A guide to Dragoonian

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  • Aug 27, 2014 (98 months ago)
Dragoonian is an extremely powerful attack strategy that i have used in various pushes to higher leagues. The only big cons of this strategy is how long it takes to train and how expensive it is.This strategy can be used with 180 space and will work but it is way better with 200+.


For 180 space:
train 3 dragons,
25 minions,
and 12 balloons,
spells are 1 lightning and two heal.
(for town hall nines with level 4 spell factory i recommend bringing a rage to)

For 190 space:
3 dragons,
25 minions,
14 balloons,
spells are 1 lightning and 2 heal
(for town hall nines with level 4 spell factory bring a rage)

For 200 space:
3 dragons,
30 minions,
12 balloons,
(spells are the same as the other two)

For 220 space:
3 dragons,
30 minions,
14 balloons,
(spells are the same as the others)

For 240 space:
4 dragons,
30 minions,
14 ballons,
spells are 1 lightning 1 heal 1 rage and two freeze.

For all of these if you are revenging check their clan castle for troops (by tapping on it then tap info there is a bar that sais "space" it will say how much space is in the castle) if there are no troops in it take out the lightning and swap it with a different spell.( I recommend bringing one extra heal for the town hall tens and nines and a rage for all others)
For clan castle troops i recommend bringing archers and wizards.
( you can also bring along some archers or barbs to)


Look for bases with weak, out of walls or upgrading air defenses with weak wizard towers and archer towers(weak wizard and archer towers are not needed but it works better with weak ones) also look for weak archer queens that will be easy to kill. Once you have found the base you are going to attack first destroy any air defenses that are outside of walls with archers or barbs if you brought some, if not use clan castle troops.Next take out the archer queen( if there is one) with your heroes and clan troops if you took out any outside air defenses with some other troops. When the queen is down probe for clan castle troops with a single minion if troops come out kill them with a lightning spell if none come out awesome! you can move on to the next step. When the queen clan castle troops and outside air defenses are gone drop a line of dragons by the nearest air defense then drop all your balloons in a horde. Watch the gallons as they ploy through defenses and when they come near a wizard tower drop a healing spell or rage spell so they don't all die. Keep this going until they come to a wizard tower, air defense, inferno tower or X- Bow. On an inferno drop a freeze spell to take it out until your balloons destroy it. Keep this going until all balloons are dead or you have run out of spells. By this time most of the defenses should be gone drop all your minions and let them take stuff out. Iron Fist and Royal Cloak can be used when you think it is needed.

I have won countless three star and two star raids with this strategy and hope everyone who reads this can to. I have found this works best on bases without X-Bows and Inferno Towers.


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