How to protect your loot in the best ways possible

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  • Apr 11, 2015 (90 months ago)



This guide is a comprehensive explanation on all the in's and out's of making a successful farming base. Making use of all of the basic fundamentals is essential to desinging a farming bases (and trophy hunting/war but that's another guide) that will protect your loot from a variety of attacks from your TH (town hall) level and sometimes, even a level above that (with the occasional exeption, it's impossible to defend against every attack, but we can defend against a lot of them.


The goal with a farming base is to protect half of your loot or more (depending on the attack). As a result of defending with this level of success, saving up loot will be far easier. It may even make it possible to save up hunderds of thousands of loot every day just from you mines and collectors.


STRATEGY NOTE: If you've rushed your TH (upgraded far before maxing out), utilizing the capabilities of a strong farming base will speed up the process of catching up and maxing out before upgrading your TH again. As it is not nearly under the catagories of this guide (hence the title), guides to recover from rushing can be found not only on this site, but also on YouTube.


~Base-Building Fundamentals~



When designing a farming base it is important to work from the inside out and focus on some key fundamentals (these are not in order but they are important to keep in mind for the next section of this guide):


1. Town hall in the corner: Move the TH out to the very corner, this will invite attackers to take the TH and give you a free shield and move on after that. You can put the TH up against the edge of your base but that will make attackers much more likely to attack the rest of your base.


2. Tuck 'em in: It's usually for the best to tuck those outside structures (barracks, camps, lab, etc.) right up against the base so the attacker will use up a lot more troops to take those out. (Not always though, this applies if you get attacked mostly by "farming" compositions because outside structures moved out will route larger troops (pekka, dragons, etc.) away from the intended direction of attack.


STRATEGY NOTE: After being attacked, it is important to get online and re-arm those traps and ask for more clan castle troops (which troops are reccomended is covered later in this guide), this may seem trivial but it is crucial to successful defense to not get attacked twice in a row getting caught with nerfed defense due to lack of traps and cc (clan castle) troops.


3. Spread it out: Focus on spreading out those resource storages and important defenses such as the mortars and air defenses because when someone keeps all of 1 type of storage/defense in the same compartment and an attacker gets into that compartment, you can be out of mortar/air defense power or whatever defense it may be or hundreds of thousands of loot. To accomplish this you might have to keep those important buildings in compartments around the core (centural compartment).


4. Gold-Elixir-Gold-Elixir:Alterate your resorce storages in addition to your mines, collectors and drills so that the attacker has to use more troops to get all of one type of resorce and is therefore less likely to get multiple resoruce storages. Now alternating generators (mines, collectors and drills) is important so that over night or if you're not online for a few days, those generators can net you the maximum amount of resources possible.


5. Traps on the inside: In most cases, your traps are not to be thrown outside the base because leaving traps outside will cause them to be activated more often meaning you're going to have to put forth more gold to re-arm them. In addition to that, traps such as big bombs and spring traps can not only be very effective in funnels that route attacking troops into them, but inside the base as well.


6. Don't overcenturalize heroes: This will give you an advantage in protecting what's in the core (Including the DE/dark elixir storage in most cases) because your heroes will draw attacking troops away from the core.


~What Clan Castle Troops to ask for~


The clan castle is the pinacle of any (TH3+) defense with the potential to completely turn an attack around, often saving 20 or more trophies and/or hundreds of thousands of loot.


From most to least effective:

1. lava hounds: Anyone with a level 5 cc or above has the ability to store a destructive force such as this. The lava hould will tank for your buildings for around 6000 hit points before splitting into several minion-like troops individually distracting the attacking force.

2. Dragons: This fire breathing monster can fit in a level 3 clan castle or higher with very substancial hit points, weak compared to a lava hound but still very effective with very high splash damage.

3. Witches: These mthyical beings have the ability to summon units until death providing it's own DPS as well, providing very powerful defense with the potential to sigle-handedly take out royals and hold back whole armies.

4. baloons: These menacing bomb-droppers devistate barch attacks and deal massive single target damage as well.

