My Comprehensive Guide To GoWiPe For Clan Wars

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  • Sep 26, 2014 (63 months ago)
Welcome to my guide on how to use GoWiPe for Clan Wars. We have all heard of the strategy but what does it take to use it ? This guide is going to answer that very question

Table Of Contents

-Troop Composition
-What to watch out for
-Deployment on each base type
-More GoWiPe?
-Step by step guide with pictures (coming soon)


What is GoWiPe?
GoWiPe is a powerful attack composition with the three main troops being Golems (Go), Wizards (Wi) and PEKKAs (Pe). It is often used by elite players and when deployed correctly can easily get 2-3 stars.

What makes GoWiPe effective?
When you combine the troop with the most health points, the troop with the highest Damage Per Second and the a high Damage Per Second ranged troop with splash damage your bound to have a good combo. The golems acts as tankers, taking hits while the PEKKAS squash everything in their path and the wizards turn buildings into rubble.

Why should I use GoWiPe For Clan Wars?
After the recent update with heroes no longer being lurable and the update with the buff to giant bombs, the two most popular attacks have become obsolete in clan wars-Balloonion and Hogs. You need an attack that doesn't need to be able to lure heroes or CC hence why the two most used attacks in clan wars became GoWiPe and Mass Dragons. Mass dragons is very expensive and less consistent compared to the cheaper and more effective GoWiPe.

Can I swap the golems with the giants?
You can, but it is much less effective although they have more HP in relation to the space taken up. Golems also split into smaller ones, adding hit points and are not susceptible to spring traps. Golems also do damage when they die, which can be a huge asset for taking out that last defense stopping you.

Can this attack be profitable for war because your using expensive troops
This attack strategy does give profit if your clan wins the war win bonus. Below shows the cost of the army, considering you will get 310k of each minimum plus 1050 DE. Add that to the loot available, this attack gives you a large gold profit with a small elixir and DE profit.

Is GoWiPe superior to GoWiWi and if so, why
In my opinion, it is a much stronger and more consistent attack strategy. GoWiWi also drains your Dark Elixir, which at TH9 is a crucial resource. GoWiPe also has less weaknesses, GoWiWi relies on golems to take out mortars and wizard towers for the skeletons to run free but if the mortars are in the core, they can end a raid. I suggest you stay with GoWiPe, but there are some good guides out there for GoWiWi-have a look.

Troop Composition:


2 Golems (Lv1 Should Suffice)
15 Wizards (Lv5 Minimum)
3 PEKKAS (Lv2 Minimum)
10 Wall Breakers (Lv5 Minimum)
5 Archers (Lv5 Minimum)


For 25 Space: 6 Wizards, 1 Barbarian
For 30 Space: 7 Wizards, 2 Barbarians or 1 Minion

The Clan Castle should always contain wizards, max level is ideal. Barbarian are there due to high hit points and DPS.


Combination 1: 3 Rage, 1 Heal (Spells At Lv5 Minimum)
Combination 2: 2 Rage, 2 Heal (Spells At Lv5 Minimum)
Combination 3: 2 Rage, 1 Heal, 1 Jump (Spells at lv5 minimum, and jump any level)
Combination 4: 1 Lightning, 1 Jump, 2 Rage (Spells at lv5 minimum, jump can be at any level)

Cost For Minimum Level Troops: 189,000 Elixir, 900 Dark Elixir
Cost For Spell Combination 1 (Spells At Lv5): 121,000 Elixir
Cost For Spell Combination 2 (Spells At Lv5): 110,000 Elixir
Cost For Spell Combination 3 (Spells At Lv5): 111,000 Elixir
Cost For Spell Combination 4 (Spells At Lv5): 111,000 Elixir

It should be noted that you could add a jump spell to instead of a healing spell in combination 2, but I find that you don't need it. The only reason you would need a jump spell is if you wanted to break out of the core instantly.

Variations And Extra Troops

Below are some variations you could use. However, the combo mentioned above is by far the most effective.

Three golems can be used in place of some wizards. This is only needed for extra HP, but is not really necessary.

I have seen people using Balloons for ringed bases. Use the balloons in a style similar to that of HoLoWiWi. Take out air buildings then they move onto the cannons.
Healers could also be used to extend the life of golems, this should only be used for a base with a gap in the air coverage which can be exploited.

What to watch out for

The number one killer of this attack is an inferno tower. Single will kill the golems in an instant and Multi will devastate your wizards and can stop any stars pretty easy. I suggest you avoid attacking TH10s with infernos unless you don't have a choice.

