Balloonian Attack Strategy

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  • Aug 25, 2014 (98 months ago)
Balloonian Attack Strategy

Requirements Are:
Level 5+ Balloons
Level 2+ Minions (Level 3+ recommended)

Spells for TH8: 2 Rage and 1 Heal
Spells for TH9: 3 Rage and 1 Heal OR 3 Rage and 1 Lightning (used to kill clan castle troops)
Spells for TH10: 2 Freeze, 2 Rage, and 1 Lightning

Composition for TH8: 24 loons and 40 minions OR 28 loons and 30 minions
Composition for TH9: 24 loons and 50 minions OR 28 loons and 40 minions
Composition for TH10: 28 loons and 50 minions OR 24 loons and 60 minions
These are just some of the compositions I have can up with. I recommend you play around with them, adjust them, and see which one works best for you.

When using the balloonian attack strategy, you want to look for bases with weak/exposed air defense(s). I would not suggest attacking a base with an air defense higher than lvl 5 or 6 if you have level 5 balloons. However, if you have level 6 balloons, you will be able to attack much stronger bases. Anyway, once you have found a base, deploy one balloon or minion depending on the position of the clan castle to check for defensive reinforcement troops (I recommend that TH9's and above use a lightning spell to destroy clan castle troops). If the opponent has an archer queen, you will also want to lure that if possible. If there are clan castle troops are archer queen, then bring them out of the base with a minimal amount of your balloons or minions. Then, use your own clan castle troops (I recommend archers and wizards), heroes or hero, and a few minions if required to kill the clan castle troops and archer queen if there is one. After this, you want to find the side of the base with the weakest/no air defense(s). This is where you are going to deploy your balloons and minions. There are two ways you can attack with balloonian: A massive attack, or a more precise attack.

Precise Balloonian Attack:
I recommend using a more precise attack if you are attacking a stronger base (TH9+). During a precise attack, instead of deploying your balloons in a line, you will be deploying your balloons in a slower fashion. You will be deploying balloons in groups of 2-4 to take out archer towers and air defenses (if they are reachable). But before that, deploy a few minions to clear outside buildings. Usually, you will have some balloons left after trying to take out archer towers and air defenses, but if you don't, then use your rage spells on the remaining balloons. If you do have a good amount of balloons left, then deploy them and place your rage spells. If you are a TH10 attacking another TH10, use your freeze spells when inferno towers are causing harm to your balloons. Your balloons should get you to at least 30%. After that, send your remaining minions into the base towards defenses or/and the town hall. If you do it right, this should get you two stars.

Mass Balloonian Attack:
This is the type of attack you will be using against bases that are TH8 and below. Once you have located the side of the base you want to deploy on, deploy a few minions to clear outside buildings. Right after that, spread your balloons in a line across that side and place your rage spell(s) in relation to where they are heading. Once you have done this, deploy the rest of your minions and send them into the base behind the balloons. After doing that, place your healing spell (if you have one) according to where your balloons are headed. If you are a TH10 attacking another TH10, use your freeze spells on the inferno towers when they are attacking your balloons.

Well, that'll do it for this guide! I would appreciate it if you leave your feedback in the comments and give any suggestions that you have!

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