Farming at TH7

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  • Nov 27, 2014 (95 months ago)
I am going to hand you some useful tips because i have seen SOO many rush th8 and 9s recently that I want to cry.
In my opinion th7s are rushed because people want a dark elixir drill or lvl 5 troops ( cos they look cool duh).
You have the same 200 army spaces as th7 in th8
th8 doesn't give you any more farming troops only high price pushing troops
you can farm in lower leagues as the loot reduction is small too th6s which means you can farm in silver (ill come too this later).
you can 3 star th8s in clan war if your careful
TH7 is where you get your BK
You have the max amount of racks

In th7 you can farm in 2 leagues easily Gold and silver. Now you may be thinking ? farming in silver ? WHAT! Well i can tell you i would come to say that this is the best league to farm in at th 7 however it depends on what you are farming. Gold 3 or 2 is the best league farming gold and Dark Elixir as you can use more expensive farming strategies giant-healer for example which you can tear into storage's and steal gold and the black gold that we all crave. however when your aiming to upgrade your troops and barracks with elixer its much better too use BARCH in silver then Giant-Healer in gold as your profits are much lower and it take much longer to train your army.
BARCH.........25600........19 mins... 80 barbs 120 arch
GIHEAL........71000........33 mins... 15 giants 50 goblins 5 wizards and 2 healers
* excluding spells

As you can see the barch army is almost a third of the price and takes 33% less time making it a quicker cheaper army maybe having slightly less bountiful results but is quicker and cheap too execute en mass however its not as good for farming gold as you will spend more on searching for matches.

A useful thing about silver is that when you have a lot of DE after farming in gold but want to protect it for any reason you can quickly drop your trophies and hide away with all the rushed th6s in silver where no one will be able to steal it from you and you can drop out of a clan war sometimes

Another great thing about th7 is that you get your Barb King. He is one of your most treasured assets in raiding he can deal massive damage to storage's and take out important defenses. He should always be one of your first buys when you upgrade however you can leave him for later to upgrade. One thing to keep in mind when using Barch is that who want to be raiding one after the other almost back to back so keep in mid that he has 1,500 hit points and at level one, a 60 minute recovery time. So for every 375 hit points he loses during a battle, he will need 15 minutes to recover (375 is a fourth of 1,500). So try not to use him as a tank and more of a damage dealer and let your barbs tank for him as they are more expendable.

At Th7 its not too hard to take th8s flat out in wars either as level 2 drags and minions are the best army for wars in th7 in my opinion ( i dont need to go into detail on this as this guide is for farming not wars) soo you should never feel compelled to rush your th in order to keep up in clan war EVER.

Pushing isn't too hard at th7 either soo you should never rush to push and if you dont believe me check out the clan Savage Seven and take them as inspiration!

Thank you for reading
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