Th9 vs TH9 clan wars tactics

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  • Nov 16, 2014 (95 months ago)
As a TH8 I relied on mass dragon almost exclusively to rack in the stars. However now that I am TH9 I obviously need some options. I would like to start a thread to show those options and where to get help with them.
Some basics, which you probably know, but need to consider:
1) Are you going to lure the cc? Some tactics like mass drag or gowipe don’t need to if done well and save some time. Other tactics like balloons or hogs probably need a plan for the cc.
2) Mix of ground and air troops exposes you to all the defence and all the traps. If you are mixing, make sure this is taken into account for specific goals.
3) Tactics like mass dragon and gowipe rely on brute strength and hit points. Hogs and balloons are trying to take out defence first. Understand the difference, and how it plays into your execution of each tactic.
Unless you’re facing a rushed TH9 base, or just a really poor layout, make sure you have in mind 2 vs 3 star tactics. If you are confident with the 3 star, go for it (or if your clan is behind and desperate…) Otherwise, you may want to focus on 2 stars – ie taking out the townhall. A lot of the subtleties in perfecting the attacks below are driving towards the townhall, vs the dreaded 90% damage, 1 star attack.

Hogs – A favorite at the start of clan wars until big bombs were upgraded, and heros were made tougher to lure. Now to use the tactic you hope to find the player that has not yet learned how to make a base anti hog. Preferably bombs outside the walls, or close to edge where you can “sniff” them with a single hog. At least no apparent double bombs.

Mass Dragon – still an option, but similar to hogs you have to be selective. Look for either rushed bases with lower level air defence, or bases where one or two air defences are easy to take out with hogs, loons or heros. Options like the lava hound may bring new life to dragons. As a 2-star tactic, I think it is still a solid, reliable option. 3 stars though on a tough base?

GoWiPe – probably the most popular going by the posts and YouTube videos. Golems for tanks, wizards for dps, and Pekkas as an intermediate to drive towards the townhall.
Note a similar variation of GoVaPe – substitute Valkyrie for some/all of wizard if you prefer the hit points over dps. I have not seen it in action much; my concern is the speed of Valkyrie and the fact they have to get in close – ie they will not hang back behind the golems. Maybe GoWiVaPe?

GoWiWi – another popular alternative to GoWiPe. If the townhall is protected by a lot of teslas, GoWiWi may be a better option. Also popular are blends of GoWiWiPe.

HoLoWiWi – Good for a very specific base: look for a ringed base with bombs and traps in the defence ring, and centralized air defence. Pick off the defence with balloons. Witch/Wizard are used to take care of cc troops. With the outer defence/traps taken care off, send hogs into the core. In most cases mixing air with ground exposes you to all traps/defence. This attack is looking for bases with that it mind.

Balloonian – I have added it because it is a popular attack, but have not seen a lot of evidence that it is reliable for 3 stars. Similar to mass dragon, it might be an option if the air defence is lower level, or on the edge and easy to pick off.

Dragoonian – Balloonian too vulnerable for you? Add in some dragons to act as tanks. I just recently upgraded to Lv6 balloons, so I would love to see someone post a dragon/balloon 3 star win.

Fyi you can check us out at or kik me at “Grubbard” if you have thoughts on how to best rack in the stars!
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