How to find a good battle/match?

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  • Jun 20, 2013 (113 months ago)
Have you ever lost battles that looked so easy and simple to raid? Have you ever lost so many trophies because of some battle? Well in this guide i'm going to be teaching you how to find a good battle/match to raid.

Usually i would state the obvious, if somebody has there builder huts out of range (defense), then you might hit up to winning the battle, but you also need to check how well the base has been made. You need to make sure you follow these things before raiding.

- How many buildings are on the outside that aren't in rage of their defense's?
- Have i checked that their town hall is well protected?
- Do i have the guts to raid their base?
- Do i have the instincts to know if they have clan castle troops in their clan castle?
- Do i have good troops set?
- Do i have any troops in my clan castle?
- Where are the defenses located?
- Have i raided a base this easy before?
- Does he/she have a lot of loot?
- Do they have any loot in their collectors?
- Are the defense well protected?
- What level are my troops?
- If i lose for some reason, how will many trophies will i lose?
- How many trophies will i win?
- What troop am i going to need?

These are the things that you need to make sure you have checked before raiding. I know there is only a 20 seconds time to start, but think in the top of your mind, check very quickly. Make sure that if you are on a farming streak, then this isn't really recommended, but you can still follow this guide.

If you are loosing against some people, then maybe it is your base, but this guide isn't about your base. It's about your battle/match.

I tend to raid a base that has a lot of loot, 100 000 loot of gold and elixir, makes me want to attack it very badly. But i also need to think about it, will i lose a lot of trophies? These are the things that you need to remember before attacking.

Depending on what troops you have and what level they are, it's most likely that your troops need to have a good set of troops.

If you are trophies worry, then try not to be upset but also maintain the skills that I've put in this guide. For farmers i'm not sure about you but you can still follow this guide that i have been using for a long time.

If you want proof, then try this out your self this will work on anyone and this isn't a lie. Just make sure you understand, hope you enjoy all clash of clan fans!

--This is my first guide and I love to help people so please don't say anything that might hurt my feelings, Thank you!--
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