TH8-10 Defensive Guide

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  • Sep 18, 2014 (97 months ago)
This guide will walk you through the steps to creating a base layout that is defensively superior to other bases. The design of your base is one of the few things that can make-or-break you as a Clash of Clans player. A base design with structural flaws and loopholes can mean massive loss of trophies and resources, and a base design that is somewhat effective but still struggles to defend in certain locations or against certain troops won't earn you a place on the Top Player's list. However, a base design that is effective against all types of troops and attacking strategies can make you a very difficult player to play against, as well as earn you the right to contend to be a top player.

The basics of this particular base design:

-Can be used at any Town Hall level, but concentrates specifically around Town Hall level 8 through 10
-Uses a layout that keeps the core of your base protected by three sections of walls (meaning that the attacker has to break through 3 different areas in order to get to the center)
-Resources are protected, either in or around the center, depending on if you are farming, looting, or trophy pushing
-Triangulation and squaring is used with defensive structures of splash-damage variety (Wizard Towers and Mortars) as well as Air Defenses, X-Bows* and Inferno Towers**
-Cannons and Archer Towers remain on the perimeter of the base (protected by walls, of course) to act as point/range defenses and act as decoys for splash-damage defenses to take advantage of
-Hidden Tesla towers will remain on the inside of your base protected by walls
-Traps other than Hidden Tesla towers can be used on the outside or inside of the base, depending on your preferences; placement of them will not be mentioned in a definite manner (it's up to you to decide)

*Town Hall 9
**Town Hall 10

The Center (3rd Layer of Defense)

The center of your base will generally consist of several structures: your Town Hall, Dark Elixir Storage, and 1 of each Elixir/Gold Storage (at least). Shape is key, because the center of your base generally determines the way the rest of it is set up. The center is also a great place to lay out certain traps, such as Giant Bombs and Seeking Air Mines.

Town Hall 8: If you are protecting resources/farming (Town Hall lies outside of your base, unprotected), then the best option is to put your Dark Elixir storage in the absolute center, surrounding it with two Gold storage units and two Elixir storage units in an “X” type format. That is all your core will consist of. If you are protecting your Town Hall, then put it in the direct center, with your Dark Elixir storage as well as other storage units of your choice around it in the same “X” shape described before.

Town Hall 9: If you are protecting resources/farming, put your Dark Elixir storage in the center, with two Gold storage units next to it. Then, rather than the Elixir storage units being placed in the remaining spots, replace them with X-Bows (assuming you have them) in the earlier mentioned “X” shape. If you are protecting your Town Hall, center it, place both X-Bows next to it (on the Town Hall's left and right), and fill the remaining spots with your Dark Elixir storage and a Gold storage.

Town Hall 10: A level 10 Town Hall base center is tricky to deal with because there are so many defense and unit choices that the possibilities are seemingly endless. However, this guide will give you one of the many possibilities that are available. For protecting resources/farming, do the same as before – Dark Elixir storage in the center, surrounding it with X-Bows. Since Town Hall level 10 allows for 3 X-Bows, place them in a triangular* manner that will give them the greatest range. If you still wish to use the “X” shape for your base center, then fill the remaining spot with a Gold storage or some other important structure of your choice. But if you wish to break away from the “X” shape, feel free to fill your core with 8-9 structures in a square or rectangular shape. Just be sure that your splash damage defenses will be able to protect a vast majority of what lies in the middle of your base. For Town Hall protection, place the Town Hall in the center, surround it with the 3 X-Bows in a triangular fashion, keep your Dark Elixir storage close, and make sure that your splash damage defenses are within range of everything. Also, keep in mind that at Town Hall level 10, Inferno Towers are available, and need to always stay in or near the center regardless of what you're protecting (in other words, leave room for them).

*Keeping the X-Bows placed triangularly allows them to cover nearly the entire village, which is important considering they will mainly lie right next your resource storage units and Town Hall.

