How to Push to Champion's Leauge at TH8 and Master's Leauge at TH6

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  • Jun 19, 2015 (88 months ago)

*This guide covers not only what's in the title, but also briefly discusses pushing to crystal at TH3 (which is not in the title because It's essentially the same thing as pushing masters at TH6 which I'll cover more later in this guide).


*Barracks in the Background: When your pushing trophies in general or even farming or conducting war attacks, you should have your barracks training troops while you raid so that troops are partially or fully trained up when you return to base.




       Trophy pushing versus stronger players is a time consuming process that is much easier for those who have the time to play a whole 6 hour session each day. Expirenced attackers (ex. 200 attacks at TH3, 800 at TH6, 2000 at TH8) can save some time in the long run because the higher your win:loose ratio is, the quicker you can reach your goal amount of trophies. At TH8, in master's leauge, to make up for 1 loss it might take up to 3 or 4 2 star attacks. "Challenge Pushing" therefore requires an immense amount of not only time but patience. To have a steady gain in trophies in the leauge before your goal leauge (if your conducting full-scale attacks meant to 2 and 3 star, as in anything but TH snipes) it's critical not to loose more than once every 7 or 8 attacks (assuming that you 2 star every time, of course that'd be much higher with mostly 1 star attacks and lower with some 3 star attacks mixed in).


~Pushing Master's at TH6~


        There's a few different ways this can be done in silver and gold leauge. In silver leauge you should be looking for 25+ Trophy offers your comfortable with attacking that you think you can 2 or 3 star.


Some viable army compositions for pushing in silver at TH6 are as follows:

OPTION 1: slower training & more expensive, more trophies

- giant healer,

- giants and wizards OR

- archers and baloons (for bases that have an easily accessable air defense, outside or 1 compartment in)

OPTION 2: faster training & cheaper, less trophies

- BARCH (archers and barbarians to take easier bases for not quite as many trophies)



        For silver leauge, spells usually aren't neccesary as long as your attacking other TH5s and TH6s (or lower if the trophy offer is high enough, around 20+ for taking easier bases with barch)


        In Gold leauge I'd go with option 2 because, while still viable, it's much more difficult to find bases you can take for 2 or 3 stars with the heavy TH6 attacking strategies.


        This gets a lot more complicated when you hit about 2100 trophies beacuse the TH snipes are much farther between (as they are in crystal leauge in general). Past that amount it's down to TH sniping. This due to the absolutely miniscule amount of bases below TH8 in crystal, therefore using heavy TH6 attacking strategies here is not remotely viable. You might find TH6s and TH7s but the overwhelming majority of them will be very low trophy offers.


        At this level you should be bringing all archers, mabye a 3 or 4 giants for the TH sniping. "Mabye" beacuse level 3 giants do not last very long versus high level teslas, of which there are a lot of by THs in crystal (more on trapped THs in the next section). By high level, I'm talking about lv7 or 8 of which a single one of can fry a lv3 giant in about 4.6 seconds. With sniping, drop 4-8 archers (more on higher THs, 8, 9, etc.) as far away from the defenses as possible and if none are nearby, drop them in the back corner, that is, on the opposite side of the base. Using small amounts of archers for safe TH snipes is important because there's going to be the occational jerk with some teslas to bug your archers (by the TH that is of course) in which case you'll have to use quite a few archers to deal with that (for 2 lv1/2/3s, 50-60 usually, for 4 lv7/8s, all 150) and sometimes you'll have to deal with big bombs.


*If you do come across teslas in a TH snipe, drop a few archers in different spots close to the TH and the teslas to set off any bombs and/or big bombs in the area.


Free Gems (mabye): Sometimes when pushing in crystal and above you might come across an upgrading xbow or inferno tower, in which case said defense often are outside the base (due to the inefficiency of protecting upgrading buidings). This means you can drop some archers and take it out to work towards the xbow exterminator and/or fire fighter achivements, the first xbow you take out will acctually grant you the first star and 50 gems. You need to take out 10 inferoes for the 1st star on fire fighter which grants you 100 gems.


-Dealing with Trapped THs-



        Crystal leauge is the start of THs often being trapped in a way that is either difficult to deal with, difficult to detect or both. This means that one should be very careful when taking a TH snipe. One red flag is when the TH is very close to or right up against the outside wall (if it's inside a compartment, it's not even snipeable in the vast majority of cases), in which case it's much more likely that the attacker wants to protect their TH and therefore is much more likely to have trapped it. Another red flag is when there's a gap beteween buildings in front of the TH and the TH itself large enough to house teslas and/or big bombs. A third red flag is when there is not any 2x2 or larger spaces inside the base, in which case they have to be on the outside. In my expirences anyway, rushed bases are much more likely to have trapped their THs. Also completely avoid THs with any defensive structures in front of/in rage of them.


