The Consequences of Rushing

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  • Mar 23, 2015 (91 months ago)

Ever see those ugly looking bases with a level 9 or 10 Town Hall and level 5 walls and underdeveloped defenses? Well, let me tell you something about the player who possesses that base. Without spending an exorbitant amount of time raiding (and I'm talking months upon months) or by dropping quite a few dollars, that player will NEVER recover from their rushed base. Being unable to recover means that their walls, defenses, and troop levels will never reach the maximum level for their Town Hall. There are numerous reasons behind this, and I'm going to list them out for you. This guide will explain in-depth why rushing your Town Hall will cost you far more than you'll gain.


First, I will explain the reasons as to why people rush their Town Hall to begin with:


1) New and stronger defenses appear enticing to inexperienced players.


This is probably the most obvious reason that players rush their Town Halls. If you are a newer or inexperienced player, better and stronger defenses probably look a lot better to you than the ones you currently have. What most players forget, however, is that just because you have unlocked new defenses, as well as new levels for those defenses, doesn't mean that the upgrades are free. You still have to earn/gain the resources for those upgrades, which could prove to be a difficult challenge depending on how far the Town Hall has been rushed. Resources (as far as rushing your Town Hall is concerned) will be discussed later in the guide.


2) Better troops make you a better player.


Totally and absolutely incorrect. Stronger/maxed troops don't make anybody better. You still have to develop strategies through trial-and-error or online guides in order to use troops effectively. A player with maxed troops that doesn't understand how to use them renders themselves ineffective when attacking. Also, as mentioned in #1, those troop upgrades are not only extremely expensive but take a long time to finish. To completely max Golems (they go up to level 5, and are unlocked at Dark Barracks level 4), for example, it takes a total of 50 days. That's nearly two months to max ONE troop. Combine that with the fact that laboratory upgrades can only be done one at a time, as well as the time it takes to upgrade a Dark Barracks to level 4 in the first place, and you're looking at 2-3 months of time to max out one troop. That's a perspective that not many players look from, and further solidifies the argument against rushing the Town Hall.


3) A genuine lack of understanding of the game.


This is by far the reason most people rush the Town Hall. A combination of #1 and #2 are parts of it, but generally, most players rush the Town Hall because they believe that they will be rewarded. That isn't true, for multiple reasons. This will be explained later. Clash of Clans was created to deliberately punish those who rush their Town Halls and give certain advantages to those who don't, in order to keep a strict balance of power among players. The game was also designed to give players something to look forward to as they progress through each Town Hall. Rushing the Town Hall defeats the intended purpose of the game and limits a player's ability to correctly and efficiently make progress. Most players don't find this out until it's too late.


Realize that by rushing your Town Hall, you are creating an environment for yourself with irreversible consequences. Those consequences, as well as other effects of rushing your Town Hall, will now be explained.


1) The Loot Penalty


Not many players know what the loot penalty is, even though there is an in-game warning about it (listed when you are viewing the Town Hall's info). Well, the loot penalty is your worst enemy if you decide to rush your Town Hall, and here's why:


There are maximum percentages of loot available when attacking players in multiplayer, regardless of Town Hall level. For example, you can steal 75% of what's in another player's Dark Elixir Drills and 50% of what they have in their collectors. On the other hand, there are certain restrictions on loot that are based on Town Hall level. I will not list all of them (check out Clash of Clans on Wikia if you're curious), but I will give an example. There is a limit to what percentage can be stolen out of a player's Dark Elixir Storage based on their Town Hall level. At Town Hall 7 and 8, only 6% can be stolen from the Storage. At Town Hall 9, 5% can be taken, and at Town Hall 10, only 4% can be taken. All of these percentages are before the loot penalty comes into play. The loot penalty is essentially Supercell's way of creating the ultimate balance among the Town Hall levels. While Town Hall 10's may be able to completely annihilate a Town Hall 8 rather easily, they won't get a lot of resources for doing so. Here's how the loot penalty puts a further restriction on loot gain, according to Town Hall level:


=== Town Hall Level ----- Percentage of Loot Available ===

Same Town Hall level or above ----- 100%

1 Town Hall level lower ----- 90%

2 levels lower ----- 50%

3 levels lower ----- 25%

4 or more levels lower ----- 5%


This chart shows that if you are Town Hall 10, and have decided to attack a Town Hall 8, the most loot you are going to be able to raid from that player is 50%. Clearly, the loot penalty can be devastating, even at Town Hall 9. Resources are scarce to begin with, but when you add in all of these multipliers and percentages that affect the amount of loot even available, loot can go from being scarce to almost entirely absent.


2) Fighting the battle on two fronts


One of the less tangible yet extremely important issues with rushing your Town Hall is the fact that you are forced to fight a two-front battle. What this means is that you are in a constant struggle while both defending and attacking. If you rushed your Town Hall badly enough (2 or 3 levels higher than where you should be), your troops won't be able to compete with other players' defenses, and your defenses won't be able to compete with their offense. That puts you in a very vulnerable position, regardless of what league you're in. You can choose to stay in lower leagues such as Bronze and Silver to give yourself the most protection, but those leagues won't have a lot of resources to offer, which won't help you develop. If you choose to go up to a higher league, such as Gold, Crystal, or even Master, loot will be plentiful, but you risk losing a lot each time your base gets attacked. Ultimately, a fair balance must be reached (likely to be Gold or Crystal depending on how rushed you are), to where you can raid resources throughout the day and not lose tons while away. Being able to keep your builders busy and retain the little resources you have is key to beginning the long recovery from your rushed Town Hall.


3) Time Spent on Raiding


Once your Town Hall is rushed, there's no going back. The only thing that will allow you to recover is time. You will need to spend countless hours a week raiding and gathering the necessary resources for your endless list of upgrades. It isn't easy, especially with the loot penalty. A lot of dedication (that many players don't have) will be required if you ever hope to get your village up to par with your Town Hall level. Relying on collectors, even if they're boosted, isn't going to supply your needs. The demand for resources is constant, and those demands need to be met in order for a full recovery to take effect. If you aren't the type of person that has the patience to frequently raid, or just simply don't have the time, then there's a good chance your rushed Town Hall will never become fully recovered.


4) Clans don't want rushed players


This is a secondary effect of having a rushed Town Hall. Any decent Clan that takes part in Clan Wars doesn't want rushed players. There are several reasons for this:


-Players with rushed Town Halls look unappealing to the eye, and therefore reflect poorly on a Clan's membership, which decreases your chance of being accepted

-Rushed Town Halls, of any level, make finding fair match-ups in Clan Wars more difficult, mostly because the game tries to compare Town Hall levels side-by-side, meaning that a rushed TH8 could get paired up against a maxed TH8 and stand no fighting chance

-Rushed players carry a stereotype with them that they are inexperienced (stereotypes wouldn’t exist if they weren't often the truth), and inexperienced players offer nothing to an established clan


In conclusion, rushing your Town Hall isn't a fun experience and quite often ruins the ability to enjoy the game. Many rushed players end up quitting because of their mistake, as the game goes from being exciting and rewarding to monotonous and irritating. I hope that this guide helps you better understand the serious, irreversible consequences of rushing your Town Hall.

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