Farming Strategy - Giant Wall BAM (Enhanced BAM)

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  • Oct 05, 2014 (97 months ago)
Example Video Available:

Training Time (4 Barracks, 1 or 2 Dark Barracks):

17 Minutes, 35 Seconds

Army Cost (Calculated for Max TH8 Troops):

51,600 Elixir (Level 5 Troops)
180 Dark Elixir (Level 4 Minions)

Army Composition (200 Spaces):

61 Barbarians
60 Archers
20 Minions
5 Giants
7 Wall Breakers

Heroes (If Available, Level 5 Preferred for Special Abilities)

Spell Factory (Not Necessary, But Preferred):

1 Lightning Spell (To Eliminate Castle Troops)
1 Rage Spell

Base Search (Loot Search Preference, etc):

> 140,000 Gold or,
> 150,000 Elixir or,
> 500 Dark Elixir

1 Town Hall Lower (if attempting to reach center of base or 100%)
- TH9 should attack TH8
- TH8 should attack TH7
- TH7 should attack TH6

Attack Strategy (What Troops to Use, When to Use Them):

*Typically the regular BAM attack will only let you reach into the base so much. This modified BAM attack with Giants and Wall Breakers will let you get deep within the base.

- Attacking Bases (with well protected storages)

Note: I have created a video replay of this strategy in action

In a nut shell, the order is Some Barbarians, followed by Some Archers, All the Giants, a Couple Wall Breakers, the Barbarian King (if applicable), A couple more Wall Breakers, the Remaining Barbarians, a couple more Wall Breakers, the remaining Archers, finish with the Minions. Below are the Details:

1. Lure out Castle Troops (Once ALL troops are lured out to a corner, zap with
Lightning Spell, if available, otherwise use barbarians and archers)
2. Pick one side or one corner of the base to begin attack
3. Use 1 Archer for any and every building at the far corners of the Base on
the side you will begin your attack on
a. The purpose of this is to prevent any future deployed troops from running
in the opposite direction than you intended them to. You'll thank me later.
4. BARCH (Barbarians and Archers)
a. Deploy troops to clear any buildings outside of the walls of the side or
corner you've chosen to attack
a. Lead with (up to, but no more than) 30 Barbarians to act as meat shields
spread across the outer wall buildings
b. Immediately follow with (up to, but no more than) 30 Archers to assist
in clearing out outer wall buildings
c. Give these Barbarians and Archers time to finish clearing the outer wall
buildings then immediately follow with next step
a. Tanks are Giants (and if available Barbarian King)
b. Deploy your tanks closest to the path you want your troops to take. If
it's up the middle than deploy them up the middle.
c. First will all 5 Giants, followed by 1 or 2 Wall Breakers (depending on
the needs to break first walls)
d. If Barbarian King is available, deploy next immediately after walls are
broken (assuming all outside buildings have been cleared by initial BARCH
e. Immediately after, Drop another 1 or 2 wall breakers in the same place
to open the next tier of walls.
f. Follow with a swarm of barbarians behind the Tanks to assist, and activate
Iron Fist at this point if available.
g. Immediately after, Drop another 1 or 2 wall breakers to breach another tier
of walls. (Usually by the 3rd tier of walls, you will have made it to
the center)
h. If you have remaining wall breakers you can continue to deploy them to
potentially open and take 100% of the base or a 3 STAR VICTORY.
a. Deploy Archers one at a time either behind your Tanks and Barbarians or
spread across the side you chose to to assist in tearing down buildings and
defenses while the Tanks and Barbarians absorb the hits.
b. Prioritize the area where the loot is at with archers (for example)
- if the loot is mostly in storages and the Tanks and Barbarians have to
break walls to reach it. Deploy several Archers to assist and gather the
loot until the Tanks and Barbarians can get past the walls
- If the loot is scattered between storages and collectors, carefully deploy
archers as needed to each of the areas
7. MINIONS (Final Stage of Attack)
a. Only use a few minions (3 to 5) to assist in the beginning, if the side your
chose to attack has a Barbarian King Defending. The minions will quickly
knock out the Barbarian King because the Barbarian King cannot hit back.
b. It is best to save minions until any air defenses on the side of the attack
have been destroyed.
c. Secondary caution to make minions most effective is to send only 1 minion
down the intended path first to activate and eliminate any potential air
bombs. Treading slowly to ensure all air bombs are cleared, deploy one
after another faster and faster until all have been deployed.
d. Never deploy them in swarms. Too risky. One air bomb can wipe out an entire
b. Treat minions similar to archers in #6, but deploy them only after archers,
and only 1 at a time

-- Note on Using Spells (though not necessary, a little extra help never hurt):

1. Lightning Spell (Save only for Clan Troops)
2. Rage Spell
a. The most optimal place to use your rage spell would be when your troops have
reached the goal of the whole attack, THE LOOT. More specifically, the
b. Drop your Rage Spell on your troops the moment they make contact with the loot
c. If you drop it prematurely, and you haven't made it to the loot, you might
not reach the loot and it could end up being a waste of a spell and spells
aren't cheap.
d. DO NOT become dependent on Rage Spells. Each spell takes 3 times as long as
your army to create and each spell costs over half of what your entire army
costs. Save yourself the elixir whenever possible.
e. If your troops are under severe attack, because you selected a base stronger
than your army, than go ahead and use it, but if it looks like your army is
cutting through the base like butter than save the Rage Spell for a more
difficult attack.

- Attacking Bases (where most of the loot is in the Collectors, or the Storages
are near the Outside of the Base)

1. If you get so lucky as to find a base where most of the loot is within easy
reach whether in collectors, mines or storages, the answer is simple, BARCH.
2. You may not have to use all your troops.
3. Even though you probably won't use the Tanks (Giants and/or Barbarian King),
and Wall Breakers, they might come in handy if some of the collectors are
behind walls or protected by defenses (splash damage) that will quickly
obliterate your BARCH attack
a. If you are finding it difficult to BARCH a particular area, because of
splash damage send a single giant to distract while your Barbarians and
Archers collect the loot
a. Start your BARCH attack, and while the defenses are distracted drop a
couple Wall Breakers to open the area you need to get to with the loot,
then continue BARCH-ing
b. Another option is to use Minions to fly over the walls and get to the loot.
Watch out for air bombs and air defenses though
6. Use Minions as your last resort if you have left over loot and no more
Barbarians and Archers

Closing Note:

I attempted to cover the attack strategy as comprehensively as possible. If you feel your more of a visual learner and would like to see the attack in action, just post a request and I'll do what i can to reply with a video replay. Thank you.
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