Attacking Guide for TH3-8 (Tips for 9 and 10 included)

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  • May 07, 2015 (90 months ago)

I know there are probably many attack strategy guides for every town hall, but I wanted to create my own because I find my strategies very successful.


TH3: 70 spaces



6 Giants

10-16 Archers

Rest barbarians


When TH3, you will probably be in the Bronze leagues. Most people in this league are TH2, 3, or 4. You want to go for TH3s at most with this strategy. Drop all Giants on the most difficult to reach defense, preferably a Mortar. If no Mortar exists, drop Giants near the deepest defense, as this defense will be unreachable by Archers or Barbarians alone. Next, while the other Defenses are distracted, drop 8-10 Archers on an Archer Tower or Cannon that is behind a wall. Drop 7-9 Barbarians near each remaining Defense. You should have at least 3 Giants left, and enough ABs to 3 star the base. (Tip: Before dropping any Giants, you can drop some cleanup Archers to pick off non-defended buildings to get extra percentage.)


TH4: 80 spaces




8-10 Giants

16 Archers

Rest barbarians


At TH4, you will be able to 3 star fellow TH4s if you have the right troops.

The attack strategy is the same as above TH3, just with more troops.


TH5: 135 spaces



6 Giants

50 Archers

55 Barbarians

A few WBs (optional)


At TH5, you don't need to worry about 3 starring somebody to take all the loot anymore. For this strategy, the Giants are only to distract Defenses, not take them out. Fellow TH5s are so low leveled, even your Barchers will easily take out most of the base. For this attack strategy, begin by dropping Barbs or Archers to take out any buildings outside of defense range. Then, drop your Giants in a ring around the base. These will distract all defenses sufficiently until your Barbarians and Archers finish the rest of the base off. If you brought any WBs, time their drop right after a Mortar shell hits so the WBs will do their job before they get destroyed. Drop them on the wall junction closest to the storage you want to reach first. Right after that, ring the base with your Barbarians, followed by Archers. The Giants should be half or 2/3 dead by now. Barbs should clean up the barracks, mines and pumps, army camps, etc. and tank for the Archers a bit. Once the outside structures are down, half your Barbarians should still be alive and distracting defenses while Archers take out structures behind the walls. A 50% victory and almost all loot is guaranteed by this attack, and no spells are needed.


TH6: 150 spaces


The most effective TH6 farming strategy is the same as TH5, but you can bring a few more Giants. That's the only difference.


If you are a TH6 in War (not recommended), the most effective method on fellow TH6s is Giant-Healer-Wizard. For this strategy, bring:


14 Giants

2 WBs

2 Healers

10 Wizards

8 Archers


For spells, bring 1 Heal spell and 1 Lightning spell.

The attack procedure is as follows:


1. Lure out the Clan Castle troops with your Archers. 8 should be plenty. Once they are all grouped up (group them over the AD for max Lightning Spell effectiveness, though this skill is hard to master), drop the Lightning spell on the CC troops. Clean up any remaining CC troops with 1 or 2 Wizards.

2. Find the side of the base where the Air Defense is closest to. Then, find the wall that when broken will give a clear path to the AD. Drop 1 Giant on the wall to lure any traps out. Then, drop the rest of your Giants immediately after. Following the mortar shell, drop both Wall Breakers to accelerate the Giants hitting the AD. Before dropping the healers, spread all your Wizards out in a line behind the Giants. Immediately after that, the AD should be destroyed by your Giants. Now you can drop both your Healers. The heal spell really is unnecessary, but if your Wizards are dying, put it on the Wizards, not the Giants. The Giants have both Healers, which are plenty of healing.

3. Watch the destruction.

2.5: Your own CC troops. These are optional, but I always bring as many troops as I can in, so I request troops often. For this strategy, if all your Wizards die, time will become a major concern, as Giants are slow and head for all Defenses before anything else. You can bring lv 4+ Hog Riders in your CC to help accelerate the base destruction and AD destruction, or you can bring Wizards or Minions to help clean up the base.


TH7: 200 spaces


Farming: At TH7, you have level 4 troops. When Barching these are more than enough to take care of an abandoned base. At TH7, you should be in Silver 1 or Gold 3. Abandoned bases are most prevalent here. When Barching, all you have to do is drop a ring of Barbarians followed by a ring of Archers, and these will almost always get you a 50% victory and all of the collector loot. Don't go for inside loot bases when barching. Bring 3 lightning spells or 2 lightning/1 heal, or you don't have to bring any at all. I always prefer to bring spells even though they are expensive because you are farming 400k+ each raid anyway, and a spell is only around 20k. The profit always wins. If Mortars and Wizard Towers are hindring very important loot you want to get, just drop the lightning spells on them and boom, no more trouble. A heal spell can be useful for getting troops into a compartment where a storage is. Variations of Barch work just as well--feel free to bring 6-10 Wall Breakers, 20 Goblins, 20 Minions, it really is up to you. You can bring a few Giants to distract defenses as well. You can even be sneaky and bring a few Wizards to help take care of an inside DE drill.


