TH 9: Getting 3 Stars with Valkyries

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  • Oct 28, 2015 (84 months ago)

After seeing more guides and strategies online about the underused Valkyrie, I decided to share my own personal experience and insight on the use of this amazing troop. This guide is specifically for town hall 9’s who want to learn how to use Valkyries properly and ultimately get those 3 stars in war, but any town hall level can learn some tricks.


To begin with, I am currently an almost maxed town hall 9 (only about 180 walls from maxed) and have been using Valkyries consistently in war for over a year. I have stayed in my main clan Pr;cks for the majority of the time, but I hopped around and learned more strategies from clans like Canadian Moose, Last Revolt, and \/alhalla (spelled with \ and /). If you want to see a variety of Valkyrie attacks in action, \/alhalla strictly uses Valkyrie combinations in war.


During my experience in war the most common attacks that I have seen against town hall 9’s consist mainly of GoWiWi, GoWiPe, LavaLoonion, GoLaLoon, and occasionally some hog attacks. These strategies are fine for getting 3 stars on the low town hall 9’s, but often the more developed 9’s are only two starred which results in really close wars. As a very developed town hall 9 it is usually my job in war to attack their developed 9’s and also sometimes clean up their town hall 10’s (which I will discuss briefly later). I don’t use the previously mentioned common attacks, I use Valkyries in a special attack that is called GoWiVa and usually 3 star my equal in war or one below my equal.


As a town hall 9 you have access to the level 3 Pekka and maxed level 4 Valkyries. Here is a quick comparison:



1 level 4 Valkyrie

3 level 4 Valkyries

1 level 3 Pekka

Housing Space




Damage Per Second








Training Time

8 minutes

24 minutes

45 minutes

Movement Speed




Damage Type




Training Cost

160 Dark Elixir

480 Dark Elixir

36000 Elixir


Additionally Valkyries don’t take double damage from hidden teslas, and skeleton traps aren’t a problem because one axe swing will take them out. The do, however, get sprung by spring traps but only one can get sprung. I have seen Valkyries run past a spring trap without getting sprung because they are so fast. Based on the stats alone, I don’t know why I don’t see more people using GoWiVa instead of GoWiPe for town hall 9’s. I have yet to see a highly developed town hall 9 be 3 starred by a town hall 9’s GoWiPe, but I consistently get 3 stars using Valkyries.


Valkyries are a powerful troop if used correctly so I’ll share what I have observed and experienced while using this troop. 


Army Composition:


My army composition varies from base to base, but usually consists of

  • 11-13 Valkyries
  • Always 2 Golems (1 in the clan castle)
  • 14-16 wizards
  • 8 wallbreakers
  • And about 6-12 archers to pick off side buildings
  • Miscellaneous troops*


This army is great for dealing out massive damage throughout the entire base. It is very dark elixir heavy, but is entirely worth it. The golems are used mainly to protect the wizards, but they also divert a lot of damage from the Valkyries. They help set up the initial funnel. The Valkyries are the main force of the attack, but the wizards clean up the sides because you will often see a V formation occur with the Valkyries at the point, and the golems and wizards on the sides. This can sometimes be a problem because if the Valkyries go too far ahead and get stuck bashing at a wall the outer defenses can build up damage on them while the wizards and golems try to catch up. This occurs more often on bases with high level walls and may require the use of a heal spell. Often the Barbarian king will run with the Valkyries and take lots of damage. Wallbreakers help destroy the outer walls to direct the Valkyries and golems. Archers get placed as needed on the sides.


*Depending on the base I sometimes add a few balloons, hogs, or witches.




The spell composition varies greatly when attacking bases with a mixture of level 9 and below walls and attacking bases with level 9 and 10 walls.


While attacking bases with a mixture of walls level 9 and below I use these spells:

  • 3 heal
  • 1 rage
  • 1 poison


While attacking bases with walls level 9 and lots of level 10 I consider using these spells:

  • 1 heal
  • 1 rage
  • 4 earthquake
  • 1 poison


When going to 2 star a town hall 10 I use these spells:

  • 1 heal
  • 2 rage
  • 1 jump
  • 1 poison


Valkyries bunch up very easily like giants because they often follow the same target so they take splash damage very easily, especially from giant bombs. However, unlike hogs getting caught in a double giant bomb trap, Valkyries can recover very easily with the use of a heal spell and continue to swing their axes. They often trigger the giant bombs themselves as they go through the base really fast, so they save the lives of many wizards. This is why heal spells are essential to a Valkyrie attack (except against town hall 10’s).


The rage spell is specifically used in the beginning of center of the base to gut the center because it usually has the most hit points with the town hall, clan castle, x-bows, and heroes. A group of Valkyries in a rage spell destroys everything nearly instantly (even high level walls), and it also helps the Valkyries run past the usual drag and balloons in the clan castle if it wasn’t lurable. As a town hall 9 attacking a town hall 10, there is no hope of freezing the inferno towers, so you want to get your Valkyries in the center to destroy them and the town hall as fast as you can with the rage spells.


