Advanced Guide to LavaLoonion

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  • Apr 03, 2015 (91 months ago)

What is LavaLoonion?
LavaLoonion is currently one of the most overpowered and efficient attack strategies in Clash of Clans. This strategy can be used in wars to 2 star maxed out TH10’s or even 3 star maxed out TH9. LavaLoonion is very effective for trophy pushing to Champion League as well.

Army Composition
Vs. Th10
- 4 Lava Hounds
- 12-18 Loons
- 15-25 Minions
- Clan Castle (Loons)
- 3-5 Barbs (Optional)
- 2-4 Wallbreakers (Optional)

Vs. TH9
- 3-4 Lava Hounds
- 12-24 Loons
- 15-25 Minions
- Clan Castle (Loons or Max Hound)
- 3-5 Barbs (Optional)
- 2-4 Wallbreakers (Optional)

Let me explain why I have two different army compositions for TH9 and TH10. If you’re facing a TH10 then 90% you will need 4 Lava Hounds to help tank the extra DPS that a TH10 provides. On very rare occasions you may come across a base where 1 or 2 Air Defenses are out of range of the Town Hall in which case you could probably get away with 3 Lava Hounds instead of 4. If you are a facing a rushed TH10 then you could again probably get away with 3 Lava Hounds.

If you're going against two Infernos set to single target then you could possible get away with 2 Hounds and more Loons. Most have theres set to Multi-Target so I haven't had too much time or practice to determine the BEST route for Single Target Infernos. I will keep you updated though!

If you’re facing a TH9 then you don’t have to worry about Infernos, which is huge. There’s nothing wrong with bringing 4 Lava Hounds when facing a TH9, but in my experience it just isn’t necessary. If you bring 3 Lava Hounds then that means you can bring more Loons and bringing more Loons means a greater chance for a 3 star. The ONLY time I would even consider bringing 4 hounds is if they have 4 level 7 Air Defenses.

The number of Minions you bring is purely optional and it comes down to whatever you feel comfortable with. You should always bring a minimum of 15 and I would never bring more than 25. Play around with it and see which amount you like best.

Troop Purpose
Lava Hounds – Their job is simple, they tank for your Loons and Minions. However, they have another job that most seem to forget about. Sometimes I see players send their Loons in first then their Hounds in second since they have a much faster movement speed, but this is a mistake. We’ve already established that the Lava Hound is the tank and that means clearing any Air Bombs and Seeking Air mines. The LAST think you want to do is allow a group of loons to take a few Air Mines and be at 50% health before you even start. So please ALWAYS send in your Lava Hounds first!

Loons – Their job is again simple, they destroy the enemies defenses. There isn’t much more to say than to remind you to send them in AFTER your Lava Hounds.

Minions – Their job is a little more complex and I’ve seen countless players use them incorrectly. I’ve seen clashers send their Minions in after everything else is dead which is absolutely pointless. You always send your minions in right after you send your Loons in. Minions so an extraordinary amount of damage and the longer they can do the damage the better you’ll do. Not only do you have your Hounds tanking, but you also have your Loons taking damage for them too so MAXIMIZE their potential. Minions are also responsible for taking our any CC and the Heroes so the faster you get them onto the field the less amount of time that Archer Queen gets for shooting at your Hounds and Loons.

Barbs – Barbarians are completely optional and their purpose is to lure the CC into a corner and bunch them up. I will talk more about this in the Clan Castle section.

Wallbreakers - Bring these if you want to help break open walls for your heroes.

Ideal Base
You always look for bases that have their defenses compacted together. The least amount of distance your Loons have to travel between defenses the faster they can destroy them. It’s also important to look for bases that don’t have defenses that can make your entire group of Loons veer away from the center. An example of this would be a Cannon outside their walls. I’ll give some examples of good bases and bad bases below.

