I will usually spam archers on the side I'm going to raid on, unless you can put one archer on a building without it getting hit (if you can do this, do it). It takes time but be patient. Those archers will help you later. Next, I usually use barbs to get the rest of the stuff outside, and when that's done, I put as many wallies as I need to destroy the first wall (usually one). Make sure that there is enough barbs as distraction to get your wallies in safe. Next i use about half my barbs to get their outer defenses, and archers to get the defenses too. NOTE: if there's just one defense that you want to get rid of that's not where your main raid is, use about 8 archers to get it and don't use wallies to break it- save the wallies. After most of their outer stuff covered by walls is gone, i usually send more distraction to get in my other wallies to destroy the second line of walls (wallies WILL go after an unintended wall if its closer and has something in it- try to use archers to get that building out so your wallies will not be wasted. Next, send some more barbs in, and then most of your goblins. Save some for later. Your next putting in of troops must be chosen by you because every place is different and you must decide what to do from here. USE YOUR INSTINCTS!

Finally, I would like to tell you my army. I have all level six army camps so I can house 200 spaces. I use 58 barbarians, 75 archers, 55 goblins, and 6 wallies. Feel free to modify this army to use to your best fit. NOTE: I am a level 73 and this army works PERFECT for me, and I have been using it for over a month. And just in case your wondering: I have level 6 barbs (max), getting level 6 archers now (max), and level 5 goblins and wallies (max). It helps to have max troops, but I've done it without max level troops and it still works. My advice if you have level 4 troops now is research barbs first because they're the cheapest, then archers, then goblins, then wallies (all to level 5). Lastly, DO NOT be so paranoid of someone raiding your village while you have a lot of elixir/ gold that you stay up til 2 in the morning on Easter like I did. The maximum someone can take from you is about 200k, and you can easily get that amount in two raids.

If you're interested in seeing my base, look at my profile and check out my bases. Currently I am using "the death trap", but I am looking forward to remodeling my base to try out my other setups. My favorite one now is "Saving for level 6 archers". Even though I already am getting level 6 archers, it still seems like a great setup. And if you are REALLY curious to see my base: Search up the clan "APOCALYPSE3" and find 'ross is da boss' (that's me). And if your good enough (level 5 archers) and looking for a great, chill clan that LOVES to donate, feel free to join!

Thanks for reading and hope it helps!

- ross is da boss

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