The Anti-X base building guide

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  • Sep 24, 2014 (97 months ago)
Hi fellow builders!

I see too many bases claiming in their title that they are anti this and anti that. The purpose of this guide is to straighten out what really makes a layout Anti-X. Upgrading your defences and heroes, and having good defence troops in the cc is of course as important. Having the cc and the heroes in the center and making the cc hard to lure is good vs (almost) anything.

The classic one. Make a hogring (see my other guide about that). Have double giant bombs or single giant bombs with extra small bombs. Have several different possible locations for double giant bombs.

See Anti-Hogs, they have the same AI, but they will beat on the walls if there are any on their path. Therefore don't make the outer defence ring as one connected cell, but rather split in several parts.

Same AI as hogs, but flying so giant bombs wont help. Air bombs will. Place them central near the air defences, but spread them a bit so two air bombs are not triggered by the same balloon or minion.

Anti-Lava Hound
This is rather untested since they are new. But since they go for ADs you should put the ADs central and within range of each other. Two or three ADs shooting at the same Lava Hound takes it down fast.

Central ADs and create a ring of empty spaces or walls around the center. This will make the dragons circle the center while being shot at by the ADs. A central cc might actually negate this design feature as the dragons tends to priorities the cc troops and that may pull the dragons over the empty space and in to the center, same thing for central heroes.

Anti-Barbarians/Archers/wizards/witches etc
Keep some splash damage dealers (mortar or wiz tower) central and protected by buffer buildings.

Upgrade your teslas.

Anti Valkyria
Have empty spaces between your buildings to mess up the valkyria AI.

Central ADs and hogring makes the giants follow the outer defence ring while the healers get exposed to the ADs.

Anti-Wall breaker
Avoid X-crossing, T-crossings and any exposed crossing where walls meet with only one square distance. This is called to stagger the walls. X-bows set to ground are awesome for taking out wall breakers from a long distance.

Anti-High level heroes
Forget about it, there is no such design feature, only way is to upgrade your defence buildings ;).

Can a base be Anti-Everything? Maybe, I don't know, give it a try and tell me if you have made it! Check out my designs for some inspiration.

Peter the Builder, a.k.a DrZtroom leader of The Farmers (Yellow/Red flame shield)
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