DragRiders - A Clan War Attack Strategy by BOSS

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  • Oct 12, 2014 (97 months ago)
Hey guys, BOSS here back with another guide for you all! Pretty sure I'm not the first who has tried this strategy but I haven't seen a guide about it yet, so I guess I'll be the first to introduce it to you all.


1. What is DragRider???

- DragRider is the name of a Clan War/Trophy pushing strategy with an army made of only Dragons and Hog Riders (hence the name...if you haven't guessed it already lol).

2. What level village is DragRider used against??

- Of course once you've unlocked both troops you can use this on any Town Hall level but that would be pretty stupid considering the amount of elixir and Dark elixir this bad boy uses. The best villages to use this against are Town Hall 8's during Clan Wars and during Trophy Pushes if you have the resources to spare. You also have to make sure at least one of the air defenses is outside the base or within the outer layer of the base.

3. Strategy behind DragRider:

- When you're dealing with a mainly Dragon attack, the most important thing to look for is Air Defenses. Your dragons will plow through one of them easily but two might take them down and/or prevent a 3 star. When attacking a Town Hall 7, you only have two Air Defenses to worry about. One can quickly be taken out by simply using 3 Lightning spells. (3 level 3 lightning spells will take out a level 6 or lower air defense. 3 level 4 lightning spells will take out a level 7 or lower.) That leaves one left for your dragons to demolish. Now with attacking a town hall 8 you have 3 air defenses to worry about. Again use 3 lightning spells to take out the 2nd Air Defense but what about the 3rd?? This is where the Hog Riders come in. They'll destroy the outermost Air Defense leaving only one for your Dragons to wreck :D

4. Army Composition (considering you maxed out all 4 of your army camps and have 200 space):

- With level 1/2 hogs: 8 Dragons, 8 hogs
- With level 3+ hogs: 9 Dragons, 4 hogs.
- I also want to note that although level 1 dragons can be used with this army, it's best to use at least level 2 dragons, especially when you have only level 1 hogs.

5. Process of DragRider:

-1. Find inner most air defense, and use 3 lightning spells on it.
-2. Find outer most air defense. If there's enough space for a giant bomb, spawn 1 Hog Rider to spring the bomb. Once sprung/If there isn't enough space for a giant bomb, let out the rest of the Hog Riders to destroy the air defense.
-3. On the side where the last air defense is located, spawn Heroes first to soak up any possible archer and wizard tower attacks. Then, spawn all your dragons right behind the Heroes.
-4. Get 3 stars and brag to your friends and clan mates how much of a badass you are.

6. Extra Information:

- If you're a Town Hall 9 and you have 4 spells available, 3 should be lightning, and the 4th should be either a healing spell or a rage spell for your Hog Riders
- Please do not use this strategy while farming.
- If you're attacking a Town Hall 7, please save your Dark Elixir and use the 3 lightning spells instead of the Hogs
- I haven't tried this strategy on Level 9 or 10 Town Halls because of X-Bows and Inferno Towers. If anyone has, or will try it on them, please comment the results(:
- In Game Name: BOSS
- Clan: Warpaw/Farmpaw (I'll be in either one to help or answer questions:)

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