The poison spell is always used for the clan castle troops whether the base is able to be lured or not. A dragon and balloons (very common at developed town hall 9) often can’t attack the Valkyries while caught in the poison spell because they attack too slowly and Valkyries move too fast. Then the wizards and queen destroy the pesky air troops. Sometimes a heal spell is necessary if the Valkyries were slowed down and were damaged. I have seen people substitute the poison spell for a haste spell, but in my experience the poison spell does more for the attack.


As you should know, 4 earthquake spells destroy any level wall whether it is level 1 or level 11. Because these 4 spells take up the space of two heal spells, this strategy is most effective when attacking a base with walls level 9 and lots of level 10. Valkyries tend to get caught on high level walls and take lots of damage from the outer defenses, and the earthquake spells help avoid this. If more than 50% of a base can be opened up with the earthquake spells and their walls are a mix between level 9 and level 10, I will use the earthquakes. It creates its very own funnel within the base and allows the Valkyries to often divide and take out many structures at a time while the golems tank and wizards follow behind. Initial funneling and wallbreakers are still used because the earthquake spells create a funnel on the inside of the base and would be pointless if the Valkyries went on the outside.


The jump spell is used against town hall 10’s because it directs the Valkyries to go straight for the town hall and center to get the initial 1 star while the golems and wizards take out the sides and archers on the outside buildings for the 50% to get the 2 star. The earthquake spell isn’t as effective against town hall 10’s because it makes the Valkyries spread out more, which causes them to die easily with the constant inferno flame and higher level defenses.  


Key Tips:


Choosing a base: The beauty about using a Valkyrie attack is that many people don’t use a base that specifically defends against Valkyries. Because the AI for Valkyries has them go in between two buildings and deal spin damage to both of them, the ideal base has its structures next to each other and is very compact. The bases with a big opening in the middle are perfect because when the Valkyries get in, they destroy everything in seconds. Try to avoid bases with lots of small compartments, because you will see your Valkyries hitting more walls than actual buildings. On the other hand, bases that tend to have medium size compartments are perfect for the Valkyrie attack. Choose the right spells for the base too, as mentioned in the spell section of the guide.


Luring: Ideally the clan castle would be lured and then the poison spell used to kill clan castle troops with the use of a golem and wizards, but a lure isn’t necessary. When attacking a high level base there is often a dragon and two balloons, which usually sounds pretty bad but it isn’t a problem. This isn’t an issue because if you get them caught in the poison spell, the Valkyries distract the troops and run past them while the wizards and queen destroy the clan castle troops. Sometimes a heal spell would need to be used.


Funneling: The most important thing while using Valkyries is to funnel. If you don’t funnel they go on the outside and the main force of your attack is wasted. The AI for Valkyries is to attack the nearest thing, so I tend to attack a single side, deploy the golems to the left and right, use wizards to clean up the outside buildings on the sides by the golems, and then the Valkyries have a path in the middle to follow and won’t go around the base. This is a very generic way to describe how to create a funnel so please do some research if you had no idea what I was talking about. There are some great videos on YouTube. ­­


How to deploy them: After the funnel is made you might be tempted to just drop every single Valkyrie you have on a single spot. Resist this urge. I have found that deploying the Valkyries in two waves is the best strategy. Deploy half of the Valkyries when the funnel is made in a line, and then when they get inside deploy the second half to go inside the same spot. This helps spread out the damage dealt initially because otherwise they would clump into a huge group and all try to attack the same buildings. Heroes should be deployed with the Valkyries after the funnel.


Time your heal spells: The attack I use the most is the one with 3 heal spells because I have found it to be the most effective, unless attacking high level walls. The most important thing to not do is use the heal spells too early. Max Valkyries have 1200 hit points, which means that they survive a long time, especially when they group up. The downside is that they take a lot of splash damage, but heal spells are very effective at healing the whole group and any surrounding wizards. Giant bombs only deal 225 damage, which can deal a lot of splash damage to the group, but they can soak in a lot more damage so wait on the heal spell. I tend to use 1 heal spell specifically to heal the wizards because they are the most vulnerable and can sometimes be picked off from a faraway archer tower, cannon, or tesla. The other 2 I try to plan where the Valkyries are going to be, and try to contain a few wizards but the Valkyries are the priority. Additionally if a lure wasn’t possible and you attack and there is a dragon, the dragon might be able to attack a few times, so a heal spell might be necessary while the clan castle troops are killed.


Practice: You can’t just start doing new war attacks and expect to get 3 stars off the bat (which you will probably get using this strategy). You need to practice the attack and get a feel for how the Valkyries move so you can predict where to put the spells, how to funnel, determine which side is the best to attack, and ultimately get that desired 3 star.


If you have never used Valkyries before, don’t be afraid to give them a test run. If you have but weren’t using a good enough strategy, give this one a try. This is one of the strongest strategies I have seen for getting 3 stars on developed town hall 9’s. After a few attacks I promise that you won’t be disappointed with the results.

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