A Complete Guide to Leagues and Trophies

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  • Jul 16, 2015 (77 months ago)

Ksisky's Complete Guide to Trophies and Leagues

Hello there! Seems that you have found my guide to trophies and leagues in Clash of Clans! In this guide I will be going over everything from league basics to base specific trophy ranges.




Part 1: League and Trophy Basics


Leagues and trophies are one of the most important aspects of the game. They allow you to be matched against similar bases, allows you to get ranked against 100 other people of the same league, and earn loot bonuses.


Trophies are units earned by successfully attacking and defending, that place you in leagues, decide who you will attack, and sometimes to show "prestige".Trophies are the backbone to Clash of Clans, without them, there would be no goal. The rule of thumb is "The more trophies, the better the player". However, this is not always true, as very good players can drop trophies to steal loot in a process called farming.




The league system is a system in which players are grouped according to the number of their trophies for about 30 days. To join a league, one must accumulate at least 400 trophies, in which they will be placed in the lowest league, the bronze league. There are currently 8 leagues in the game, they are (from lowest to highest):




Bronze: 400-799 Trophies


Silver: 800-1399 Trophies


Gold: 1400-1999 Trophies


Crystal: 2000-2599 Trophies


Master: 2600-3199 Trophies


Champion: 3200-4099 Trophies 


Titan: 4100-4999 Trophies


Legend: 5000+ Trophies




However, each league, except for Legend, is separated into three divisions. These divisions can be found here. The one exception to the 3 divisions rule, is the Legend League, a league like no else. The legend league is almost like a race. Who ever has the most trophies at the end of the season gets featured on the "Top Players" page in Clash of Clans. So that everyone has a fair shot of getting there, every 30 days, if you have over 5000 trophies, it will be reset back to 5000 trophies, and then the tournament begins again.

League Bonuses

 A bonus to being in a league is the league bonus. The league bonus is a system in which after a sucsessful attack, the attacker is granted extra loot, depending on the league they are in. The league bonuses are as follows:
Bronze: 600-1000 gold and elixer
Silver: 2,000-4,000 gold and elixer
Gold: 8,000-14,000 gold and elixer
Crystal: 35,000-65,000 gold and elixer, 100-300 dark elixer
Master: 100,000-140,000 gold and elixer, 500-900 dark elixer
Champion: 180,000-200,000 gold and elixer, 1,200-1,400 dark elixer
Titan: 210,000-250,000 gold and elixer, 1,600-1,800 dark elixer
Legend: 210,000-250,000 gold and elixer, 2,000 dark elixer
Because, the loot bonuses can add up very quickly, high-level players will often find weak bases to attack in high leagues to make a large profits off of loot bonuses. Many consider this a form of farming.

Part 2: Leagues and Town Halls

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey, those of you who submitted your name will be mentioned below.

 As you may have figured out in Part 1, the better the league the better the player. This supports the fact that the town hall level may have a direct connection to the league one is in. I have created a survey asking people what their town hall level was and what league they were in.


The survey shows that when not farming:

  • Most Town Hall 8 players prefer Gold League
  • Most Town Hall 9 players prefer Crystal or Master League
  • Most Town Hall 10 players prefer Champion

This shows that, the higher the town hall, the higher the league. However, everyone has their preferences, and you do not need to be in these leagues if you have the town hall.


Part 3: Leagues and Farming

Preferred Leagues for Farming

If you do not know, faming is the act of lowering your trophy count to attack easier players to gain loot. Through this method, which you can lean more about here, you can get millions of reasources a day. Because these players change their trophy count, everyone has different ranges.


Based on the survey I found that:

  • Most Town Hall 8 farmers stayed in their comfort zone and dropped to lower Gold Leagues
  • Most Town Hall 9 farmers dropped to Gold League too.

Most Town Hall 10 farmers make the leap and farm in Master League



Thanks for reading my complete guide on trophies and leagues! If you think of anything please tell me in the comments, I will read all of them, I promise. :)


Thanks to all the clashers that took the survey to help me get some of the results, including GameloverHD, itoslemma, thetevis, 5l3d35ma, 1923510, Chucktheboss, Almog, xnite215, Allybug01, Harry, Averyg, Charlie, liam, Tiler, Sam, mateo, Pranav, John, N1NJ4smurf,

AgentBoof, Thor, MarioKartEpicness, storm dragons, Cooper.