Spring Theory

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  • Jul 10, 2015 (46 months ago)

   In this guide, I am going to set a value to each type of trap and then talk about some scenarios, so you can see how different traps add or subtract value from each other.


Note: I will not be covering Teslas, because I consider them a defense, and not a trap, and I will also not be covering Skeleton Traps because their value would vary depending on where they are placed and they do not add or subtract value from any other type of trap.


Value Chart:

Trap Type  Base Value   Individual Damage   Trigger Radius   Blast Radius 
Springtrap 2 0.7 0.7
Small Bomb 1 42 1.5 3
Giant Bomb 8 250 2 4
Air Bomb 3 173 5 3
Seeking Air Mine 7 2,100 4 0

*All values are based on a fully maxed trap.

*All distances are measured in tiles. Don't forget, a radius is half of the width of a circle.


When assigning values, I considered multi-target uses as well as damage done. I hope you will understand if I skip the lengthy explanation for each one.


Now on to how setting traps next to each other affects their values.



Springtrap: ST

Small Bomb: SB

Giant Bomb: GB

Air Bomb: AB

Seeking Air Mine: SM


Ground Traps Value Interactions

  1 ST 1 SB 1 GB 2 ST 2 SB 2 GB 3 ST 3 SB 3 GB
1 ST 4 1 5 5 1.5 8 5.5 2.5 12
1 SB 1 2 9 1.5 3 18 3 4 22
1GB 5 9 17 4 10 22 3 11 18

*Underlined numbers mean that a trap type is being combined with itself, I hope it makes finding patterns easier.


Air Traps Value Interactions

  1 AB 1 SM 2 AB 2 SM 3 AB 3 SM
1 AB 6 10 9 17 10 16
1 SM 10 14 13 18 14 15


I am sure you have some questions about those charts, and I will try to get to them all. If I didn't answer your question, leave it as a comment below and I will try my best to answer it.


   You probably just looked at those charts and said, "Wait, if a Giant Bomb had a value of 8, how do 2 next to each other have a value of 17?" and many other similar questions. It is because traps can either positively or negatively affect each other when put together. Bombs mix well with bombs because they have the same damage type and method. And in some cases, 2 is better than one, like with Big Bombs. Two of them next to each other will kill almost any ground troop, and maime any that survive, therefore, 2 of them together have more value than just one.


   That covers positive interaction. To explain negative interaction, I will stick with the Giant Bomb example. 1 GB is worth 8, 2 GBs increases the value by 9 to 17, adding another GB raises their worth by 5 to 22, and adding a fourth GB reduces their worth by 4 to 18. The 3rd GB still increases the worth, but not even by 8, that means that even though the overall value increased, the individual value of each GB decreased. This is because 3 GBs all next to each other is putting many eggs into one basket for moderate gain. 2GBs will kill most anything just as well as 3 would. Finally, by adding a 4th, you have reached overkill. All or almost all of your bombs in one location, and you won't kill the enemy more than once, so it is wasteful. That is why having 4 GBs together decreases the overall value.


   Now, why call this guide Spring Theory if I am talking about all of the traps? I hope that in the second chart, you noticed that adding Springtraps to any other defense creates a considerable to massive negative affect. This is because Springtraps kill differently from bombs. They get rid of the troop instantly, while a bomb blows their bits off. If you put a Springtrap next to a bomb, one or the other is going to be wasted. Imagine a horde or Barbarians is running through a channel. If the ST comes before the bomb, they will trigger the bomb, then have the front wave die to the ST, leaving the bomb a few Barbs from the middle of the group to injure. It the bomb is before the ST, then the Barbs will trigger the bomb, get hit by it, then badly damaged troops that could have easily been picked off are ejected by the ST. In either scenario, you are wasting the potential of the traps. As you see, Springtraps are the most 'volatile' traps, and the ones you have to be careful with mixing. If you notice, even when mixed with themselves, they have a slight negative affect. 2 Springtraps next to each other is fine, you maintain their individual value. After that, though, adding more Springtraps really starts reducing the individual value of each.



   I hope that this guide will help you with effectively trapping your base, and remember: Springtraps and bombs are like old and new batteries, they do not mix!



Signing off, this is Legojedi.

May the force be with you.

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