My advanced guide to farming

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  • Nov 26, 2014 (95 months ago)
My advanced guide to farming
The basics:
When farming only one thing matters, loot so don�t worry about trophies. Be patient when looking for targets but don�t expect 400k hits every time. Make sure you lure the cc and avoid big bombs, when using tier one troops be aware of splash damage.
The most basic way of farming is using Barch:
Barbarians ARCHers = Barch
This army consists of half archers and half barbarians. This army is cheap to train and can be used on many bases.
Try and find bases with full collectors or exposed storages. Once you find a base spawn the barbs in a line beside the collectors or storages, the spawn in the archers directly behind these, the barbs will act as a meant shield while the archers do the damage.
I find this method of farming most effective around the high end of silver one.
Pros: Cheap and quick to train
Cons: Not very penetrating
The next method after this is Gobarch:
GOBlins ARCHers = Gobarch
This is the same as barch however it uses goblins as well, for this army I would use slightly less goblins than archers or barbs however this is up to you. Use the composition that suits you the best.
Use the goblins to pick off the collectors which aren�t hidden behind walls. I find goblins to be very effective at avoiding splash damage, this is because they are so fast. This means that they can reach loot which other troops cannot.
Use the barbs and archers in the same way as in barch then use the goblins to get to the collectors/storages which Barch cannot reach.
I find this method of farming most effective around the high end of silver one.
Pros: Goblins wreck collectors, more versatile
Cons: Goblins have slightly longer training times
The next army composition is BAM:
Barbs Archers Minions = BAM
In this army you should use barch as in the rest of the strategies, however as minions can fly it means they can reach the centre of the base. This means that you can still pick off exposed storages and collectors like before, but you now have another option. Clearing out the outer layer of the base will mean that the minions can fly straight to the centre and clean out there storages.
I find this method of farming most effective around the high end of gold 3.
Pros: Penetrating, minions pick off buildings, shorter training times
Cons: Uses De, air bombs deal splash damage
The next method of farming is one I have adapted from other methods of farming because of this I have no name for it and the details will be purely based on how I use this method, I have no idea how other people will cope with this method.
However if you can get it right it is very effective. I use this at th8 however it can be adapted for th 6-9, same principle just use different troops.
My army consists of:
Giants: 8 (2 in each barracks)
Wb: 8 (2 in each barracks)
Archers: 70 (18 in the first 2, 17 in the second 2)
Barbs: 46 (17 in the first 2, 18 in the second 2)
Spells: 3 heal
Stack 28 goblins in your barracks
If you find a base with full collectors or easily reached storages use the gobarch part of the army with a few Wb�s thrown in. You should be targeting 100k +.
If you find a base with hard to reach storages and empty collectors use about 4 giants and some Wb�s to clear the way for your other troops. You should be targeting 200k +.
If you find a tough base, for me this is a near max th7 or a middle of the road th8 deploy all the giants to clear the way. You will also want to spawn in a heal spell and your cc troops, put the heal spell on the giants. It�s all about timing. Then once a path is cleared throw everything at them.
Pros: Penetrating, versatile
Cons: Slightly more expensive, slightly longer training times
Some general rules when farming:
Always pack some Wb�s, these are more valuable than the 2 troops that they replace. In some situations it can win you an attack.
Don�t be stingy, not spawning in a spell or a Wb can sometimes end your attack. It�s better to be safe than sorry.
Don�t overestimate your army, if you suddenly decide your good enough to take out a near max TH of the same level as you with a farming load out� just don�t. The best you can hope for against someone like this is a quick smash and grab.
Be patient, find the right base for the right amount of loot. You gain nothing by rushing.
Have fun.

Please post any constructive comments or requests for more detail on certain tactics/areas. I am willing to post a more detailed guide of each of these strategies.
I am also thinking of making a general guide like this for clan warring purposes.
Please comment if you are interested in more guides like this. :)
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