10-22 Valkyrie
10-16 Wizards

0-6 Giants (or)
0-3 Golems

0-2 Witches

1-3 Jump, 1-2 Rage, 1-2 Freeze, 0-2 Heal


-Guts bases easily
-CC and heros are not an issue
-Great option for 1 disco, one single
-Reliable 2 star
-If packing 2 jumps, can hit tight hit compartments 

-Not very efficient in terms of time
-Sometimes struggles to get 50% after getting the Th
-Though very capable of 3 stars, it takes practice and timing. 
-Ring bases, where their is a fairly open space surrounding the core, are tough
-Bases with lots of pushed out buildings can make it hard to predict Valkyrie AI pathing
-Spread out bases aren't ideal as Valkyrie can not use their splash damage to maximum effect

The Ideal Base: Valkyrie perform best on compact base designs, you want their splash to matter. That and you want a base that doesn't permit your Valkyrie to run every which way. For example, bases with rings of buildings tend to be bad because the Valkyrie may follow the ring, rather than proceed farther into the base. If the buildings are more compact in a certain area this may still provide a good route for your Valkyrie. Its also ideal if the infernos are spread out, much easier to eliminate one before tackling the second, as Valkyries can take 1 inferno on pretty well but 2 can be more of an issue. Also multi-target infernos level 2 or below aren't a major threat to Valkyrie.

You may also want to consider defense placement. It’s best if your Valkyries are clearing a path for your Wizards. If your Valkyries punch a hole and leave defenses standing in their wake then you will be flanked. If this happens your wizards will go down quickly. However, if the defenses in range are destroyed - your momentum will hold out much longer.

Centralized heros and clan castle troops is actually very good. These can be used to help guide your Valkyrie to the right place. Having one of these things directly behind the TH is very effective. However, if the archer queen or clan castle troop is off to the side of where you want to attack, it could pull you away from your target. The Barbarian King is less likely to cause a huge problem if he pulls your forces away because of his lack of a ranged attack. The queen or archers could cause your Valkyrie to pound on walls while they get hammered by defenses if not in a compartment you are attacking.

If using the freeze spell, having the CC in the path of an inferno is ideal. That way you can freeze both the inferno and CC troops at the same time. For Valkyrie, freezing only the inferno tower is really a waste.

You also want more of the buildings inside the base than on the outside. A common issue with this build is getting "stuck" in the core and getting fired at on all sides, causing you to miss out on that 50%. For this same reason large cores are also a positive thing.

The Attack: Neither hero is a major problem for Valkyrie, due to the fact Valkyrie can dish damage to heroes while still destroying the base. A well planned freeze spell may be very effective if both heros, CC, and infernos are in the core. The biggest role heros play in your attack is drawing your forces where you want them to go. If the heroes will draw you off of your target, that can pose a problem. Be particularly wary of off center Archer Queens and archers/wizards. These ranged units can cause your Valkyrie to pound on walls while getting hammered by defenses. However, if all three of these are centralized its actually a positive for attacking.

Only lure a CC if it has the potential to draw your attack in the wrong direction. Most bases centralize their CC and in these cases your Valkyrie do not need those troops to be lured. In fact they can be critical in making sure your Valkyrie go where you want them to. However, if its an easy lure and both heroes are in the core - I would use the Valkyrie trick to eliminate the troops (please note this will require barbarians and archers in the composition)

If you’re up against a properly upgraded Th10 base you need to bring Golems for the opening of the attack for maximum effect. Valkyrie will do fine verse a premature Th10 on their own, but heavily upgraded Th10 bases have too much DPS to not bring a tanking unit for the Valkyrie. One of the most effective tactics I know is to use your tanks to occupy the flanking defenses. Deploying them on the outside edges of the attack and using your wb to get them inside. This is extremely effective when these compartments run along the outside edge. Deploy the wizards in this zone along with about 4 Valkyrie. Make sure to deploy your wizards on the edge of this zone first so that your units converge on a central location. You can either use a jump spell or wallbreakers to get your Valkyrie inside. If your Valkyrie will attack the outside wall, allow them to do so to save on spells and wallbreakers. However, if there are other potential targets create the opening before all the outside buildings are destroyed. This prevents your Valkyrie from running off in a random direction.

Be careful breaking opening compartments and your initial Valkyrie deployment. A common mistake is to not have a path opened up for the Valkyrie when they are selecting a target within the base. If an opening for your tanks is available before you open up a compartment for your Valkyrie and the outside buildings aren't cleared; they'll get pulled away from where you need them. This often ruins the raid.

