The Ward Strategy (Wizard, Archer, Dragon)

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  • Sep 01, 2014 (98 months ago)
This guide is an attack strategy guide primarily used for clan wars, but can be used for trophy pushes, and due to its high cost, it is not recommended for farmers or town halls other than 8.

The troop and spell content is (with a level 3 spell factory, and level 6 army camps):

8 Archers
8 Wizards
8 Dragons
1 Lightning Spell
2 Rage Spells

*The barbarian king, and clan castle (preferably archers or wizards) are also highly recommended, but not mandatory.

How to choose the right base to attack with this strategy:

The base should first be a TH 7 or 8, TH 6 can be attacked with this strategy, but it would be overkill and not worth it. Also, TH 9s should really be avoided, because they may have 4 air defenses, 2 X-bows set on Ground & Air, and an Archer Queen, which can all destroy your dragons very quickly. If the TH 9 has a bad base set-up or is relatively new, then you might be able to get away with a 2 star, but most likely not.

The right base should also have either air defenses behind one or less layers of walls, not build, under construction, or low level (3 or below). Its clan castle should also be able to be lured out easily with minimal damage to your troops. If the base does not meet these requirements then it should not be attacked.

Now that you've found the right base lets move on to attacking it:

1) Lure out and destroy the opponent's clan castle troops:
-Place archers strategically inside the clan castle's activation range, but where they are not able to be killed by your opponent's defenses.
-These archers will proceed to draw out the opponent's clan castle troops from the castle.
-Use a few more archers to clump up the clan castle troops, then lightning spell them.
-If that did not kill all of them, then feel free to drop a few more archers, or either your clan castle or barb king (but try to save them if possible!).
-Drop any remaining archers on out-buildings (buildings not protected by defenses)

2) Drop rest of troops (except dragons & rages) to destroy one or more air defenses:
-Drop your barb king or clan castle to destroy any junk buildings protecting exposed air defenses.
-Follow up with a few wizards to actually destroy the air defenses.
-The goal is to remove all air defenses possible to save your dragons the trouble later.
-Drop anything not used on out buildings.

3) Drop your dragons!:
-Try to drop your dragons as close to any remaining air defense(s) as possible to ensure that they are destroyed before your drags are killed.
-It is recommended that you supplement them with a rage spell to make them get to the air defense and destroy it even faster.
-It may sometimes help if you send the dragons in two waves, one to clear non-air defense buildings from in from of the air defense, and one to go for the recently opened-up air defense.
-If you still have a rage spell, feel free to save it, or drop it on a group of archer towers, or high-health buildings (like town hall, storages, and clan castle) when your dragons get to them.

Now that you have dropped all of you troops and spells, feel free to sit back and watch the destructive power of your dragons! This strategy will definitely get 1 star, almost always get 2 stars, and should get 3 stars if used properly, so enjoy! If you have any questions, or just want to share how it worked for you, please comment!

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