Clan Wars: A Comprehensive Guide to Victory

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  • Dec 01, 2014 (95 months ago)

Arguably the greatest update for COC has been the addition of clan wars. The clan itself changed from a social, trophy hungry, donation center to a functional unit with a cohesive goal or purpose that is actually attainable. People cheered this innovation with great fanfare, and attacked like crazy to get into the fray. Soon clans learned that losses are very expensive and hurt the overall appeal of the clan. Since then many clans have either dropped out of the scene or are struggling to establish a routine. The purpose of this guide is to help any clan leader improve their victory total and establish path to winning consistently.


I. Why listen to Timmpy?
II. Member Training
III. Who fights
IV. When to fight
V. Prep Day
VI. Battle Day
VII. Attack Checklist
VIII. Interpreting Results
IX. Member Management
X. Conclusion


I have been the leader my clan for over a year, and with a strong core of elders and co-leaders I have honed a systematic approach to war that allows for player growth, group cohesiveness, and overall success. My clan is 36-3 as I write this, and we won 22 wars in a row before we suffered our first loss.

We modify, manage, and sharpen our methods with each experience and the success we have had more than justifies the validity of the program. This guide will be long and exhaustive, but rest assured that if you read it and apply it, you will see results.



If you want to be a war clan then your members are no longer good just because they have a gold or purple symbol by their name. Quality matters and it is up to your leadership group to make sure their clan-mates are up to the challenges of war.

1. Days between wars are meant for two things: farm and decompress, train for the next war. The way you train members and track their progress is by posting replays of their attacks. This doesn't mean that every 3-star of an abandoned garbage base is proof of skill, YOU MUST SET LIMITS. Replays should show an attack against a base that is the same level of, or higher than, the attacking player. A level 75 TH8 posting a two star against a level 83 TH9 is good. A level 75 TH* posting a three star against a level 59 TH7 is useless.

2. In war players have the chance to study their opponent, but in random searches you don't. To correct this issue have your members use revenge attacks as war training and replays. Revenges are fun for the player, let them study the base, and rely on the member to develop an attack plan that works for them.

3. Members should have more than one attack type that they can use successfully and their replays should reflect that. I require every member have a ground attack, air attack, and looting attack for war. The reason for this is that different clans design their bases depending on what armies have burned them in the past. If you only can only do all dragon attacks, but run into a clan with anti-dragon specific designs, then you are in trouble.



Not everyone in your clan should be in a war. This is a big mistake that many people make when leading a clan. Additionally, new members should not be included in a war either. A terrible attacker can ruin your entire war, and even worse, a new member that leaves during a war without attacking can be the difference between a win and loss.

1. Players admitted to war should have a proven record of war success. This can be through past experience with the member or assessed by consistently good replays during training times.

2. Set a roster number you can manage. If you try a war with 40 members and it is an unorganized mess with terrible attacks then decrease the roster number. Try a war with 30 and see if it is more manageable and have others watch to see how you want things to go.

3. New players should have to stay with the clan for AT LEAST one week and one war before being allowed to participate. This is to ensure that they are loyal enough to stay and not abandon your clan on war day, and it lets them see how the system works so they are ready to function with the clan.

4. Make sure roster members are available war days. If you have a great attacker that is going on vacation where there is no internet, then you don't want them in that war.

5. Rosters are variable and members need to know that poor performance can mean that they lose their place in the roster in favor of a player who has great replays.

6. Players that communicate and are active are vital. During the second attack phase (see section VI) things change very quickly and flexibility is only as good as the clans activity. Players that don't chat, and don't show, don't fight.

7. Player levels are far more important than TH level in war. A rushed TH can pull up your enemy level average and put you in a real bind. Look at walls, defenses, and troop/spell level compared to the TH level. A TH8 with level 3 wizards and a level 2 rage spell is no good.

8. Before declaring war when the roster is set, kick the players not in the war. Let them know that you are doing this and invite them back once the clan search begins. This is to avoid people having to drop trophies if they are ranked 4th in the clan, but won't be around for war. Once people know why this happens then it will be a normal routine. I kick about 8 players a war and they rejoin within 5 minutes, knowing exactly why it happened.