Obviously bases with their Xbows down, low-level Air Defenses and single target Infernos will help you achieve 2 or 3 star victories but it doesn’t necessarily mean you attack it. Be extremely careful of Multi-target Infernos if you DO NOT have Freeze Spells level 4 or 5 as they are easily a LavaLoonion’s worse nightmare. 

In this example you will notice that both Infernos are set to Single Target which is plus but could still be a problematic. This layout doesn't have any defenses that could lure your Loons away from the center. You may say "what about that Mortar or Archer Tower outside the wall" and if you did see that, good job. However, the way we drop the troops those two defenses won't become much of a problem.

Now this base would be one of those bases you could get away with sending in 3 Lava Hounds instead of 4. As you can see two of those Air Defenses are out of range of that Town Hall which means your Minions wouldn't take damage from them while getting the Town Hall. Infernos are set to single target and those Xbows are set to ground. This is about as easy as it gets for a 2 star victory on a Town Hall 10.

Here is a very nice base for LavaLoonion and as you can see I 3 starred it. There are 3 AD's bunched up close which makes it easy for the Loons to take them out fast. The other AD is on the other side and can easily be taken out by your heroes once most of the defenses are down. You can Freeze 1 Inferno and 2 AD's with ONE FREEZE, could you ask for better?

This is an example of a base NOT to attack. Those defenses are so spread out that it would take your Loons a very long time to go through everything. Avoid bases like these and save them for other members who sue ground units.

Scouting Bases
I wanted to explain my exact thought process when scouting a base and deciding where to attack from.

Scouting TH10's
1) The first thing I look for is what defenses are OUT OF RANGE of the Town Hall. If I see that 2 AD's don't even cover the TH then it will be easier to 2 Star that base. Sometime's you'll get lucky and find a base where one side is Archer Tower heavy, has a few Wizard Towers and two AD's out of range of that TH. If you find a base like that then ATTACK!

2) Where is the AQ? I usually attack on the side where the AQ is closest and put a few extra Minions on that side so she gets taken down faster. If I get a base where many defenses are out of range (see example above) then I won't attack from her side.

3) Is the base spread out or compacted? If the base is very spread out then I won't even bother but if's compacted it's a huge plus!

4) I finish by visualizing where my Loons will target next after each defense is destroyed. If I think it's very likely they will be pulled AWAY from the center then I either won't attack that base or find a different side.

Scouting TH9

The only difference between scouting a TH9 and a TH10 is the step 1 (see above) My goal is to 3 star a TH9, not 2 star it. So I attack from the side where most of HEAVY defenses are. If one side has nothing but Cannons/Mortars then attack from he opposite. The faster the big guns are out of the way the more likely you can 3 star it. If you feel your troops aren't high enough to 3 star a TH9 then follow the same scouting steps for a TH10.

Clan Castle
Some people lure the enemy clan castle, some don't. It all comes down to personal preference, base layout and the enemies CC troops. Many people who are TH10's don't even bother luring the CC for a number of reason. As we discussed Lava Hounds are the tanks and that means they tank they CC troops too. While your Hounds are distracting two things will likely happen. Your Loons will either kill them from their splash damage or your Minions will be lured to them and killing them. If you're really good then you will freeze them, making them useless.

Now if you do want to lure the CC there are a few guidelines you should follow to even determine if it is a good idea. If you have to use more than 3 loons to lure the CC then don't even bother wasting your troops. If your loons have to go through a defense before it will even activate the CC then don't bother. The only time I will ever lure their CC is if it incredibly easy to do so. You don't HAVE to use loons to activate the CC, if it is extremely easy you amy get away with a single Giant. That example is to make sure you don't waste more than 15 camp space to lure a CC. If you KNOW the enemy CC is full of units such as Barbs/Valks/Loons or any other unit that does no damage to your air troops then absolutely ignore luring the CC. Wizards are your BIGGEST fear as their splash damage could wipe out your entire Loon army.

