The Blizzard Stratagey

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  • Jun 12, 2015 (41 months ago)

Wizards and Balloons


The Blizzard Stratagey!


Blizzard Stratagey, a Balloon and Wizard Stratagey of course starting at TH7!


This of course is mainly either War or Reckless Fun Stratagey, this will consist of:


- 22 - 30 Balloons


- 13 - 22 Wizards


- And if not filled up all the way, just fill a few spaces with 1-5 Barbarians


- All rage spells


Now let's talk about attacking!!!




In war simply you'll just want to spread the Rage Spells not far from eachother, and then summon All the balloons in those rings of raging fury and then summon all of the wizards in one of the rage spells, and REMEMBER to put the rings right by the defenses, because Balloons go after defenses and then that's why you'll put the wizards in the same Spell rings for the wizards to back-up the balloons. So just remember these steps, then this should work (It's always worked for me).




Simple, just think of your own brainless idea... This stratagey is a Lawn-Mower over a base. The WAR stratagey also works for this well and swell...



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