Timing is everything. This phrase is especially true for clan wars, and there are several factors to consider. No matter what frequency you choose there is one thing that is very important: BE CONSISTENT. Set a time and day, include it in the description, and don't change it unless the entire clan is on board.

1. How often should you go to war? This depends on the size and activity level of the clan. A highly active clan with a max of war roster of 25 can war a couple times a week, but I don't recommend that. Warring too much will hurt you because you don't have sufficient training time, people get burned out on war, losses pile up and your clan desirability drops, wars are extremely expensive as you progress, and people have far less time to farm and upgrade effectively. I recommend one war a week, because you can see already from this guide, that being good at war takes a lot of work.

2. The time of day that you declare is also important and there are a few factors to consider. Where are most of your players from? Different time-zones can make war times hard for some players so make sure your war times accommodate the most members. Who do you usually fight? My clan gets paired with many Asian and Middle-Eastern clans so we declare to make sure we attack last. When do members have school or work? Make sure war times are doable for those people who are in school or work. If you declare war at 1PM then the last 6 hours of battle day will be impossible for some members to use.

3. Make sure you attack last. This is like the home field advantage in baseball, where the home team gets to bat last for the win. We attack at midnight our time so that the first half of battle day many of us are asleep, and international clans attack us. When we wake up for the last half of battle day we know roughly how many stars we need, what the enemies style and skill are, and we do this all while the enemy sleeps.



Prep day is just as important as battle day and it should be very active. This day gives you the opportunity to get organized, make last minute changes to bases, and gather resources for war.

1. Once the match is made, start scouting all the bases to see the strength and weaknesses of each. You can tell right away if a base is "hogable", "dragable", GOWIPE, or GOWIWI. Make these suggestions in chat as you view each base to give people ideas for their attacks. Make sure to view then enemy clan war wins and their individual war hero achievement status. This can give you a great look at their skill level.

2. War CC's should be filled by the highest level troops in the clan. If this means one or two people bear the burden then so be it. The composition is up to you, but there are numerous suggestions. CC of 15 = 3 wiz and 2 arch, CC of 20 = 5 wiz or a drag, CC of 25 = drag/wiz/arch or witch/valk/wiz/arch or 6 wiz and 1 arch. You should be able to figure out the higher CC's with this template in mind.

3. Give players the opportunity to choose their own opponent. This reduces anxiety and is more fun than assigning bases. Have people call out the highest number base they know they can three star. Have leaders or trusted elders record and post the assignments to avoid confusion later.

4. Everyone should be making plans for the base they are attacking first, and discussing their plan with others. This allows leaders to predict outcomes and brings the entire clan closer together. If players don't know the attack they are going to use, and where they will use it when battle day starts then you aren't using prep day effectively.

***The following are pro tips for seasoned war clans to screw over your opponent***

1. Change your base the minute prep day begins to something that isn't your base. This keeps the enemy from being able to plan against you effectively and makes prep day scouting almost impossible but make sure you change it back before prep ends or the joke's on you. I make my base into a giant middle finger with an expletive drawn with walls ;)

2. Time your upgrades to finish on prep day. When you are matched with a clan, the game chooses a group that matches your defense, troop and wall level. Things done on prep day are not factored in. If you plan on upgrading walls then save the gold and do them all on prep day, or gem troop upgrade finished, or level up that air defense. This goes a long way toward creating a mismatch in your favor.

3. Do advance scouting just before prep ends. Most clans train there first army to be ready for the moment prep ends so seeing that army lets you make last minute adjustments. The way to see what the enemy is doing is to select the enemy clan tab, select a player and choose view profile. From the players profile select visit and you will see their normal base and what is in their camps. If you see a clan that has all dragons trained then make sure everyone sets their X-bows and coffin traps to anti-air, pull the air defenses to the core, push extra buildings away from the walls, and fill your CC's with wizards and dragons for example.



This is where the rubber meets the road and you put all of that prep into action. It is busy and fun with close wars becoming as exciting as a sporting event.

1. When the battle begins try to attack one at a time instead of all at once. This enables other players to watch and it lets the leaders assess where second attacks will be most effective.

2. Once a player uses their first attack, don't let them do a second right away unless they are near the bottom of the list.