-Pushing Crystal at TH3-


        This is going to be more brief than the TH6 section because this is essentially the same concept, just slightly easier (pushing masters at TH6 is more compareable to pushing crystal at TH2 but this is with TH3 in mind because it takes a rediculous amount of patience to push crystal at TH2 and therefore not many people are willing to do that.


        With only 70 capacity in hand, Pushing to such a height at TH3 is purely based on TH sniping. Pushing at this level, your should bring 70 archers, MABYE 2 or 3 giants but the rate at which level 1 giants get fried by TH8/TH9 defences, which is a lot of what one has to deal with to do this, is very rapid, they really should only be used to distract mortars, unless point defences or high lvl wizard towers are in range. Find a base that offers a higher amount of trophies (specific values mentioned in the TH6 paragraph) that also looks innocent (TH not trapped), drop a few archers on the TH, rinse and repeat. Other than when your trophies are low enough and you can find bases that you can get 50% on (only if your having trouble finding snipes as in having to press next more than 25/30 times to find a snipe on average)


*Looking at the clock: Sometimes (espically in the leauge before the goal) you'll have to spend up to 20, 25 or even 30 minutes looking for a TH snipe, in which case you should head back to base to refresh your troop count/s (assuming you have barracks training while you raid which you certainly should) if you recently had to use a lot of troops to take out a TH.


~Pushing Champion's at TH8~


        Similar to the TH6 section, there's mutiple ways of pushing to champs at TH8, but some are certainly more viable than others (hogs being one of the least viable)


        Below about 2100 trophies it's plenty viable to find higher trophy offers vs. TH6s and 7s unless close to crystal leauge (mostly only 8s near crystal, about 1700-2000 trophies) that can be taken at TH8 for 2 stars fairly easily with the following strategies:


For below 1700:


-BAM (barbarians, archers and minions, if you want to save DE, barch works fine, it's just slightly less viable)

-BAG (barbarians, archers and goblins, less viable but still works for 2 stars vs. TH6s and 7s)

For 1700-2100:

-GOBARCH: some giants (about 10-15), some wallbreakers (about 6-8) and the rest barbarians and archers

-BARCH or BAM (if your really confident and/or an expirenced attacker)


        At about 2100 trophies and above you should be changing up your army (ex. barch up here at TH8 only ends in sadness if going for 2 or 3 stars, usually, but you can try BAMing/using bam to go for 50%, but be warned it's really difficult when going up against TH9s and 10s mostly for better trophy offers)


Some great compositions for 2100-2500 are as follows:

-loonian (not the most powerful but still easily viable)

-giant-healer (less viable than loonian but still viable)

*I'd adivse against using GOBARCH at this level unless you're really confident and in wich case knock yourself out

*The more powerful compositions are listed below but are usually not worth the training time and/or cost.


        Upon getting into master's leauge (for 2500-2600 trophies, use one of the strategies below) things get really tough for most players, gowipe is your best unless you've mastered using hogs, in which case you can do so to draw a clear and steady path to champion's leauge, attacking lower to mid TH9s (and of course anyone lower level than that with a decent trophy offer while taking innocent-looking TH snipes as always).


Some viable army compositions for Pushing above 2500

-gowipe (generally most successful vs. TH9s & lower TH10s)

-hogs (risky but powerful, decent chance at 3 stars vs. lower to mid TH9s if conducted well)

-dragons (hard to control but very powerful if you know how to use them)


*For more detail on the attacking strategies themselves see "Trophy Pushing and Clan War Attack Strategies for Town Halls 6 and Up"



If anyone would like to know for credibility's sake yes I have pushed to masters at TH6, it took about a week, putting in a full 6 hour session each day. I attempted a push to champion's at TH8 but my scedule closed in with finals in school, excessive homework, etc. I got to about 2650 and I was able to consistenly 2 star TH9s up to about lv110, mastering gowipe better can make room for being able to 2 star up to about lv120 TH9s consistently I know from watching vidoes, replays, talking to clanmates, etc. I also attempted the TH3 push to crystal, I got to 1996 trophies, yes that's 4 trophies away, I lost about 75 trophies in a row to mortars that were about a tile in range and mid-level teslas popping up in groups. So yes, all of these are indeed more than possible. As far as TH sniping goes, it's possible to get a ways into champion's leauge at TH2 because there will always eventually be a TH snipe.



I hope this helps and if there's anything you want me to add or if you have any suggestions, let me know.

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