Mass Witch Attack

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  • Aug 19, 2015 (86 months ago)

Lets keep this short and sweet!


Who is it for? This is a strategy for Town Hall Levels 9 and 10 (Obvious right?)


Base Layout: This strategy will work best against spread out, open bases the the skeletons can rush through.


Step 1 - Gain Access: I personally use jump spells but depending on the setup you can use wallbreakers to try and save room for extra spells (rage or freeze recommended).


Step 2 - You want to use your Golems as Tanks as deploy these in a way to check for giant bombs. Spread wizards behind these to create a direct funnel.


Step 3 - The Witches!! Place these in from the corner of the base (they will spread outwards). Place them far enough back in the corner to give them more time to create skeletons and to let them run forward to check for bombs.


Step 4 - Don't forget to Jump into the core! You don't want your troops running ALL the way around the centre.


Step 5 - Rage to Speed Up - You can produce more skeletons by raging your witches. A good idea before and/or in the core. Be careful not to rage them forward into giant bombs.


Also don't forget your poison spell (or if your attack is a clean up you may find a haste is more useful).


Check the video for a quick how to. This is an easy strategy for you guys in war! Sounds expensive? The cost of victory is priceless my friends. Clash on!


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