Valkyrie Users Basics and FAQ
Valkyrie are like any other unit in the game. If you don't know what you are doing and throw them into the fire, results aren't great. For example, balloons, as strong and effective as they are, require basic knowledge of their AI and behavior. Valkyrie are a unit that rewards skill.

Q: How does the Valkyrie AI Work?
The first thing you need to realize is that Valkyire have unique AI. In their description it states anything, but they also prioritize locations that offer their splash damage the most targets. This means if in the midsts of a cluster of buildings, they will tend to stay where the buildings are grouped together. Compared against a PEKKA, who will always take on the closest target. This AI does not seem to always translate when dealing with enemy troops.

Q: My Valkyrie always just go around the outside!
The hardest thing to master is directing those fiery redheads to your intended target. During my run in \/alhalla I really didn't know why my success with doing this was so much higher than other players. My secret, I learned, is that I go a step farther than clearing the outside buildings. I purposely hit buildings to the left and right of the path first and leave buildings remaining in the middle. Once the flanking buildings are destroyed. I deployed the Valkyrie and make sure I have a breach in the walls so that they go inside after taking out those last few buildings on the outside.

Q: What deployment strategy is best for Valkyrie?
Valkyrie are strongest in a tight group. Too spread out and they get picked off easy without healing. Too condensed and they tend to whiff attacks and suffer greatly from splash damage. This causes them to basically "bore into" or "gut" out a base. Its not that uncommon to see Valkyrie rip straight through a base and come out the other side. However, Valkyrie moving side to side tends to also produce many whiffed attacks.

Q: What is the Valkyrie's biggest weakness
Valkyrie stink when they have to break through walls and obviously against spread out bases. Valkyrie don't have the attack speed or hp to spend time hitting walls. Also their damage isn't all that impressive if they aren’t sent into the heart of a group of buildings. A stagnant valkyrie is a dead valkyrie.

Q: What is the advantage of using Valkyrie?
Valkyrie can do a lot of damage in a hurry and can also dish damage out to CC, heroes and buildings all at the same time. You get 14 Valkyrie into a core with both heroes, CC, and infernos and all you need is a few freeze spells and a rage to gut it in seconds. Might not get 50% but everything in that core will be destroyed. I like to think of her as a "wrecking ball," something that hits hard and fast but loses steam fast.

Q: What are some good clan castle combinations for defense with the Valkyrie
1 Valkyrie, 2 Witch, 3 Archers - 1 Valkyrie, 6 Wizards, 3 Archers - 1 Valkyrie, 3 Wizards, 1 Witch, 3 Archers - 2 Valkyrie, 4 Wizards, 3 Archers.
1 Valkyrie, 1 Balloon, 3 Wizards, 10 archers
All of these combinations work pretty well and are a good mix up to expected CC troops. Valkyrie are a great donation for lower players. They are something new players don't know how to deal with. Lighting also won't do them in. For higher players you only want a few Valkyrie so you’re not totally vulnerable to air attacks.

Q: How about spring traps? Don't they really sting?

A spring trap can get 1 Valkyrie. Due to housing space 2 Valks take up 16 spaces. This is one more than 15, which is the max for a spring trap. Sure if Giants, barbs, or hogs are mixed in they may also get the boot but due to the AI this isn't a big issue.

Valkyrie are also the second fastest unit in the game. So when raged they can trigger a trap while moving and not get ejected.

So spring traps can hurt but are actually a much bigger issue for hogs and Giants due to these two factors.

Q: What about CC troops, what are the worst?
Honestly a pack of balloons or all minions (if wizards aren't immediately available) hurt bad. The massive splash of a loon hurts. Dragons are a pain but if you throw a few wizards behind with your queen and add a rage you can brush her off easy enough.

Archers are only a pain if they spread out. If they do they can really distract you for a long time. Just make sure to trigger the CC from one point and not two, and where you deploy your Valks.