Tip - Remember unless the entire CC radius covers a defensive unit then your loons will NOT activate the Clan Castle. As you can see below there is not a single defense that could lure the CC, so don't bother!

If you do decide to lure the CC then bring 3-5 Barbs with you. Luring the Clan Castle is quite easy, it's killing them that will take some practice. After you activate the CC you will use your barbs to lure them to a corner. 

Keep using the Barbs to get the CC in as tight of a group as possible.

You want to use a SINGLE loon to wipe out the entire CC. This example isn't the best, but it's pretty good example on how to execute a loon drop. It will take some practice but soon you'll get a better understanding on how far or close to drop the Loon so it drops right on top of those pesky wizards. If a few troops remain or a LvL 6 Wizard has very little health then just a minion to finish him off. 

Tip - NEVER EVER EVER use your Heroes to kill the CC. Your Heroes do so much damage and are vital in securing a 2nd star if you make a mistake. It's better to use a lighting spell then to waste your heroes.

Troop Deployment

This is without a doubt the most important section of this guide. Executing proper troop deployment will either make you a great attacker or a horrible one. I will give you a step by step guide with pictures on how to properly deploy your troops and avoid embarrassment.

Clan Castle -I have a whole dedicated to this, so if you plan to lure the CC then read that section first. If not, continue reading.

Where to attack -This is something you will have to learn and experiment on your own. I personally attack the side closest to the Town Hall. 80% of the time you will attack from a corner, but there a few occasions where attacking from the side may be better. I'm going to explain how to attack from a corner. You can see how I attack from the side in the section "Side Attacks" below!

Your Clan Castle - The first thing you will do is drop your CC loons into a corner. The reason for this is it gives them a head start since they come out one at a time and not simultaneously. 


Lava Hounds - Next you'll send in your Lava Hounds. In this example there are 3 Hounds, so you will send one on each side and the 3rd one in the middle. It does not matter which Air Defense that 3rd one goes to. Again, one of the purposes of these Hounds is to clear those bombs and that is why you spread them out. If you had 4 Hounds you would send two on each side but DO NOT send them in on top of each other. spread them out a bit to cover more ground, they will still go to the Air Defense regardless. Also, make sure you don't send them too far apart to where one wonders off to the other Air Defense making it where it's 3 to 1. Don't EVER send your Hounds on 1,3 or 4 Air Defenses. It should always be on two Air Defenses.

Rest of Loons - You will now use fingers and spread your remaining Loons evening on both sides. The only time you wouldn't do it evenly is if your CC Loons all go to one side and if that happens feel free to put extra Loons on the other side to even it out.

Minions - Just like the Loons you want to spread those Minions out evenly. Remember to send them in right after your Loons. DO NOT WAIT!

That's it folks, this is pretty simple and it won't take long to master it. The REAL test is spell placement, which we will discuss next.

Spell Placement
Spell placement is EVERYTHING in this attack strategy and if you mess this up and you will 1 star or worse. Fortunately this is pretty easy to master as well...if you have patients. If you rush your spells you're doomed, patients is key for LavaLoonion.

What to bring - If you're going against a TH10 then you bring 3 Rage and 2 Freeze spells, there are no other options. If you're going against a TH9 you'll bring 3 Rage spells and either a Heal spell or Lighting spell. It is highly preferred for you to take a Heal spell though as a increases your chances of 3 stars dramatically. 

Rage Spells - Your first two Rage spells need to be deep inside the base, do not rush it. You put one Rage on each side of your loons (the ears) and the last rage spells in the center of the base (the head) this will create a Mickey Mouse with your rage spells. Obviously, sometimes your loon will wander off and if they do place the 3rd Rage spell WHERE they are going NOT where they currently at. This is mistake i see so many people make. You want to maximize your Rage spell's radius and to do that you place them in FRONT of your troops. That goes for any army composition. Never ever ever overlap your Rage Spells! This is another mistake a see many make too, why would you overlap your rage spell and ancestrally waste it? It doesn't make sense at all so please never overlap them.

