Tips and tricks for beginners!

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  • Nov 23, 2014 (95 months ago)
Hi, welcome to my guide for beginners! The purpose of this guide is to teach beginners tips and tricks to destroy their enemies and climb up the ranks in no time! I am a level TH 9 Clasher (Going into crystal 2) and I am also playing with a new account on another device, so most of these tactics are tested.


One thing that I kind of find important is trophies when you start out(Loot is important too) WHY?: The more trophies you have, the higher rank you are, the higher rank you are, the tiny bit harder foes you face (Maybe.) With that, if you find someone who has pretty nice leveled pumps and mines full, MORE CASH FO U. But, I would hold of a little bit with the trophies once you get to the silver league. That way, you can hold off on facing the harder guys, still get loot, and prepare for the gold league.


Might sound like a stupid tip but it's not. If you have 2 builders huts, place them on 2 opposite corners of the map. WHY?: 1 reason is because if the person doesn't see them AND, he maxes out your base, it can mean the difference between 2 stars and 3 and sometimes even losing 16 trophies rather than 24 or 23.


One key thing to do is MAKE GOOD DECISIONS. WHY?: If you see a guys with 90k gold and elixir, don't just raid him, you got to do 2 things:

1. Check out were his loot is (Pumps and mines, storage(s), or both)
2. Check out his base

I will tell you how to detect where his loot in the next tip.

You don't want to raid some guy with 90K of elixir and gold if it's in his storages and he's like a town hall 9 with a pretty maxed out base(Some people gem really early).

Here is my chart to calculate a good raid:

Base Loot in storages Loot in pumps and mines Raid
Good Yes Yes It's a risk. But, yet only raid if he
he has like 100k because it can turn
out that he has like 40 or 50k in his
Good Yes No Raid at your own risk.(Otherwise,
Good No Yes Go for it! Even if you lose trophies
Bad Yes Yes Check his placement of towers
and see if u can plan out a good
raid. But I would do it.
Bad No Yes Definitely go for it!
Bad Yes No I would check how much loot he has.
If he has more than 50K go for it.


Another key thing about raiding is knowing where the loot is.


In every elixir pump there is always a clear center (In which you can see). But,if it has loot in it, you will see purple liquid in the center of the collector. It has different stages. But, if the guy has like 100k loot, I would raid him if his collectors are more than half way full


There are 2 ways. 1, if the elixir pumps are full, infer that the mines are going to be that full. 2, in every mine stage, there is a little box in the right hand corner of the mine. If it's full, it has a decent amount of cash, if it's not, it's useless.


Really easy to tell. For both gold and elixir, the more of it there is, the more gold it has.


Revenging is pretty cool for many reasons. First, you can technically plan out your raid if you visit the guys base before raiding. And, you can check how many troops are in his clan castle, if he has one. And, you can do it for free! 1 thing that I find kind of funny is those people who gem and attack you. Yeah, just revenge them when the time is right (Pumps and mines are pretty full) And get DA CASH!

I hoped my guide helped you! Rate it what you think of it and I will soon come out with more!

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