Town Hall Sniping

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  • Sep 06, 2014 (98 months ago)
Table of Contents:

Part 1: Pre-push
Part 2: Army Comp.
Part 3: Attacking
Part 4: Silver and below
Part 5: Gold
Part 6: Crystal
Part 7: Master and Champion
Part 8: Conclusion


This is probably the most important part of ANY push. For Town Hall Sniping, you will want to focus more on farming gold as opposed to elixir and dark elixir. Take about 2 weeks-1 month to fill up your gold storage and if you want to, elixir and dark elixir. The reason you need to focus on gold the most is because of the long time you'll be pressing the "next" button up at Crystal and above. For Town Hall levels, it really doesn't matter. A fully committed Town Hall 2 can make it at least up to Crystal. Defense doesn't matter as you make your way up, so put your Town Hall on the outside completely exposed to prevent some potential 3-star losses. This guide is for people who play for about 2 hours at a time, so if you play for about 20 minutes a day, this guide is not for you.

Army Comp.

Your army comp. will be different for each Town Hall level. Your CC troops should be Wizards if you have a CC. A general army for each Town Hall is all archers, but that won't well against teslas and traps. Down below I have 2 Army comps. for each Town Hall level except level 1

TH2: 2 Giants, 8 Barbarians, 12 Archers
OR: 17 Barbarians, 13 Archers

TH3: 4 Giants, 20 Barbarians, 30 Archers
OR: 39 Barbarians, 31 Archers

TH4: 4 Giants, 25 Barbarians, 35 Archers
OR: 31 Barbarians, 49 Archers

TH5: 8 Giants, 30 Barbarians, 65 Archers
OR: 52 Barbarians, 83 Archers

TH6: 8 Giants, 35 Barbarians, 75 Archers
OR: 58 Barbarians, 92 Archers

TH7 & TH8: 10 Giants, 50 Barbarians, 100 Archers
OR: 59 Barbarians, 141 Archers

TH9: 12 Giants, 50 Barbarians, 110 Archers
OR: 65 Barbarians, 155 Archers

TH10: 12 Giants, 60 Barbarians, 120 Archers
OR: 71 Barbarians, 169 Archers

The first army comp. for each Town Hall involves Giants as a meat shield, while the second comp. would be Barch with one barracks filled with Barbarians and the rest of the barracks filled with Archers. Spells and Heroes aren't necessary but if you can bring them, use Lightning spells for CC troops if they are triggered and/or splash defense and Heroes for exposed Town Halls.


If you don't have level 3 troops, just stick to completely exposed Town Halls. If you have level 3+ troops and you find a base with a semi-exposed Town Hall or a Town Hall behind one wall, be careful. Drop one Giant at a time as a meat shield, while Archers/Barbarians attack Town Hall. Lightning any splash defense if it can reach your Archers/Barbarians. You may also lightning the CC troops as mentioned before. As long as you deploy one Giant every time the previous one dies, it should be a success. If the opponent's Heroes are in the way, deploy a few Barbarians, followed by Archers and your CC troops. The same works for Barch except use the Barbarians as a meat shield. If someone has lots of traps in front of their exposed/non-exposed Town Hall, use one Barbarian at a time to clear every trap, and for teslas, use Giants and/or Barbarians.

Silver and below:

Down here, you can find farmers pretty easily, and it shouldn't be too hard to make your way up to gold. The wait time for a base is about 2-5 minutes, and you can get past Silver in about an hour.


Gold 3 is the easiest part of your push in my opinion. You can find a base in about 1-3 minutes. Gold 2 is a little bit harder, with the wait time moving back up to about 2-5 minutes. As you move up, the wait time is longer, about 3-8 minutes for Gold 1. You can get past Gold in about 2-4 hours.


Congratulations! You made it to Crystal. If you're TH2, you should probably stop here, unless you want to go above and beyond. By now you've probably noticed that all bases you are finding are TH8-TH10, with the occasional TH7. Crystal 3's wait time for a base is usually around 5-10 minutes. For Crystal 2, TH3s and TH4s should stop here, unless again, you want to challenge yourself. The wait time is about 10-20 minutes. Crystal 1 should be the maximum for Town Hall 5 and 6. Wait times here are 15-30 minutes for a base. Crystal is very long and may take 2 days-1 week of Town Hall Sniping.

Master and Champion:

If you're here, you are truly committed to this game. This should be the max for most players, unless you actually want to get to Champions. While I've never actually been up here, I would assume the wait times are very long, maybe 1-2 hours, up to 4 hours. If you haven't experienced a gold shortage in Crystal, you should have one now. Wars are a great way of replenishing gold/elixir/dark elixir. If you want to get to Champion, Town Hall Snipe is NOT the way to go. However, you can get to Champion by Town Hall Snipe. This will take about 1-2 MONTHS of NON-STOP playing. If you've gotten to Champion by Town Hall Sniping, you are truly a Champion at Clash of Clans.


Town Hall Sniping is an easy way to gain quick trophies. I recommend Town Hall Sniping if you need some quick Trophies. Hope you liked this guide! :)

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