This is a good example of deep Rage spells. The placement of those two Rage spells will maximize the potential by allowing the Loons to hit more defenses.

As you can, the third Rage spell is in the middle of the first two (Mickey Mouse). Sometimes you may have to place the 3rd Rage spell to the right or left depending on the direction your Loons are going.

Freeze Spells - Again, you must be patient with the freeze spells. I see so many mistakes made by rushing a freeze spells for no reason. People see a multi-target inferno blasting on two Hounds and they panic. Remember what I said about patients? Let me remind you one more time..BE PATIENTS! When all 5 laser beams are focused on your troops wait about 1-2 seconds then FREEZE! Typically, you will use both Freeze spells simultaneously on both Infernos. Try to freeze as much as possible and prioritize Air Defense and Wizard Towers over Xbows and Archer Towers. Sometimes you will be able to freeze both Infernos with one Freeze spell and if you can you both Freeze spells to freeze those Infernos TWICE! In case you didn't know, you can freeze both Infernos if they are RIGHT next to the Town Hall and are on opposite sides (Picture coming soon).

You can see here how both Multi-Target Infernos and an Air Defense have been frozen (slightly missed the other AD, it happens). Notice where my loons are when I use those Freeze spells. The key is to waiting a second or two after your Loons (not your Lava Hound) take damage. If you're dealing with Single Infernos then you would want to Freeze once your Hounds start taking the max dmg the Inferno can do.

Heal Spells - If you're a TH9 using heal spells then read on. The most important thing I can tell you about Heal spells is to be extremely patient with it. A properly placed Heal spell will either get you a 3 star or a 2 star. Wizard Towers are a loons worse nightmare for TH9's so SAVE that heal spell until those Wizard Towers are hitting your bunched up Loons. Just like Hogs, you must wait until they are at least half health to get the maximum potential that a Heal spell has to offer.

Don't worry I didn't forget about the Mighty King and the Royal Queen! Always save both your heroes until the end. Sometimes you will need them to help secure the Town Hall and if that is the case wait until your Minions clear as many structures as possible to avoid them wandering off. If you decided to bring a few Wallbreakers then go ahead and send them ahead to help the Heroes prioritize the Town Hall. 

If it's looking like you could 3 star your target then save your Heroes to clean up and destroy the rest of the village. There isn't much more to say about them expect use them wisely to get STARS which means not dropping them when you drop your other troops. Remember to never waste them for the Clan Castle troops.

Side Attacks

Sometimes you won't always have the option to attack from a corner and that's okay. I'll show you how to attack from the side, which is pretty similar to the corner approach.

First, you'll deploy your CC Loons in a corner or some place with some distance. The reason stays the some, you want the Loons out first so they don't lag behind the rest of your Loons. For the side approach it really doesn't matter where you choose to deploy them.

You will deploy your Hounds all on the same side and you will still spread them out. They could have been spread out better here, always find ways to improve! Again, their purpose is to TANK not do damage so send them in BEFORE your Loons.

If you look at this base you will see two departments where the defenses are. The Loons could only go for those two enclosed sections, not the middle, so that is why I didn't put any Loons in the middle. I wanted an even amount of Loons on both sides and I wanted them their quick. It wasn't important that they were spread out far since they could only go for ONE section.

Notice how deep my Rage spells are (the 3rd Rage is where the Freeze is) and when I place that Freeze. I wait until the Inferno has ALL 5 lasers on my troops then I freeze.

At this point I noticed I have the 3 star almost guaranteed. The last thing I need to do to secure that 3rd star is put those heroes down! This is why you SAVE YOUR HEROES!

3 Star Attacks (TH10 ONLY)

I will start recording the TH10 bases I 3 Star and will put yours in this section too if you 3 star a TH10 too!

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