One of the Best Farming Attack Strategies TH8/9 (WiBArch)

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  • Mar 29, 2015 (91 months ago)

I have been farming pretty much ever since I got Town Hall 7. I did rush... may or may not have had some level 2 walls when I got Town Hall 7 before I realised what I was doing. But since then, the most effective farming strategy I have used is WiBArch - my own modified version of the extremely popular BArch. The idea of adding wizards to BArch is to give it that extra power to penetrate bases to storages and such, while still having the flexibility in attack style to be able to use plain BArch.


The army composition that I used at Town Hall 8 is as follows (200 troop space):

- 76 Barbarians

- 76 Archers

- 12 Wizards


Here's the army composition that I use for Town Hall 9 (220 troop space):

- 80 Barbarians

- 80 Archers

- 15 Wizards


No spells are required for this strategy at either Town Hall level because of its strength mixed with that of the heroes. Spells (use Rage or Heal, maybe Lightning for Mortars or Clan Castle troops) can be added for more strength but I wouldn't recommend it due to the extra cost and training time.


Step 1: Find a base with decent loot

Because of the cost of this army composition (65-90k elixir depending on troop level and camp space), you have to find a base with loot to cover the cost of your troops. I'd recommend around 150k-200k of each resource. Try to find either a Town Hall 8 or a lower level Town Hall 9 base to raid. (Lower level Town Hall 9 meaning around Town Hall 8 level defences and perhaps mostly level 7 walls.)


Step 2: Attacking

The way you attack a base depends on where the loot is - in the storages or in the mines and pumps. So that leaves you with two ways of attacking a base:


Attacking mines and pumps

Just carry out a normal BArch raid and take out the outside buildings - placing Barbarians as a meatshield in front of your Archers. You can use your wizards behind the BArch if you want, but it'd probably be better to save them for your next raid and reduce it's training time and cost.


Attacking storages within a base

This attack strategy is extremely easy to carry out. Start by checking for Clan Castle troops (standard), then it's a rush from your preferred side. Spread out around 30 Barbarians and Archers then place 6-8 Wizards behind (6 with the Town Hall 8 composition, 7 or 8 with the Town Hall 9 composition), then another 30 Barbarians and Archers, place heroes, then the rest of your BArch and your last Wizards. By the time you have placed all your troops, you should already have destroyed around 20-30% of the base.



I really hope this guide helped you out. Feel free to drop a comment and a rating - feedback is always appreciated - and tell me how this strategy has worked. I'm interested to know!

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