One-troop attacks? Possible

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  • Oct 25, 2014 (96 months ago)
Everybody has his own army plan: somebody uses GoWiWi, somebody DragRiders, somebody even every troop he has (like me).
But, confess, have you ever wanted or tried attacking only with one kind of troop?
I did it a few times and I can explain you some theories on how you could conduct a succesful one-troop attack with each troop.
ATTENTION: this attacks are based on fully upgraded army camps; if your army camps are not fully upgraded, the strategies may have to be modified a little.
-always bring a few Wallbreakers if you attack with ground troops;
-it is advisable to have at least one Rage and Healing spell for each attack (you can use them freely).

-240 Barbarians: barbarians are invincible if in big groups; but don't just put all your barbs in one place, expecting that they will all survive, in fact splash damage defenses like Wiz towers and Mortars can easily knock them down. Just put a few of them in different points to keep defenses busy, while the others do the job.

-240 archers: same as barbarians, just decrease the number of WBs and nake sure some archers are hitting junk buildings on the corners.

-240 Goblins (this configuration will very probably not bring a victory): goblins go for resources, so this plan is perfect for high-trophied players who need resources. Put medium groups of them nearby storages or collectors with a WB and use healing spells if you need.

-48 Giants: this is more difficult, because giants go for defences first. Just put a few of them with a WB near each relevant defense and make sure to use wisely the rage and healing spells.

-120 Wallbreakers: ARE YOU CRAZY?! It's never gonna work!

-48 Ballons (appliable only with level 3-6 ballons): in this case WBs stay home and Rage spells are required. Try to put the ballons near Air defenses and, when they start being hit, unleash the rage spells.

-60 Wizards: in this attack WBs are decreased and Healing spells are required. Wizards are war machines, and if used wisely they can destroy an entire base. So put them near important defenses and make sure to have healing spells ready to use; their fire bombs will do the rest.

-17 Healers (2 spaces are remaining): they are useless alone, so use them only if you have a Barbarian King or Archer Queen; in the remaining space put a WB (just for being sure your heros don't get stuck on walls) and, as always, remember healing and rage spells.

-12 Dragons: WBs are obviously useless and rage spells are required. Put a couple of dragons near each AD and make sure they destroy them; after that unleash the others and the rage spells.

-9 P.E.K.K.A.s (15 spaces are remaining): P.E.K.K.A.s are extremely tough and strong, so probably healing spells won't be used (have them ready anyway); in the 15 remaining spaces fit a healer and a barbarian (recommended choice) or 5 WBs, one wizard and one barbarian. Put the P.E.K.K.A.s near important defenses and, once they have destroyed the walls, drop the other troops (except obviously WBs; use them only if the P.E.K.K.A.s are stuck on walls).

-120 Minions: don't use WBs and bring rage spells for minions. Minions are fast but kinda weak; so drop them near ADs with rage spells. Remember to drop one of them on each junk building on corners.

-48 Hog Riders: hog riders are very powerful; just look out for bases like this , 'cause hogs will get crazy with walls. I don't actually know how to treat these guys, so please tell me in the comments.

-30 Valkyries: I don't really know these too, but sure you have to bring a few WBs and healing and rage spells.

-8 Golems: now it starts to get cool, 'cause these guys have CRAAAAAAAZY health; anyway WBs and rage sells are wanted. Drop one of them nearby each Wiz tower or dangerous defenses, helping them with WBs, then, when they finish, drop the others. Remember to not freak out if they die: Golemites will carry on. (P.S.: I need advise on this one).

-20 Witches: witches are cool because they summon Skeletons; an army of those is totally ravashing. Just carry a few WBs to help the skeletons, the rest is your choice.

-8 Lava Hounds: ..............erm........... I'VE GOT NO IDEA!! PLEASE HELP ME!

Ok, so this is all. Remember to comment and tell me if my theories don't work or if you've got some ideas on how to improve and/or create them (especially for Dark Troops).