Drogriders - Hogrider & Dragon Attack Strategy for TH8 Users (Schw|Achen)

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  • Jul 21, 2015 (87 months ago)

Hello Reader,

in the following I´m gonna explain an attack strategy with hogs and dragons that can easily destroy most of the TH8 bases or lower ones (if used more or less correctly).


Troops and Spells:

Using this strategy, you most likely use 27 hogriders and 3 dragons. You should also use 1 archer and 1 wizard. Why? I´ll explain in detail later :D Also get 4 or 5 hogriders from your clanmembers.

Use 3 healspells and 1 poisonous spell! No other spells allowed! Never! xD


The Preliminary Part (Think before you Attack!):

Before attacking in clan war, you should think about where traps could be set or what the Enemy could have in his castle. For example, 25 troops inside it could mean a pekka, dragon or wizards, etc.

So before starting an allround attack or kinda like that, you have to lure the enemies troops out of his castle. For that, you´ll most likely have to use 1 or rather 2 hogriders to lure them out and to get them into 1 place you´ll use the archer. Even if you could use the poisonous spell now, for example against some wizards, rather kill them off with 1 or 2 dragons and your wizard. Why? I´ll explain now.


The Attack (Part 1):

Now finally, we are gonna attack a base. We thought about from where we´ll attack with our hogriders, how we could lure the enemies troops out and so on. It´s the best to lure the enemies troops to the place where you want to start the attack. That´s because if you do so, you won´t waste your wizard and dragon/s just to kill the enemies troops, they´ll still be useful to attack with your other troops and they´ll take the attacks of certain towers like archer towers or wizard towers.


The Attack (Part 2):

After we successfully lured the enemies troops out and killed them at our attack spot, we now focus on the main part of our attack. Use the other dragon/s nearly the first one/s (or rather nearly your attack spot) and then use ALL YOUR HOGRIDERS YOU´VE GOT! Make sure they are not spreaded too much to begin with, it would be ineffective in many ways. You now have to be fully concentrated on your hogriders! You know the places where giant bombs could be set, so make sure to heal your hogriders before overrunning those places! Also make sure to set the heal spells in a way that your hogriders will be healed for as long as possible. There is also the high possibility of skeleton traps. that´s the point your poisonous spell is important. Carefully set your poisonous spell to kill most of the skeletons. And finally, you need to concentrate at where your hogriders are walking to. In the end, the most important part of the hogrider attack is to destroy the anti air towers as well as the archer towers. If you succeed in this part, you´ll most likely get 3 stars.


The Attack (Last Part):

You thought that´s it? NO! Even If you destroy all the Towers, it´s quite possible that the barbarian king of the enemy kills your hogriders before they can kill him. That means, you´ll need another force to destroy the other buildings as well. To destroy the Townhall, you´ve got hogriders and/or dragons.

But to destroy everything, you´ll need your barbarian king! If you are some lucky person, even your wizard will have survived until now and can help destroying. The biggest problem with this attack is most likely to destroy everything. It´s a fast, and little bit difficult strategy, but the less the enemies base is concepted against dragons AND hogriders, the less it will take you to destroy it :D


Hope you understood my PRETTY wakanesen-engrish XD oh my, it was hard to write this whole thing, please appreciate it :3 I´m german, I need a handycap! x3

Btw and as my last comment to this for now, in german I would call this strategy kinda like "SchwAchen", from the german words "Schweine" and "Drachen" -> translate for yourself those 3 words, it´s quite ironic :P


Have a nice day ;D

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