Teslas are the second threat. If four are placed around the town hall and are decent level they can stop a PEKKAS smashing the TH down pretty quickly. I suggest avoid bases with 4 2X2 spots in the core. Two teslas in core doesn't worry but anymore will make your life stressful.

Other than that GoWiPe has no weaknesses except a good base design and a bit of luck. Proper deployment is ALWAYS needed, no matter the base. Remember: practice makes perfect


Every base type has a different deployment method like different bases have certain weaknesses. You cannot expect to use the same exact deployment every single time on different bases and expect to get 3 stars. You may be able to 3 star a compact base, but then only 1 star a spread out base. This section will tell you how to attack different bases styles. For all bases styles, I highly suggest you make sure that the base's core doesn't contain more than 2 teslas, as this can have a devastating effect on your PEKKAS which normally take out the bases core.

Which side do I deploy on?
When you are scouting, look for the placement of mortars, heroes and X-Bows. The best option is to attack from the hero side as it will often contain a mortar nearby to stop the lure and kill through splash damage. Taking out the mortars if often critical if you want your wizards inside the base, you could attack from the mortar side of the base. The third option is attack from the side in which the highest DPS building in the core is. The longer that max X-Bow stays up, the longer your troops take a beating. The final and most common option is to attack from Town Hall side. Only do this if the base is fully symmetrical and the things mentioned above are absent. Now, below are how to attack the different base 'styles'.

Segmented/Compact Bases:
This is your average base with walls surrounding all key defenses with an average look. They are often symmetrical with no weak side, for this base style either spell combination should suffice. Look for bases with T junctions on the first layer and heroes that don't cover the core.

1. Deploy Golems about 4 tiles away from each other.
2. Deploy Rage Spell behind the wall so that it covers the defenses, but also make sure some of it covers a T-Junction preferably in the walls.
3. Deploy 2 wall breakers directly in front of this T-Junction so that they open 2 compartments and get extra damage
4. Deploy the wizards behind to clear the outside buildings
5. Send in the PEKKAS. Make sure the outside buildings are cleared and this baby should go straight for the inside of the base, dealing huge damage!
6. Deploy heroes and CC behind, they too should go for the inside of the base causing havoc
7. Deploy more wall breakers until you have reached the core
8. Deploy a rage spell and possibly a healing spell inside the core to clear it quickly
9. Use archers to pick off buildings outside the range of defenses

Use the spells at your own discretion, make sure the placement of them affects more than 1 wizard. Archers can be added with the wizards but I find them to be more useful to pick off buildings. The healing spell is best used on the golems and the rage is best used on PEKKAS as under rage PEKKAS can one-shot most buildings.

Anti-Hog Bases/Anti-Hog Rings
These bases are common for clan wars even after the hog nerd. They consist of the core, then a buffer of non-defensive buildings and then the defenses. Most troops with a preferred target of defenses will go round, making this base difficult to attack with defense-led troops. Spell combination 1 works best for these type of bases. The heroes are normally in the core, so beware.
I have split this up into 2 different sub-sections. The open hog ring with full gaps in the walls, and the closed hog ring-the defenses enclosed in a wall which requires a wall to broken for entry.

Open Anti-Hog
Walls like stems stretch out from the buffer/middle layer to make it anti-hog. Spell combination 1 and 3works the best against these bases. Hero placement means little, as once the buffer ring is reached the heroes nearby are alerted. Please note that for these bases, the corners are often the best place. However if there is a better spot between the wall 'stems' deploy there.

1. Deploy the golems into two different sections separated by the 'stems'
2. Place PEKKAS so that they go into either area.
3. Use wizards to clear out open compartments either side, with them going into the little area
4. Place rage spell so that it is partly on the buffer layer
5. Send in 5 wall breakers, should break buffer and core walls
6. Deploy heroes and CC
7. Use archers to pick-off buildings out of defensive structures range
8. Use 1 heal and 1 rage to take out core for maximum efficiency.

Be sure that the PEKKAS go into the core and are under rage, this will help you clean out the core quickly. The difficult part with this type of base is getting out of the core, another rage spell can be placed over the buffer. If spell combination 3 was brought, use the jump spell to get in or out of the core.

Closed Anti-Hog
This base is surrounded in walls, all defenses behind at least one layer of wall, quite a large core. Large compartments which requires less wall breakers so they can all focus on taking out the core. Spell combination 1 is ideal for this base type.