5. Wizards: This well-trained mages deal exceptional splash damage.

6. Valkeries: With good splash damage, valkeries can greatly impact a battle.

7. Archers: The standard, cheap but effective clan castle filler.



~Designing The Base Itself~



Due to the intrecate nature of base building, the process will be expained step-by-step. We're going to start by protecting what is most important and working our way out to the outside structures.


Step 1. Create a centural core: This compartment will contain the vital organs of your village, as it were. Those being the clan castle, most importantly, due to the exeptional DPS output when filled with good cc troops, followed by 1-3 of your most valuable storages (ex. DE, 1 gold, 1 elixir or just DE or 1 gold and 1 elixir, etc.) accompanied by your next most powerful defenses (which of course depends on your town hall level but is listed below). This will, in most cases, allow you to attain an "un-lureable" (radius within the outside walls) clan castle.


STRATEGY NOTE: You want to have a relatively small core, idealy around 4-6 buildings for THs 1-9 and around 6-10 buildings at TH10 because you have a lower building to wall ratio and a lot of vital defenses to centuralize. This is because if you have a large core, the attacker can much more easily achieve 2 or 3 stars by conqureing that centural compartment and working their way out.


Order of


1. Clan castle - unbeatable DPS (depending on what troops you put in it) with the ablility to turn the tide of any battle

2. Inferno Towers - next highest average/usual DPS output to ranged and flying troops

3. X-bows - good DPS output at an exceptional range to all troops or even better to ground troops

4. Wizard towers - this one is slightly debateable but they deal exceptional splash damage to all troop types

5. Mortars -  the bane of barch, with 1 and 1/2 tile splash damage range and exceptional firing range (minuse the dead zone) to ground troops

6. Air Defense - Devastating single target damage to air troops, bringing down those ballons and dragons lighting fast

7. Teslas - with good single target damage and the unique ability to suprise the attacker, these are still able to turn the tide of a battle

8. Archer Towers - With great single target damage to air and ground troops and the new double firing speed (same DPS of course)

9. Cannons - also great single target damage, but limited to ground troops


STRATEGY NOTE: You want to have a base design roughly in the shape of a circle or square this will maximize overlapping defenses. It's the idea of synergy, defenses are more powerful when working together against the attacking force which is why the TH should stand alone in a farming base.


Step 2. Create "secondary" compartments that wrap around the core. This is often accomplished with 4 secondary compartments of roughly equal size. You usually want to have mulitple of these compartments to separate important structures of the same type (storages, mortars, etc.). This is usually where you'll want your mortars and air defense, and some big bombs ,teslas, seeking air mines and skeleton traps go pretty well here. At higher THs (8-10), it may be beneficial to create mutiple layers of "secondary" compartments given the higher amount of walls and important buildings. This is also a great spot for the heroes. At this point you should have attained "un-lureable" heroes in addition to your "un-lureable" clan castle.


Step 3. Create outer compartments that (as you probably guessed), wrap around the "secondary" compartments, these will serve to bash those wall breakers and protect the inner compartments from barch and other farming raids. These compartments usually contain the cannons and archer towers. These as well as the "secondary" compartments are good places for your teslas (if you've reached TH7 or higher of course) as well as your spring traps, (little) bombs and air bombs (to ward off minions). By the time you've used up all your walls you should have encompassed all of your defenses


STRATEGY NOTE: Creating a base design that idealy uses more walls than available could create weaknesses in the design. This can be fixed by going back and including more buildings in the compartments you've already created. It makes it easy for the attaker when one attempts to make up for a weakness with traps.


Step 4. Strategicly place your "outside structures". This means not only alternating those resource generators but distributing them evenly around the outside. If you can minimize the amount of outside structures outside of the range of your defenses it helps because getting "50 percented" less means you'll have an easier time maintaining an optimal trophy count when farming. This means placing those camps directly adjacent to archer towers when possible and placing other "outside structures" as close to defenses as possible if it's of use to maintain trophies (which it usually is).


Step 5. Pay attention to how you are attacked in your defenses that are not just TH snipes, replays are excelent feedback to see how you can improve your base. If you get attacked from the same place a lot that means there is most likely a weakness there that you can strengthen. Replays are also a great way to more quickly find out where your "snipeable" structures are that you could potentially move to make 50% just that much harder.


I hope this helps and if there's anyting you want me to add or if you have any suggestions, let me know.