AMAZING way to gain a lot of elixir and gold! Complete guide - BEST way.

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  • Oct 22, 2014 (96 months ago)
Hello everybody, and welcome to my guide! I will be showing you guys how to make a lot of gold and elixir in no time, and a great way to keep it all with out anybody stealing it! Somebody will eventually attack you and get some of it of course but I will be showing you guys a way that you can't be attacked very often. Firstly, I will list the "basic" things you guys should already know about how to keep people from taking your elixir and gold.

1. Have your elixir and gold as close to the middle as possible without being to close to each other. I wouldn't recommend having all storages in the middle with walls around them. If you guys didn't know, it is VERY easy to get to the middle of somebody's base and steal all of your loot. Especially if you're a higher level with pekkas/wizards with jump/rage spells.

2. Depending on your townhall level and how many storages you have, you should space out and group some storages together. For example: If you have a town hall level 5, with only 2 gold and elixir storages, try to space them out from each other so farmers can't get them all in one attack. Now if you have a town hall 9, and have 4 gold and elixir storages each, try to group a gold and elixir storage together in 4 different locations around your base. Example picture: (That is not my base)

Now that the basics are done, here are some ways to advance even more:


1. The BIGGEST TRICK to this all is having your town hall on the outside of your base while maintaining a strong base securing your storages. Now you may be asking why is this the biggest trick? For one, there are A LOT of people that go for trophies out there, so a lot of people will come to your base and just attack your town hall then just leave.. giving you an automatic 12 hour shield since they destroyed your town hall. Thus, giving you more time to collect more gold and elixir. Then the same thing happens again after 12 hours, they will just attack your town hall giving you ANOTHER 12 hour shield.. and it keeps going. But somebody will eventually get a good attack on your base and get some loot. That's why you still want a strong base. Note: This strategy will bring you down some trophies but you can maintain it by attacking for trophies when your shield expires.

2. Gold and Elixir hunting: For this, if you have an army of 200, train 100 barbarians and 100 archers. The strategy is to put your barbarians in front and archers in the back using the barbarians as a shield with power. It's a great strategy if you are farming because archers can get everything behind walls.. etc, while barbarians act as a shield and destroy everything in it's path. The point to this is attacking a base with A LOT of resources. Once your shield expires, you can attack good bases for more amazing loot.

I found bases with a lot of resources in the 1150 - 1300 trophy range. Also, when you get to the Mast leagues, you will find more people with good amount of resources.

I really hope you guys found this guide helpful! This is just what I have learned from self-experience and if you guys think I should add anything, I would be more than happy too! Thank you!
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