Before you read through, I just need to note;

- This is mainly for TH9-10. TH8 or lower will find themselves being attacked too often if you need to log off a lot.

- This strategy works better the longer you can stay online. If you do not have the time, then this may/may not benefit you.

I have been using all archers in C1 since the update. Balloons are quite costly, and take a bit of time to make. Here are a few reasons why archers are effective for league farming.

- Quick to build
- Cheap to build
- Can shoot over walls
- Frequent donation troop

 Only need to make lightning spells. Use them for taking out mortars/wizard towers/enemy cc troops.

Most of the time though you won't need to use spells. Heroes will barely be used, just for picking off the last 1-10% if lets say, you find yourself in a sticky situation.

What you will be looking for
Ok so lets get into it. In crystal 1, the loot bonus is over half the cost of an all archer army ( (archers)240 x (cost)300 = 72k )

Take into account the loot bonus

65k gold
65k elixir
300 de

So, I start my search. I'll be looking out for several things;

- Ghost bases - Bases with clogged up mines and/or collectors/empty IT's and/or xbows ( preferably )

- Snipes - If I find a snipe within, lets say 50 skips ( still make 5k gold hehe ), the 55k elixir each time helps to pay off your army only using 5 archers/Hero(es)

- TH7/8's - 50% for the loot bonus + whatever else they have - Only if you know you won't need to use a whole army.

- Easy storages - Storages with enough loot that is easy to get. Try to get 50% for the bonus if there is not many ressies to take ( >200k )

- Anything else - If I think I can 50% a base and hit storages inside using heroes, I'll go for it whether I win or lose. Snipes always bring me back up ( I'll talk a little more about that soon ).

- If I find a snipe with good loot, go for the loot after sniping.

Snipes - I was getting 2-5 snipes in between finding loot. This amounted to quite a lot. You'd be surprised how many you find dropping to 2300+ staying in the C1 league.
I'll put up some quick sums to show how much it can amount to:

The bonus build!
Loot bonus ( look above ) x how many snipes = 

65k Gold
65k Elixir
300 DE

130k Gold
130k Elixir
600 DE

195k Gold
195k Elixir
900 DE

260k Gold
260k Elixir
1200 DE

325k Gold
325k Elixir
1500 DE

You can see how they start to add up... 

If you feel comfortable, move up a little!

This in between finding juicy raids.. We all know what a max resource innactive base brings in  As I had quite a few options on ways to gain loot, I was never long on nexting, loot went up quick. Especially gold and de, but elix wasn't too bad. With all archers yours costs are not high, and the new heroes regen time makes them more effective in farming, for picking of mines/collectos/drills, or drilling into the base to hit a storage, or 4 

Even hitting lower TH's ( I know, a bit mean but times are hard ) I was either breaking even ( if I had been searching longer than usual ), or profiting.