The Splash-Damage Layer (2nd Layer of Defense)

This next layer of your base is to some extent self-explanatory. It is the layer that allows for the most customization and personalization. Regardless of Town Hall level, it will consist of all of the following structures:

-Air Defenses
-Wizard Towers
-Hidden Tesla towers
-Clan Castle
-Barbarian King & Archer Queen
-the rest of your storage units (ones not able to fit in the center)

The really is only one way to have a good second layer of defense, and that is by maintaining distance between the different defensive units and protecting them adequately with walls and traps. Wizard Towers and Mortars need to be kept towards the center in order to protect the storage units/Town Hall (depending on what your core consists of) as well as each other. Since there are only three Mortars available despite Town Hall level, they need to be placed in a triangular manner. Wizard Towers and Air Defenses will be dealt with differently depending on Town Hall level.

Town Hall 8: Wizard Towers and Air Defenses need to be placed in a triangular manner because there are only 3 of each. The Wizard Towers need to be within range or both the Air Defenses and the Mortars, each in their own section protected by walls.

Town Hall 9-10: Since you are allowed 4 of both Wizard Towers and Air Defenses, it is best to arrange them in a rectangular fashion to give them maximum coverage of the village. Keep them in their own individual sections separated by walls.

Clan Castle and Heroes:

This is the most flexible option in the 2nd Layer. Your Clan Castle can be wherever you want it to be, but remember that a Clan Castle that can be lured easily proves to be useless when defending. That said, it does best being placed near your center (but not in it). Heroes, on the other hand, are also able to be lured but have a smaller range than a Clan Castle. That makes them quite effective no matter where they end up. Keep in mind that Heroes will also return to their altar if they stray too far from it.

Hidden Tesla Towers/Storage Units

The remainder of your storage units can be the final section of your second layer of defense, protected by a Hidden Tesla Tower. Keep each of them (both the storage unit and the Hidden Tesla) surrounded by walls and make sure they are also within range of your Wizard Towers (to provide splash-damage protection).

The Point/Range-Defense Layer (1st Layer)

The 1st Layer of defense will consist of nothing more than the following:

-Archer Towers
-Dark Elixir Drills
-“Filler” units (Gold/Elixir Collectors, Barracks, etc.)

At this point in your base design, you will have used over 75-80% of your walls and only have Cannons and Archer Towers left for defensive units. The objective of the 3rd layer of defense is to create enough distractions and decoys that the point and range defenses can whittle away at the attackers army while the Mortars and Air Defenses take care of larger groups of troops. The only units that will be protected by walls are the Cannons and Archer Towers, and you need to place them in a symmetrical manner across the entire perimeter of your base. Make sure that there is enough distance between them that a single Lightning spell cannot destroy more than one of them, but enough coverage that they can protect each other. This will vary depending on Town Hall level (Town Hall 8 has 5 of both Cannons and Archer Towers, Town Hall 9 allows for 6 Archer Towers, and Town Hall 10 allows for 6 of each) and also enables for complete customization. The key to having great perimeter defense is not wasting space – put each defensive unit where it can cover the most area. Keep the Dark Elixir drills very close to the Cannons and Archer Towers and surround them with the “Filler” units. Keep distance between collectors so they cannot be looted easily, put simple traps such as Bombs and Spring Traps in between the filler units, and keep Army Camps to the very outside of your village (but still within range of your defenses). Extra units such as the Spell Factory and the Laboratory are great for decoys, so use your best judgment when placing them.

If you've followed all of the instructions correctly and done your best to use space efficiently, your base should be looking pretty threatening right now. It should have 3 layers of walls before you reach the center, and defenses covering just about every square inch of your village. Filler units should provide enough distraction that your first and second layer defenses can mow down many of your attacker's army before they even reach the first set of walls.

Tips for upgrading your base as you move along:

-Always upgrade walls at the corners first; it's where many ground units go to try and get into two sections at one time
-Always keep defensive units and storage units protected by walls; don't give your attacker anything easy
-Never waste space; if you can put something useful in an empty spot, do it
-Make the most of traps; if placed strategically, they can actually do quite a bit of damage
-Try to upgrade your units together; if your Cannons are level 8, your Archer Towers should be also – if your Wizard Towers are Level 4, then your Mortars and Air Defenses should match
-Get as close as you can to maxing out your Town Hall before upgrading to the next level – this is important for several reasons, but most importantly, it gives you a goal to reach rather than feeling like you have a sea of endless upgrades

I hope that this guide has helped you in becoming a better Clash of Clans player! Thanks for reading and clash on!

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