GiHeHo Guide

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  • Apr 24, 2015 (90 months ago)

GiHeHo - The newest and best TH9 war attack.


Are you having trouble 3 starring your opponents with GoWiPe? Are you still using those level 3 dragons at TH9? GiHeHo will save you. 


First off, I would like to say that this guide works much, much better if your troops are at higher levels (duh?). I have adapted this attack from the ones that @JohnnyRaids posted on Youtube a couple of weeks ago, and I am the first person to write a guide on GiHeHo so far (I know this because I have been searching for days for one but never found one). I have found this attack strategy to be the most consistent and the most powerful for both clan wars and regular raiding, so I highly suggest using it, even if you adapt the attack for your own preferences. I hope you like the guide!


What is GiHeHo? 


GiHeHo is an attack that consists of Giants (Gi), Healers (He), Hogs (Ho), and a killsquad that consists of wizards and your BK/AQ. This attack works best for high level TH8s with level 4 hogs and most TH9s that have level 4+ hogs. TH7s and low TH8s are welcome to use this attack, but beware: It may not be pretty. 


What bases to I use GiHeHo on?


If you are a TH7 using GiHeHo, definitely attack another TH7 with:

-at least one air defense near the outside edge of the base

-no spaces on the inside for giant bombs


If you are a low-level TH8 using GiHeHo, look for a TH8 base with:

-at least one air defense near the outside of the base

-no spaces on the inside for giant bombs


For a high level TH8, look for a TH8 or TH9 base with:


-at least one air defense near the outside of the base

-no spaces for double giant bombs

-air defenses spread out away from each other (unless you can take them out with your hogs)

-below level 9 walls (not required, but helps the giants get through the base faster)


For a TH9 with max hogs and lvl 6 giants:


-at least one air defense near the outside of the base (can be somewhat closer than TH8 requirement)

-limited spaces for double giant bombs


Troop Composition


TH7 and TH8


3 Healers

8 Giants

18 Hogs

7 Wizards

CC troops (lvl 3+ hogs)

1 Rage Spell

2 Heal Spells




3 Healers

3 Giants

27 Hogs

7 Wizards

CC troops (lvl 6+ giants)

1 Rage Spell

3 Heal Spells




1. Place all giants down to take the fastest path to the closest air defense.

2. Drop 3 healers behind them immediately (Don't worry about one or two of your healers dying, that is the reason that we brought 3 of them. However, it would be nice to keep them alive).

3. Take out all excess buildings around that area with wizards.

4. Drop barb king (and archer queen) once wizards have taken out all surrounding buildings to funnel the heroes into the base.

      4.1. If the opponent has CC troops, place a rage on top of the giants, so that when the giants      move forward, the healers will move into the rage spell, healing the giants at a greater rate and making up for the possible health lost by the CC troops.

5. Drop hogs in a way that they will take a path around the opposite way that the giants will take (because the giants and killsquad will naturally go to the core). 

6. Place heal spells as the hogs start to lose their health together. 

7. Watch the attack unfold.

8. Accept praise from your fellow clanmates for being so awesome at attacking in clan wars.


Thanks for reading! And if you need any help or have anything to add to the guide feel free to comment. Good Luck GiHeHo-ing!

































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