Wizards can be devastating but if you know what to do, minor. Drop a rage and a jump so the Valks close the distance fast. With luck the wizards will die before they get an attack in.

Witches are fun. Valks eat them up and spit them out.

The main issue is if ranged units sit behind a wall. This causes your Valkyrie, who surge ahead, to spend time w♥♥♥♥ing a wall while defenses pound in them. Most common mistake I make. Pick your attack points carefully. This can be avoided with the correct use of a jump spell. Valkyries are attracted to cc troops and heroes first, so it can be a good way to get 

Q: Hey, a few of these strategies don't start with a lure? You sure about that?
Valkyrie themselves are really good at dealing with ground CC troops. Dragons aren't a huge problem after you gain experience. With their AI, some of these strategies need you to have some sort of pull. Mastering the pull will greatly improve your skill with Valkyrie based strategies, especially for trophy pushes. In war the decision is trickier.  

If in war see what sort of troops your opponents are bringing to the table before deciding to lure. If they are packing witches and wizards, ram those red heads down their throats! However, at higher levels its becoming more and more common to see a stray loon mixed in with other troops. Sometimes loons go down without doing much, but if one smashes right into the center of your Valkyries and a GB goes off, it may make an easy 3 star a fail.  

Also, if a lure is easy - do it. Unless you need the insurance for the Valkyrie to go to the core, its safer to lure. However, at higher levels its not that difficult to make an expensive lure. These are the bases Valkyrie shine on. They can dive in and take on those CC troops right in the thick of things.

Q: So what can I expect from these strategies in war? (War Clan) Which one should are competitive in a pitched battle?

HoVa is strong at any town hall level, it just varies in composition. At Th8 and 9 Golems or Giants are not 100% necessary. Valkyrie do tank well enough at these ranges to hold their own. At Th10 you'll want a pair of golems or master Zen's lure strategy. I do not have maxed heros so I do not know if this is a 3 star strategy but I've gotten close a few times. I do know that at both Th9 and 8 it devastates.

GoViz is strong from Th8 to mid-Th10. Unfortunately this last update added more point defenses. What this means is that after the 2 star this strategy is going to fizzle verses high level walls and my wrecking ball technique becomes too risky. However, against a vulnerable base at Th8 and Th9 it can devastate. At Th8 the CC troops is typically a PEKKA of a higher Th level. The 3 star just requires practice.  

GoWiVa is strongest at Th9 but still a solid strategy at Th10 if infernos are split or both on single. If both on multi I usually go with GoHoVaPe or a GoWiVaWiPe instead. At Th9 you can keep the witches spread out and the Valkyrie will tank effectively for them, and you can spare a spell for an additional jump. I've seen plenty of th9 3 stars with this strategy.

GoVaPe is best at Th8. At Th9 GoViz is usually better unless buildings are spread out, and then GoWiVa is typically better. After the addtion of the skeleton trap this strategy is just a bit harder to use as the PEKKA do terrible against skeletons. The Valkyrie make a great compliment in they rip them apart but its just not as strong. However, at Th8 its pretty devastating.  

The Valkyrie Tornado in my opinion can get the 3 star at Th8 and 9, but the healer change is pretty recent so not many players have bothered to try this out. I was able to 3 star with the comp before the change so I assume its only easier now. At Th10 though the addition of a new level to cannons canceled out the healer change and its difficult to use them. I did make it to champs with the combination though.  

Do not underestimate giants. At Th8 and 9 they actually have certain advantages over golems. They have more DPS and are a little faster. If you add in healing or healers, then they can tank really well. Valkyrie are also very powerful with healing behind them, so they compliment each other well in that regard. Against certain bases it may actually be better to use giants with some sort of healing instead of Goelms.  

Finally their are some hybrid attacks I've seen do some damage at Th8 and 9. Some Valhalla members have been trying out VaLoWiWi with some solid results. We are modeling it after some GoLaLoonion attacks but its still in development.