The Many Species of BARCH

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  • Jan 12, 2015 (93 months ago)
G'day Clashers! This is another guide coming your way from the skunkworks of the MILANo Laborotory (My Bedroom)...
T'day we're going to have a look at one of the most common and most tactically diverse attack/troop combinations that is the BARCH. (bah-ahr-tch).

1- What is the Barch
2- Most common uses
3- Different uses
4- Balance BAR/ARCH
5- Tactics

The BARCH is an army which is made up entirely of Barbarians and Archers either in equal amounts or in varying proportions. The name Barch comes directly from the troops which make up the army BARbarians and ARCHers thus; BARCH.

The Barch is most commonly used as a farming army due to its low cost and quick training time, Barching has changed the game completely as it provides Clashers with a quick and easy raid capable of a 50% or to catch some easy loot. As a rotational/constant queued army (an army that you keep training as you attack) the barch is highly effective as it trains fast and is very hardy if used correctly. The barch is also a common army used by Trophy Pushers as it is a cheap and easy way to snipe Town Halls without having to spend vast amounts of elixir or kill your heroes/hero in the process, it's common among lower TH players looking to get to Crystal League and in my experience is one of the most robust and easy to carry out attacks out there.

Sooo... Now we shall have a look at the other more interesting uses for the barch, the ones that don't necessarily have a point but are fun if you're looking to annoy other Clashers out there. Theres the Hero-Bash Barch, basically you're goal is to kill your opponents heroes...It can be very annoying, trust me. I have also seen another barch similar to the Hero-Bash but with Clan Castle troops which is far more annoying in my opinion (for any of you are trying to keep a positive donate/recieved ratio I think you would understand). Revenge Barch, if someone has attacked you with a barch, try revenging them with a barch- Barch on Barch. If you have seen some other wacky or wonderful barches please do share them in the comments.

Balance BAR/ARCH. Basically how many archers do I use? How many Barbarians should I have? There is no right or wrong answer, there are just more effective and less effective ways of barching, however alot of the barch depends on the base you are attacking. I personally go for an even combination as I sit around 1750-1850 trophies and I collect full mines and collectors. I have done some barches with a 2/1 archers to barbs combination which was also highly effective, however it wasn't very cost effective and lacked the tanking ability of the barbarian. I have seen some heavy Barb barches with the majority of troops being barbarians which works great to eliminate any outer buildings/mines. To be honest if you dont know what kind of base it is that you are going to be targeting than its the safest bet to go with an even combination of archers and barbarians (playing it safe). I personally call this even combination the'Pure Barch'.

Tactics- how to use the barbarians and archers to create the best result. When attacking I always assess the base first, the main things that one looks for are Mortars and Wizard Towers. I then begin by clearing out the outer buildings by placing four barbs per building followed by four archers to finish it off this creates space for me to plan the rest of my attack. If there are Wiz Towers (WT) near the edge of the base I generally like to take them out first by placing four barbs followed by four archers and another set of four archers, the thought behind this is that the barbs higher hitpoints will tank the splash damage from the wizard tower whilst the archers higher damage will eliminate the WT. One thing to remember always is that BARBARIANS CAN TAKE DAMAGE AND ARCHERS CANT. Plan your attack so that you use the archers higher damage and greater range to your advantage, use barbs to distract defenses and then place archers to neutralize the threat. If youre going for storages (which are generally hidden withing the centre of the base) than you need to be prepared to lose the raid, it's sometimes helpful to BRING LIGHTNING SPELLS along to take out those pesky mortars. One can use barbs to break through walls and take hits while you channel the archers through into the base, this is a bit more risky though.

Once again, there is no such thing as a right or wrong barch, it is a very personal affair and everyone has their own unique style, so while mine may work for me it may not work for you which is why I encourage you to comment below and share your #BARCHSTYLE with us as it may be helpful to others!
Have an awesome day out there folks, and remember to get your #BARCHSTYLE on!
MILANo out!
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