The Efficient 2 Star - GoGiWiA

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  • Apr 09, 2015 (93 months ago)

I'm gonna let you all in on a very effective build for clan wars, that is incredibly more efficient than GoWiPe or mass dragon counterparts. Let's go over the logistics of a good attack, first.


The Goal

When attacking a clan base, luring troops should be first and foremost before attacking. The unfortunate thing with GoWiPe and mass dragon is that it's simply throwing your units into the grinder, leaving it up to chance to deal with CC troops. This build handles that effectively by using both giants and archers as a staple of the attack.


It's also super important to make sure your army has enough DPS and health to be able to both take fire and return it. The cool thing with my build is that both of these still exist, even though golems and more wizards are traded off for cheaper troops like archers and giants.




Mass Dragon

~594,000 Elixir



309,500 Elixir

1350 Dark Elixir


This build - GoGiWiA 

240,600 Elixir

525 Dark Elixir






  • 8 wallbreakers
  • 16 giants
  • 1 golem
  • 22 archers
  • 18 wizards

Clan Castle

  • Wizards
  • Archers


  • Golem



  Cost Effective

  • 3 Healing
  • 1 Rage



 Less Efficient

  • 2 Healing
  • 2 Rage



The Strategy

You want to make use of the extra archers and giants for luring all clan castle troops immediately. A few giants and archers can be sacrificed to successfully kill the CC troops.


When the primary attack is ready, it's safe to use your best judgement to find one front to attack on. I spread my giants out across a straight line, with the bulk of my wizards behind. Use most of your remaining archers to attack any unprotected buildings around any of the edges of the map - one archer can take down durable buildings such as storages if placed down fast enough.


After the first defenses are neutralized, it's best to begin using your wallbreakers more to get to the core of the base easier, along with any remaining troops, heroes and clan castle reinforcements. This is also when you want to deploy your golem - your second wave of attack.


Having extra healing spells over rage is really a good idea, as the health of your army is spread out over more units (your giants and wizards). Your DPS is already very high, so you want to prioritize keeping these units alive. Your golem will almost always survive until the last unit is dead, so it's good to hold him for when you have a straighter path to the town hall - this is why you save him! 


Your rage spell should be saved for when your DPS units are in the vicinity of the town hall. Dropping the spell should give these units more than enough of the buff they need to take the town hall out, and any core buildings.




Almost always, this attack will get an easy 2 star on enemy bases. Having both giants and a golem round out your army enough to cause a great deal of damage with great efficiency.

That's not to say that this attack can't get 3 stars - it certainly gets them - but the nature of this attack makes it great for pushing to kill the town hall and picking off extraneous buildings for the 50%.



Good luck!

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