3. Try to let the lower level players attack first because mid and high-level players three starring middle bases can box out some players and lead to wasted attacks.

4. Make sure EVERYONE uses both attacks. The reason for this is obvious.

5. High level leaders and players should wait in reserve until later in battle day. This is so they can have the highest level troops ready to donate to player's attack CC.

6. Once first round attacks are complete, prioritize clean-up attacks on bases that were 0-starred and 1-starred first. Once these bases are gone use the reserve players attacks to pick up those precious single stars to put you over the top. This is why top players should let lower players go first since a lower player won't have the skill to three star many of the remaining bases in order to pick up that remaining point.

7. Monitor the enemy attack pattern and always know who is left with attacks and check the enemy tab to see if any of their players left the clan (they will no longer have a player level by their name). This allows you to predict how many stars you will need to win, and plan to make it happen.

8. Make sure leaders and elders are making sure everyone meets the Attack Checklist before every attack.



This is what every player that attacks should go through before they start their strike. Leaders and elders are responsible fr making sure players meet the checklist.

1. Is your CC full?
2. Are you spells ready?
3. Are your heroes healed?
4. What is your plan of attack?
5. Do you have any questions before you attack?

I cannot begin to guess the number of times this checklist has saved young players in my clan from attacking without a CC. It seems silly, but make it a priority.



Whenever a war is over you are given lots of data that can tell you how well your clan performed, and where the areas of improvement are.

1. The damage percent on the war summary is an important statistic that tells you the average damage inflicted on the enemy from your clans total attacks. You want your damage percent to be above 85% with 90% and above being the goal. If you damage percent is very low it means that either people are attacking bases that are too difficult for them and they need to upgrade troops, or the strategies used were not compatible with the enemy base style (This happens when clans are only good at one attack type). If this is the case make adjustments as necessary to get players to focus on troop improvement or share replays of a different attack strategy.

2. Player attacks used is also very important. Everyone should be using both attack. When low players are boxed out, or victory is certain, the loot attack should be used against high bases to reward your players with high loot. The "My Clan" tab lets you easily scroll and see who attacked.

3. Use the "War Events" tab to see attacks you missed. The replays for each attack will be available for a couple days and can help you coach struggling players by pinpointing their flaws even if you weren't there to see it live.

4. Lastly, take the time to look at your attacks won, and each amount of 1,2, and 3 stars attacks compared to the enemy. This is especially important if you lost to see where you were out-performed. If your enemy has way more three star attacks than your clan then base designs may need revision, and it may benefit to drop a few from the roster number.


XI. Member Management

If you truly want to be a deadly war clan with lots of wins, loyal players, and great loot then you need to use the wars as the mechanism for advancement and punishment.

1. Don't just give away co-leader and elder to anyone that joins your group. Make them earn it in a measurable way that is not donations. What I suggest is treating promotions like military rank. People who are loyal and successful get promoted, while those that don't stay low on the totem pole. I look at stars earned and time in. People have to be in the clan a month and earn 4 or more stars a war to make elder. Co-leader requires so much more and many never get that title. Those that earn co have been in the clan for at least 6 months. When my guys earn means something.

2. People that miss attacks need to be accountable for it. It is very realistic to lose a war by one attack and if someone doesn't show for a war they knew was coming, that is unacceptable. People that don't attack are kicked. People that leave the clan during war without using their attacks are banned for life. Players that miss an attack without a reasonable excuse are warned the first time, demoted the second, and kicked the third. People need to know that they affect the outcome no matter where they are on the war list.

3. Players who perform poorly should be removed from the war roster until they show proof of improvement or reach a certain player level. That player is replaced by another that shows improvement, or if not replacement exists, then the roster drops down by 5 players.



There are many tips and tricks that you will learn along the way that will help your clan be a force in Clan Wars. Many are gained by experience, and some from the advice of veterans. This guide is the culmination of grit, experience, revision, and patience that has been building since the war update was released. If you choose to follow this guide it will make an impact on your clan and turn you into well-oiled machine.

If you have any questions or comments or suggestions please feel free to post and I will respond to as many as possible. I'm sure there are tips and tricks that I may have omitted, but I will be sure to include them as they come to me.

Have fun, good luck, and pray you never face me in war ;)

Leader of The Virtuous
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