So you rushed your TH

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  • Mar 25, 2015 (91 months ago)

So you rushed your TH



I am speaking from experience when I say that do anything you can to prevent rushing, get as close to max as you can before you press the upgrade button on your th. Rushing is the worst COC mistake you can make.


When I hit th 8 I still had around 60 lvl 4 walls. I took me a long time to recover but eventually I made it, maxing everything apart from my lvl 8 Bk before upgrading to th 9. It has helped a huge amount, I have now almost maxed th 9 (apart from walls) in the ¾ months I have been here. Checkout my base clan:DirtyOlMen Player: drench15




Let’s assume you are very weak everything being 4-5 levels from max. If you’re better than that then great. The first thing you should do is to stop rushing. Don’t upgrade your th until you are ready if you’re unsure just ask the guys in your clan. I know I'm repeating this point but it's just so important.



One simple thing to help your development is to put your th outside your base. This will give you a free shield when people snipe your th and will stop people getting to your hard earned loot while you sleep. Another handy tip is to forget about trophies if you want to get good then loot is king. I would also try and stay out of wars until you’re up to speed as rushed th’s will harm your clan so  if you want a good clan you can’t war. Right let’s get started.



The first thing you should do is upgrade your collectors, these are cheap so you will be able to save for whatever lvl you’re base is. Once you have maxed these or at least get them up to a decent lvl. you should then go onto your camps, these will be very helpful as you progress I recommend finding a guide on farming from this website, save up for them using your collectors and then get them upgraded. Now that your camps are up to speed you should start farming, don’t worry about what lvl your troops are it’s all good.



Once you start farming you will be gaining even more loot, go for collector bases which will give you around 150k to 200k per attack. You should be making an attack every 20 minutes at the most, if it's longer than this pick a new army. I reccomend Barch.



At this stage you have two paths, if your defences are at a high enough lvl start saving for the big upgrades. These will come in the shape of troops (lab upgrades) and defence structure upgrades. For gold I would do them in this order:


Mortar, Wiz towers


Archer towers, xbows (if they aren’t built)



Air defences


Xbows (Upgrade to lvl 2)






Xbows (Upgrade to max)



For elixir I would do them in this order:




Farming troops (Upgrade the troops you use when farming)




War troops (Upgrade the troops you use for wars)


Dark barracks



Note: Use your best judgement, if you have a lvl 1 cannon and everything else is lvl 6 do the cannon first. Also if all your defences are at a very low lvl I would recommend just doing the cheapest upgrade each time.



If you cannot save enough for these upgrades then work on your walls as these are of lower value, so people will not steal your loot while you are upgrading them (as you have little saved). work away at your walls until people no longer consistently take your loot.

Once you have got to this stage just keep farming and slowly work away at those big upgrades. I recommend waiting until everything is at least 1 lvl below max before upgrading.


Hope this helps and remember farming is your greatest tool.

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