Best Trophy Ranges For Farming

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  • Sep 16, 2014 (98 months ago)
Welcome to my first guide on clash of clans, within this guide I am going to explain the best trophy ranges for farming and some explanation of all the town hall levels, this guide is made by my own personal experiences and also with help from members of my clan. So...Lets Get Started,

Town hall level 2-When you are town hall 2 you are still very new to the game, so you will want to just upgrade a couple of things and move up to town hall 3 as there are a few more upgrades at that town hall.

Gold and Elixir-100-250

Town hall level 3- Town hall 3 is still not a big part within your clash career however you have unlocked the mortar and you will have 50 walls.You want to make sure you have built the mortar and upgraded all your walls to at least level 2 before you move on, you will also be able to upgrade your cannons to level 4 before you move on and ln .nn .make sure they are at least level 3 before you move on.

Gold and Elixir-250-400

Town hall level 4- You are now advancing in the game and you would of unlocked the air defence and you should really be striving to rebuild the clan castle so then you will be able to join a clan and receive some good troops you will also be able to upgrade you laboratory to level 2 so you will be able to upgrade all the troops you have unlocked to level 2, this will benefit you a lot when you are raiding.

Gold and Elixir-400-550

Town hall 5- You are now progressing through the game and you should of built you wizard tower and 3 cannons and archer towers and you will have 100 walls that are upgradable to level 5 WARNING: DO NOT UPGRADE TO TOWN HALL 6 UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETELY MAXED OUT TOWN HALL 5 OTHERWISE YOU WILL REGRET IT WHILST YOU ARE TOWN HALL 6

Gold and Elixir-650-750

Town hall 6- If you have been following this guide so far you will know that you should be max town hall 5 so you should be able to fly through town hall 6, if you have rushed to town hall 6 you probably would be regretting it but don't rush anymore, you are still able to catch up if you rushed to town hall 6 but it will probably take 1-2 months.

Gold and Elixir-850-1000

Town hall 7- At town hall 7 you will be able to get Dark Elixir and you will be able to unlock the first hero, the Barbarian King you will want to unlock him and get him to level 5 ASAP you will also be able to unlock the dark barracks and you will be able to get them to level 3 which will mean you will be able to train valkyrie.

Gold and Elixir-1250-1400

Dark Elixir-1600-1750

Town hall 8- At town hall 8 you are really into the game now and by this point you should have all your walls to level 6 at least, also at town hall 8 you will unlock the dark elixir drill that you are able to upgrade to level 3 which will help you greatly at saving up for dark elixir troop upgrades and levelling up your barbarian king you will also have unlocked pekkas and golems which is going to allow you to access a new attacking strategy called GoWiPe(Golems, Wizards Pekkas)

Gold and Elixir-1480-1500 (I know that this is a small range but it is awesome i got 6 million gold in 2 days their)

Dark Elixir-1800-1850

Town hall 9- You have now unlocked the Xbow! You have are also able to purchase the Archer Queen which is the second and last hero, you can also max a lot of defences here, you should enjoy town hall 9 because you can easily get to masters and farming is fun at town hall 9 as long as you haven't rushed to town hall 9 you want to max all the defences and get your walls to at least level 8 before you progress to town hall 10, you are also able to unlock the witch which allows your to attack with the strategy GoWiWi (Golems, Wizards and witches) and you will also be able tl unlock the new troop lava hound.

Gold and Elixir-1600-1750

Dark Elixir-2200

Town hall 10- you have now unlocked the inferno tower but if you have rushed you town hall you will probably be suffering a lot right now just trying to catch up at town hall 10 you are nearly at the end of the game but that means then that you don't need to farm anymore! You can push as much as you want.

Gold and Elixir-2400-2500

Dark Elixir- As high up in trophies you can get!

Thanks all for reading this guide and I hope it helps!
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