1. Deploy Golems 4 tiles apart. Deploy a rage spell that covers part of the outside wall and the interior defenses
3. Send in 2 wall breakers straight into the rage spell
4. Deploy the wizards behind the golems to clean out the outside buildings
5. Send in PEKKAS, it is crucial that they are sent to the inside.
6. Send in 2 more wall breakers through the rage spell so that they open the buffer ring
7. Cut off the path around the path for the golems using the heroes
8. Place rage spell in the buffer layer to take out the high hit point storages lurking there
9. Deploy wall breakers to the core wall, into the rage spell
10. Use healing spell and possibly rage spell to clean out core. Make sure that the rage spell if a rage spell is used it goes outside the core slightly, to allow PEKKAS to break down the walls quickly.
11. Use archers to pick off buildings outside the range of defenses, clean-up troops

Use spells at your own discretion, don't use them for no reason- they must have a purpose. Archers can also be sent in with the heroes to take a few hits. Make sure you use the special abilities of the heroes to take out the route quickly.

The Dreaded TH10

Against a TH10, your entire mentality changes. You will be aiming for a 2 star, 3 star is just a dream! You will use spell combination 4, as it allows for the most likely chance at 2 stars. If you want, swap a wall breaker or two for archers to pick off buildings if your worried about not getting 50%. Check the positioning of infernos towers and the mode; if the inferno is set on single DO NOT ATTACK.

1. Drop the 2 golems on the side that you see as ideal, be sure they are spaced away a little.
2. Wizards directly behind to clear outside buildings.
3. Place 3-4 wall breakers to open the compartment and allow troops access.
4. Lightning clan castle troops
5. Drop PEKKAs, CC troops and heroes. If you choose side of the base with heroes, they should target them.
6. Place jump spell over the second wall layer so that it starts in the current compartment and then goes into the core
7. Place rage spell in core
8. Use archers to pick off buildings
9. Use rage to secure 50%

The last rage spell is at your own discretion for its use. Be sure to get PEKKAS inside the core with the heroes. Try to save the heroes ability for when inside core to take out Town Hall.


If you have read right to the end, I salute you. I hope I helped and it was a pleasure to make this guide. Please rate and any constructive critiscm is welcomed. Thanks for reading.

This guide was made by me on the Supercell Forums, so if you want you can check it out. Otherwise, thanks for reading

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    Posted 53 months ago


    lvl 1: Loincloth

    Max Dragon and Max Baloon in CC - Maxed TH8 Defenses - I hogged it as a TH8 - Def not anti-hog bro





    Posted 58 months ago


    lvl 6: Giant Sideburns
    Site Manager
    Just because I guide is long doesn't mean it's bad. Excellent guide, I AGREE with you not luring the Clan Castle out, because in most attacks it doesn't make a difference.
    Posted 58 months ago


    lvl 6: Giant Sideburns
    I rep 2 Heal, 1 Rage and 1 Jump. I bring 2 Golems, 2 1 CC Pekka, 15 Wizards, 3 Witches, and 7 Wallbreakers. Never fails m8. Pretty good guide though. Standard Gowipe stuff. Good for the people who never used it.
    Posted 62 months ago


    lvl 1: Loincloth
    none yet
    ... it auto deleted the remainder of my comment.

    As I was saying -- I recommend removing 1 pekka, and adding 20 archers and 2 hogs/balloons/giants -- whatever works best for a bait on the base u wanna attack.
    Posted 62 months ago


    lvl 1: Loincloth
    none yet
    I like this guide a lot – HOWEVER – I have to agree with everyone about the lack of baiting CC troops. It only takes a couple of stray wizards to destroy a golem in seconds.

    RARELY you will come across a CC that is completely unbaitable. At TH8-9 (hell, even TH10), most of the time a few cleverly placed hogs/balloons can bait the most difficult CC easily!

    In the rare case that a CC IS completely unbaitable (and they do exist), you should include in your guide a strategy for taking them out quickly using your Wizards (not using the Wizards in your CC, since they all spawn on a single square - ripe for the picking).

    I recommend removing 1 pekka, and adding 20 archers
    Posted 62 months ago


    lvl 1: Loincloth
    Excellent guide. I don't see the guide being too long as it is well organized and focused on topic.
    Posted 62 months ago


    lvl 3: Teslafried Chicken
    Good guide. I disagree about not drawing the cc troops out, though I see how it is advantageous to bring your Pekkas and wizards to the core(i never thought of it this way before). But for me it is just too risky. Most of the clans I face have lvl 5/6 wiz in there and they tear my Pekkas apart before they can kill them, even while raging. Plus Pekkas wont go for air troops so if a drag is in the enemy's cc, I have to depend on my very few wiz to take it out before it deals crippling damage to my attack forces. I feel your pain at wasting time and troops luring out cc troops but this is like taking a high stakes gamble. Do you have any tips on how you kill your enemy's cc troops without getting devastated? I would really like some pointers. The GoWiPe attack is by far my favorite War style. Thanks -Thor
    Posted 62 months ago


