Tips and tricks for town hall sniping

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  • Oct 12, 2014 (97 months ago)
I'm pretty sure you all have done crazy stuff before in clash of clans, and one of them has probably been insane trophy pushing. weather you have pushed to masters for your 4th builders hut, or pushed to crystal for that sweet dark elixir bonus, you have probably been reduced to townhall sniping for your hard earned trophy's. Of course, not all farmers are nice, so these are some tips and tricks to help you get that townhall.

Step one: army composition.
what? what do you mean? Believe it or not, all archers isn't the way to go. Not everyone is nice and unlike barbarians, archers will be quickly done by any high leveled mortar or wizard tower within range. Keep a barrack or two on barbarians, and try to keep a 1-1 ratio of them both, unless you prefer having a few more of one or the other. I'm currently a townhall 7, and about 90 archers and barbs serve me just fine. I recommend bringing a healing and lightning spell.

Step : Where is the townhall?
This is a quick 5 second look every time you stumble across a base. First check the center, then the 4 corners of the base. this should give you your knowledge about the location of the townhall. If it's behind a wall and only archers can get it, you should most likely hit next.
If it behind no walls, proceed to step three.

Step three: whats within range?
Mortars and Wizard towers: they both pack a punch, however you can give them a run for their money. remember step one was to not train all archers. I consider these towers to be hungry dogs, keep them eating up barbs constantly with about ten to fifteen archers behind them.this will help greatly.
Inferno: if there's a multi targeting inferno there, don't even try it. you will regret it.
Single targeting infernos can be about as annoying as two cannon, you should be fine.
Cannons and archer towers: They shouldn't pose too much of a threat, simply keep supplying archers and barbarians for them to eat on.
Clan castle: This is really not easy to decide on, but for the most part you should avoid going for the townhall if it's within range. Anything that distracts you from your goal; the townhall, should be avoided.
Barbarian king and archer queen: Again; like the clan castle you should avoid attacking townhalls that have these in range. However, it depends on where your troops will have to end attacking them. For both you should make sure that your troops will never have to smash through a wall to reach them. by the time they do you will not have enough time or troops to get the townhall. If they can be attacked outside the base try your best to defeat them before going for the townhall, or else your troops will constantly make a detour to get them.
X-bows: Sorta like single targeting infernos, they shouldn't be too much of a problem, as long as you have a constant supply of barbarians to detour them. we brought them for their hit points anyway. :)
Air defense: why are you worrying about them? we're using archers and barbarians.
Hidden Tesla: I consider them to be traps, but since they are defensive buildings, just know that they should be taken out or constantly distracted.

Step four: Traps and surrounding buildings.
Natrually if people put defence within range of their townhall, they probably have some nasty traps for you as well. look for spaces and open room nearby the townhall. Once you've found them, you should be ready to attack!

Attacking: part one: The water tester.
Always deploy a test barbarian to check for anything from Stuff like spring traps, bombs, and Hidden Teslas, to defence within range. make sure you watch carefully for any defence that turns their head when they see him running across. Most items should be discovered with about 5-7 barbarians. If you had to destroy a few surrounding buildings to get to them, proceed to part two and come back to this.

Attacking: Part two: No more distractions.
If you're going for a townhall, you don't want your troops trailing off to destroy a gold collector. make sure you take out distractions early. collectors, building huts, and barracks should fall if you deploy 5 barbarians and three archers on each. Army camps may take a bit more. once this is done, take a quick step back to part one and then proceed to part three.

Attacking: part three: defense dealing.
So, now that all the Teslas are up, and all or most bombs are gone, you want to aim for any defense if it's necessary. Like before, you simply want to use 5-7 barbarians and 3-5 archers for any Teslas outside. (if they are a high level you may want to use more.) If you need to take out a wizard tower, constantly feed barbarians for it to wreck while about 7 archers take care of it safely behind. If need be, go to part one again then proceed.

Attacking: part four: THE TOWNHALL!
Now we finally go for it, after using about our 1/2 our army to get rid of precautions. If done correctly, this should now be a breeze. First, deploy about 8 barbarians, then about 5 archers behind that. Repeat this until you have about 10-20 archers shooting the townhall. don't be stingy, the more damage being done the better. then, simply feed the defense; this is why we brought barbarians. continuously send barbarians to keep any wizard towers and mortars distracted while your archers shoot from behind. If your archers get taken out, send enough barbarians to distract and place more archers down. if done correctly you shoud get the townhall.

Attacking: extra help.
What if i run out of barbarians?
Distract with archers, place some closer then usual or on the left and right, and then keep a main supply in the back/middle.
What if i run out of Archers?
Turn your mass of barbarians into one heck of a party, send about 5 on the left and right and ten in the middle. repeat this at very short intervals, sending about two more on the left and right and three or four in the center every second or two.
Clan castle troops, help!
If you attacked and some pop out, first make sure you get them all out and then lure them to a corner and kill them like you would normally. If it's just archers and barbarians, you got your lightning spell. :)
I'm running out of troops and this townhall doesn't seem to be taking much damage... any help?
Deploy any hero if you have one with a mass of archers and some barbarians behind it. if need be, throw a healing spell down to keep your barbs going strong.

After getting the townhall:
If you had to fight for the townhall, (and if you didn't get it at all) and would like to give a thanks for your trophies, have a bit of fun. take out some DE collectors, lightning his storage, disarm his traps, and even kill a few cc troops as well as his hero's if you have the troops for it. (don't do this if you didn't have to fight too much or at all, karma exists!) Remember to have fun and troll the troll!

I hope this guide helps you to push higher in trophies and hit those high leagues. This is my first guide so any tips would help. thanks! -MKE
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