If possible keep your Wizards in a "pocket" where the Golems are covering the flanks and the Valkyrie are paving a way straight ahead. That way they are providing fire instead of taking it. This is critical if you want to keep your momentum going because Valkyrie are terrible at taking out walls. If you’re not using 2 golems or any giants spare a few of your Valkyrie at the beginning, you'll want heal spells for this scenario. Valkyrie alone do not really create a solid pocket but a heal spell can help buy wizards time as they pick off flanking towers.

When deploying your Valkyrie do not drop them all in one location. It's best if you can spread them out some so that when they engage their targets they do so from multiple locations. When Valkyrie bunch up they tend to waste attacks and are very vulnerable to splash damage. Where when Valkyrie spread out they waste far less attacks and destroy multiple buildings very quickly. Also if wizards come out of the CC, you are far less likely to watch half of your force get zapped to death (or watch as your Valkyrie painfully take 1 archer out at a time). This is also why I cite 14 as the minimum for this strategy. This seems to be the critical point where Valkyrie can overwhelm a core easily. Less than that and it may take them too long to accomplish the task, allowing defenses to pick them off in the mean time. Note though if your Valkyrie are going threw a wb hole or one they create, spreading them out will matter less because they'll bunch up going through the wall anyway.

When clearing the outside buildings, drop your Wizards to the edges of your attack zone. Clear the buildings on the left and right of where you want to attack first. Purposely leaving buildings where you want your Valkyrie to go. This is much more effective than simply clearing the outside buildings because it creates a path for the Valkyrie to follow. Leaving an intentional path often removes the chances some random building that is 8 spaces off attracting their attention.

Envelope Technique
If not using tanks there's also a simple trick to deploying your Valkyrie so they attack a particular spot. Find a cluster of buildings and drop your Valkyrie on the outside edge of one of those buildings so that the next best available target is in the direction you want them to go. Use your Wizards during this time to clear any buildings that are in the wrong direction, as they are less likely to wander off anyway. Do this on the edges of your attack zone and either drop a jump spell or bust open a wall with a wall-breaker in the middle. This is an effective way to get Valkyrie where you need them without the use of tanks.

I do not personally recommend the lightning spell with Valkyrie, often a rage or heal is all they need to demolish those units. In particular at Th10 a well timed freeze and rage will render those units dead in seconds.

Once inside the outer compartment drop a jump spell where you want your Valkyrie to attack. Picking the location and timing of this spell is tricky. Walls can be used to direct your Valkyrie just as much as prevent them from getting somewhere. Essentially you want to create a "runway" for your Valkyrie. A direct path to the TH, hopefully with just one Jump spell. You want this runway, if possible, to not leave buildings flanking your wizards. Its very easy for Valkyrie to surge ahead, destroy the town hall and get 30%. Also deploy the jump spell before your Valkyrie need to select a target made available by the jump spell. The magnet pull off the jump spell is exaggerated.

Be careful not to inadvertently create a path that leads your Valkyrie right past the inferno tower, while never attacking it directly. You'll also want to pick a path that has enough buildings for a 50% - this will take practice but Valkyrie can often take the TH without getting a high % of damage on the base.

Your first rage spell or heal spell should be used as your Valkyrie collide with the enemy CC. These spells allows for you to quickly dispatch (survive) enemy CC and heros. If packing a freeze time this so you get a high priority defense or two in the freeze. The inferno tower is the best target for this. If not attacking a Th10, please note the heal spell is more versatile and useful .

The second rage you will want for dispatching the core quickly. Placing the rage just in front of where the Valkyrie will attack. If packing a heal try and wait to use it until the Valkyrie have low health. Heal is often best with 2 freeze spells, if against 2 disco infernos. If possible also try and time this rage so it can help you destroy walls if need be, if you don't have enough jumps to keep going.

Wrecking Ball
One particularly powerful spell combination is 2 Freeze, 1 Rage, 1 Heal, 1 Jump. Visually the base ripe for this has a central path down the center with a core about the size of a heal spell. Place Golems outside that central path. Use your jump to make a straight path to the core and rage as you collide with enemy cc or as you enter the core. Lock up the core with the freeze spells. Either use your heal to get your critical health Valks back to full, placing the heal spell so Valks feel it's effects as they try and break out of the core; or wait to use your freeze spells until Valks are low on hp. Then lock up the infernos so you can use your heal. If your timing is good you'll have full health Valks running amok in a severely weakened base. This is what I use to 3 star early to mid Th10 bases. It won't cut it on a maxed base though, as you can't always knock out the infernos in time. 