    lvl 1: Loincloth
    none yet
    I use a max level golem in my cc, and I like to use the jump spell. It directs troops to the center. Also, I use wallbreakers depending on the base. If it was many cells, I use about 8. If it has only 3 layers of walls to the center, 6 wallbreakers. It seems to work out well
    Posted 62 months ago


    lvl 1: Loincloth
    none yet
    Amazing guide.Shared with my clan mates.Bring us stars on wars.Thank you
    Posted 62 months ago


    lvl 3: Teslafried Chicken
    I did forgot to mention that it was for TH9 in the title, my apologies. As for luring the clan castle, well, I never do it. I use clan castle to pull my troops into the core making it an almost guaranteed 2 star and easier 3 star. I also rarely come across a lurable clan castle in my wars but I know that may be different. Luring castle troops just wastes your troops which could have done some damage already, so in my opinion it is NOT worth luring a clan castle.

    @MidgetPsycho: That could be done whoever I like to ask for wizards as I cannot make lv6 wizards myself being a TH9 - but if you wanted to you could.
    @Winghaven: There are a few guides I know of and have read but they rarely get 3 stars. To get those elusive three, I believe you must have a defense led troop in your army or else it will not 3 star but, hey, that is just my opinion. Just google and have a look, there are some out there.
    @Peter The Builder: In my wars hogs are obsolete as they have had too many nerfs. I rarely see hogs and when I do, they only get 30% or less. I was saying the majority, not talking about one clan. If I was to do a survey, I can assure that players would say they only see 1-5 hogs attacks a war and I am the same.
    @ChargeFTW: The clan castle troops do not need to be lured, your only wasting valuable time and precious troops and against a spread-out base this can make a large difference. If you use witches in your attack, it becomes GoWiWiPe a different attack strategy. Witches are hero killers, wizards are castle troop killers. This guide is designed for TH9, so I will not have any mention of freeze spells on offense as they does not apply to me or to the people this guide is written for.

    Thanks for the positive feedback and comments, they are greatly appreciated.
    Posted 63 months ago


    lvl 1: Loincloth
    Bout to try this for the first time. Fingers crossed.
    Posted 63 months ago


    lvl 3: Teslafried Chicken
    Awesome guide man thanks alot! Certainly helps with a lot of things like making your own good base, but also with creating good troop combinations when you cant make a GoWiPe attack yet. Got any suggestions for a strong troop combination with most troops lvl 5 and no golems? Maybe smth with valkyrie?
    Posted 63 months ago

    Midget Psycho

    lvl 5: Goblin Ponch
    Nice guide man!! Although too much reading D:
    Also quick tip: Ask for a pekka or golem to CC because it's more useful to have "Big" troop inside cc and then you can deploy smaller troops such as wizards on more tactical spots.
    Posted 63 months ago


    lvl 3: Teslafried Chicken
    i kind of disagree i use Go Wipe and this guide is good but a little off, first the clan troops NEED to be lured out and killed with witches in your cc and some wizards. since this is clan wars you should be able to tell if you need a jump spell for a small compartment or double walls which is highly recommended, while on the topic of spells use freeze to freeze MULTIPLE DEFENSES whether it be a tesla and an inferno or 2 infernos. also if you're th9 you will see many inside x-bows.also use your wizards for surrounding structures and the 50% which gives you 2 stars.
    Posted 63 months ago


    lvl 5: Goblin Ponch
    I like how u described the "What makes GoWiPe effective?"
    Posted 63 months ago


    lvl 2: Hog "Rider"
    Great guide! I liked the detail and will modify my GoWiPe strategy a little bit. Thanks!
    Posted 63 months ago


    lvl 1: Loincloth
    none yet
    Great guide, thanks a lot !
    Posted 63 months ago

    Peter the Builder

    lvl 6: Giant Sideburns
    A decent guide, but yeah it's too long.
    You should point out that this guide is for TH9 only.
    It's very funny that people think hogs are obsolete! My clan has hogs as default attack, and we consistently three star TH9 bases with the right layout (and most have right layout). It's actually much higher chance to three star a TH9 with hogs than with GoWiPe. But it takes skills. At least 80% of our Th9 attacks are mass hogs.
    For an open and spread out base, GoWiWi is much stronger than GoWiPe. Use three golems, you want one on each side of the base and one in center.
    Posted 63 months ago


    lvl 1: Loincloth
    great guide, ive never used GoWiPe before but after reading this i plan to use it in the future
    Posted 63 months ago


    lvl 6: Giant Sideburns
    i don't want to read a book on the website... haha
    no but seriously i didn't have time to read this, good job on having your guide submitted though. :)