Guide to TH8 Mass Hogs

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  • May 09, 2015 (90 months ago)

Hog riders have gotten a lot of criticism lately after they were “nerfed”. At Town Hall 8 Hog Riders are still one of the best attacks one can use to get 3 stars in clan wars. Unlike TH7, TH8 isn't dominated by only dragon attacks (at least it shouldn't be) rather GoWiPe, Hogs, and Dragons rule clan wars.

Okay so let’s get into the nitty gritty of when/how to use hogs.

What bases to use them on:

  • Be wary of bases with lots of spaces between their inner walls and that are overall very spread out
  • The best bases will be ones that are very compact and have few spaces between walls – remember: spring traps and giant bombs are a hog riders worst enemy
  • Also look out for bases with wizard towers that are too compact, a cluster of wiz towers can easily kill half of your hog army

Army Composition:

  • 2 Dragons (3 if you fill your cc with hogs)
  • 32 Hogs Level 3+ (28 if you fill your cc with hogs)
  • Clan Castle: Dragon or hogs as long as the hogs are lvl 3-4
  • Spells: 3 heals, no exceptions

The strategy:

  1. Lure the CC: If an enemy CC is deep within his base you should be able to find a spot where a hog can get to a defense that will trigger it, essentially you’re sacrificing one hog. Most likely dragons or wizards will come from the CC so using a dragon on a far edge (away from AD) will trigger the troops, drop your other 2 dragons when the enemy CC troops approach.
  2. Drop the hogs: I use 1 or 2 groups of hogs when attacking, but make sure you don’t use like half and hold off. Drop them in mass either all at one entry point or 2. It’s also okay to drop a few to make sure the way is clear of traps.Pro Tip: Save 1-2 hogs for the end, I’ve run out of time attacking before and it is a nightmare. If you save 1-2 hogs for the end you have the opportunity to take out far off builders huts in the corners of the map or send them directly towards the enemy TH if for some reasons your dragons didn’t survive.
  3. SPELLS! Hogs WILL split up, look for mass groups of defenses that your hogs will spend some time near and drop your heals IN FRONT of the hogs. Always be wary of giant bombs, if one goes off near a good sized group of hogs heal them immediately.
  4. Clean up: Now it’s time to use your barb king if you are running out of time and saved him and if you still need to get to a TH and are low on time use the 1-2 hogs you’ve saved to attack the TH directly. The defenses should all be destroyed at this point so if all goes according to plan (assuming your dragons won’t make the TH in time and getting 100% looks like a long shot) the hogs should have a straight line to the TH.


For bases that are anti-drag and the wall structure doesn't support a GoWiPe Hogs are the way to go. If you have anything to add to the guide, comments, or questions feel free to post below.

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