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  • Oct 08, 2014 (97 months ago)
Hello All,

I play CoC for year now sometimes spent more or less time, as a Th9 I almost finished my Elixir upgrades, so now I need to focus on DE and Gold, I had quite good results with loot especially in Gold league, but as I want my Heroes done I started to look for some nice forum guide about De farming, and I just realise 2 things:

- Brandon's guide is really complex De guide but I doesn't have that much time to play due to life, work etc.

- UnitySharp guide is great but I want to earn DE not spent it for Minions

My Base and Heroes:

I'm Th9, all elixir upgrades in lab done expect Heal to lv 6, DE troops Hogs going to max lv in 10 day, Minions lv 5 and rest troop are lv 2. So what about heroes Barbarian King is lv 10 since TH8, AQ is just upgrading to lv 11 all what I wrote in here I tested already and had quite good results so far.

Action Plan:

I can't play a lot of hour/day but I am able to do raid log out than come back when army is ready and repeat this process few times a day, plan is to do 5/6 raids per day aim for 2k of De per raid
It should give me 10-12k of De per day plus I have maxed DE drill which will give me 4,8k of De per day as well, so
in total per day I will be able to get 14/16 k of De per day with 2 hours spent with CoC maybe 3h per day.

Trophy range:

As I'm TH9 I do advice to stay in low/middle C3 1900-2100 cups is my spot for my DE hunt. I try to get Th9 or Th10 with easy reachable storages,

So what to do next. (Army composition and cost etc):

I wrote that I can do few attack per day but can be online for longer session, so I found an army composition which is effective and allow me to get to core of the base where usually players keeps De storages,

4x Healer lv 4
16x Giant lv 6
10x WB lv 5
16x Wizards lv 6

CC troops:
I ask about Wiz or Dragon if anyone have spare one.

Training method time and cost:

For army I do first wiz as the are the most used troops than giants and wb sometimes when you find nice collector raid you will use wiz and giants rest will stay for another raid.

1/2 Barrack - 4x Wiz, 4x Giant, 3x WB, 1x Healer
3/4 Barrack - 4x Wiz, 4x Giant, 2x WB, 1x Healer

For spells I put 2x Rage and 2x Heal spell (Rage, Heal, Rage, Heal yes sometimes I use 2 spells or instead of one heal I do one jump)
Time - 1h 1m or 2h 30m with full spells
Cost - 174k of elixir plus of elixir for two spells 55k or 110k of elixir for full spells

Deployment method:

Giants spread close to that side where De storage or close to AD than line of wizards after them, Wb to break walls and when sides are clear I deploy BK with 4 healers after, Rage spell is used to heal giants and wizards and first rage I try deploy close to De storage or close to core everything depends from base difference etc.

How to maintain elixir enough for raids:

First of all this isn't the cheapest army composition and it takes time, so in one hour we will get 3000 elixir from one elixir pomp x6 in total 18k from maxed elixir pumps, plus 21k as a bonus from each successful raid in C3 that means we need to spent each attack 190k of elixir which is not covered, it's a lot but most bases which they have 2k of De they have nice amount of elixir and gold in storages.

Hope this introduction to my journey will help or motivate few of you as well. B.S.
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