Trophy attacks: Loonion. This attack method can also be used for farming loot in storages that Barchers cannot. Loonion, along with spells (2 heal 1 rage), costs around 100k. It takes a while to train, though. You want to bring 24-30 Balloons and rest Minions. If you bring more Balloons, a defense sweep will be easier, and if you bring more Minions, a 50% victory is more guaranteed. Loonion is simple. The steps are:

1. Lure the CC. Unlurable CCs are almost nonexistent at TH7s; use 1 Balloon to lure the CC troops, then use Minions. When the troops are out of range of Defenses, look at what they are. If they are all Tier 1 troops, just drop 1 Balloon on their heads, and when the Balloon dies, the splash damage it does when it hits the ground will take out all the troops. If there are wizards or a Dragon, drop your CC, which should contain wizards and minions, and then circle the troops with Minions of your own. This should be more than enough to take the CC down.

2. Spread all your Balloons out in a tight line on the side with the most Defenses. When Air Bombs rear their ugly asses, drop heal spells as needed. Drop your rage spell on the most important cluster of ADs, Archer Towers, and Wizard Towers.

3. If everything is dead and the TH is not yet down, there should be a clear shot to it for your BK, preferably level 5 so you can use his Ability. Drop your BK where it would head for the TH. Walls should be weakened by the Balloons' splash damage, which will facilitate your BK's path. When he reaches the enemy BK, or if he has half health left, use his ability. As long as he heads for the TH and there are no more than 2 single target defenses on him, he should be able to take out the TH.

4. I have a 3 star pony with Loonion at TH7. Hopefully you will find it just as useful.


War attacks: All Dragons. Don't get fancy and bring a CC killsquad. Just bring all Dragons. I'm not going to ramble about stupid Dragons. For the solution, read my posts on this forum page:

Anyway, if you attack a fellow TH7, which you should be doing, bring 3 lightning spells. Drop all 3 on the highest level/hardest to reach Air Defense. Then, do the bookend procedure and funnel your Dragons into the middle of the base. CC troops will be no match for 10 angry Dragons.

I often 3 star maxed TH7s with all Dragons, and I still have 8 or 9 Dragons remaining at the end of the attack.


Make sure to drop your BK on any corner Builder's Hut, and let him do cleanup. Don't activate his ability right away; wait until his health is down halfway.


As for CC troops, it doesn't really matter as long as there are Air troops inside. 10 Dragons are more than enough to take down ANY TH7 base (except for this one; skill is required:, but CC troops are preferred just to be safe. In your CC, preferably bring maxed Balloons. If nobody can donate these, accept a Dragon of any level.



Farming is effective with Barch. Read my TH7 paragraph on Barching; the same concepts apply to TH8.


Trophy attacks: Loonion again. See the TH7 part. A viable option to Loonion is WiVaPe, though this is time-consuming and expensive, thought not as expensive as GoWiPe. Read about it here:

TH8 WiVaPe War Strategy


Though it says War, I think you are better off going old-fashioned for Wars, which brings us to the next section.


War attacks: Use all Dragons. Again, don't get fancy, and a CC killsquad is not necessary.

For spells, bring 2 rage spells and 1 heal spell. Funnel your Dragons like I explained in the forum article link above, and drop Rage spells when the Dragons are burning storages near ADs. Another good time to drop a Rage spell is in the very center, where 3 or 4 Dragons are burning the CC, TH, and any centralized Defenses. Don't drop your Heal early. Drop it later on when multiple Archer Towers/the last AD is firing at a group of Dragons.


Again, use your BK to clean up a corner BH.


As for CC troops, you definitely want maxed Balloons, not a Dragon. Balloons will speed up the process of taking out ADs and Archer Towers, and their splash damage is useful for helping Dragons take out storages. Feel free to use your heal spell on the Balloons instead of Dragons. If your Loons and Drags are together, that's even better as your Dragons will tank for your Loons.


GoWiPe: This is not recommended for TH8 unless you are maxed and skilled. There are countless GoWiPe guides all over YouTube, the Internet, and this site, and I feel I would not explain it as well as, say, a video tutorial. Now get your fingers typing on YouTube!


Tips for TH9 and 10 attacks:


-Lavaloonion: NEVER, EVER overlap your rage spells. Make sure you are creating the Mickey Mouse head shape with your rage spells.

You can drop a Hound so that it will fly quite a distance across the base to reach an AD. This way, it picks up more Air Traps than just those near the AD.

-HoLoWiWi: I found this surprisingly effective but difficult to master. Too complicated to explain in words alone. Go watch YouTube but make sure mom's not looking first.

-GoWiPe: Don't limit yourself to 2 or 3 Golems. On my TH10 account, I find 4 Golems my personal fav. Some people use 5 to distract all streams of the Infernos, but I find 4 enough, as a single Inferno stream isn't much against an entire horde of non-Golem troops. Besides, when the Golems die, Golemites will take up all the streams.

Another benefit of bringing more than 3 Golems is the aftergame. After the 1 or 2 star, you may find that your queen is still alive and your only hope for a 3-star. If you brought enough Golems at the beginning, 1 or 2 and a few Mites may still be alive to tank for your queen.

-Don't try Giant-Healer at TH8 and above. There are too many ADs.


And a general tip for attacking:


Everybody comes across troll bases now and then. Don't YOLO it and drop everything and every spell in the center trap or corner. I usually skip past troll bases as they aren't worth a few trophies when I'm looking for loot. If I really feel good and I need to punish a troll, I always attack it regularly. I never fall for the trap. One disadvantage of troll bases is that at higher levels, people are smart. They know all the traps are around the TH. This allows them to attack the rest of the base without worrying about traps. I disarm the traps with a few troops, then proceed to attack the base as I normally would attack a non-troll base.




I hope you enjoyed this guide! Leave some feedback to let me know what I messed up on, or what you prefer!

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