With multi-target infernos, try and attack from an angle that allows you to deal with one inferno at a time. Attacking in the middle of disco inferno fire is generally bad, as the DPS is high enough to make big problems. However, Valkyries can take the fire from 1 inferno fairly well. Freeze and rage can made this a minor technicality.

Once the core is gutted this is where your battle decisions will show. If your Golems kept the "pocket" strong, you should still have momentum from your wizards. Also if your "runway" was perfect you should of cleared a path that left no defensive building to flank your advancing army. Also if you were frugal with your wallbreakers and jump spells you should have enough to keep your line advancing beyond the core.

If your pocket broke, chances are your wizards are dead. If you used your jump spells all on getting into the core, you could very well be watching as your Valkyrie get shot to pieces trying to punch a hole in a wall. If your "runway" was poor your Valkyrie may be all over the place or you'll have 30%, the town hall, but no second star.

This is a solid 2 star comp, particularly once you level your heroes. Its great at getting the core but can sometimes fall short of getting 50% because of losing momentum as spells run dry. This strategy can 3 star early th10 players though, this takes practice and timing however. I have only recently managed to master this strategy enough to accomplish this task.

The Reverse Snipe (new)
Most players are familiar with sniping. They are attacking an exposed Th and quitting the battle. There is 50% sniping with barch or loons. Valkyrie can do sniping but in a whole new way. They can get that TH in the core, while only netting 30%. This is best used for either getting that hard to get star in Clan Wars, getting the loot bonus from tough bases once it’s apparent you’re going to win a war, gutting a vault base for maximum loot, or just getting that 1 star.

Unlike when you’re trying for 2 stars, you actually want a narrow runway for this particular tactic. A smaller core is also actually preferable if this is your objective. Spread out bases with rings or otherwise open compartments aren't a good idea for this tactic. If you have freeze and rage that is best, but you'll want 1-2 jump spells as well. Depends on the amount of assurance you need.

You also want the CC and heros in the core, or to be completely out of the way. This is a surgical strike and you don't want any distractions.

You may need a single Golem or a few giants to clear some outside buildings with a handful of wizards, but otherwise you're purposely punching to the core. You want something closer to 20 Valkyrie than 14. Your goal is to overwhelm and very quickly demolish your target. Just bring enough wizards for the opening of the attack and for insurance in case of a dragon.

You get 18-22 Valkyrie to the core under a rage and 2 Freeze, and you will get the Th. You might get stranded there but you'll get that Th. With practice you can reduce your spell use but this is a powerful way to essential snipe a base.

So to summarize. You open up with a tank or use the envelope technique and get your Valkyrie inside the base at the point of a narrow path to the Town Hall. Drop a jump spell and rage to meet the oncoming CC troops and rush the core. Use Freeze if need be or the healing spell. More than 1 jump may be necessary depending on the base type. Get Th but unlikely to get a very high %

Example Comps:

Wrecking Ball Comp: 2 Golems, 14 Valkyrie, 6-8 Wallbreakers, 13-14 Wizards - CC: More Valks is ideal, but can work with Hogs, PEKKA, Another Golem, Witches, and more Wizards as well - Spells - 1 Jump, 2 Freeze, 1 Rage, 1 Heal

Champ League Comp
: 3 Golems, 10 Valkyrie, 6-8 WallBreakers, 14 Wizards - CC: Most strong ground troops will do. Spells - 2 Rage, 2 Freeze, 1 Jump

GoViz: 2 Golems, 18 Valkyries, 15 Wizards, 3 Wallbreakers - 2 jump, 1 freeze, and 2 rage

Mass Valkyries 2 (no Golem): 22 Valkyries, 16 Wizards, 3 Jump Spells, 1 Freeze, 1 rage 

: - th9 - Golem, Valkyrie, Wizards (Th9) - Valkyrie, Barbarians, Archers - Th9, Golem, PEKKA, Valkyrie Wizard - Th9, no jump spell - Th9 (Th10 maxed - Valkyrie, Golem, Wizard) - Against a Maxed Base - 3 star on premature Th10 - Premature th10 3 star, Viz