The Pen-Ultimate Guide to Leadership!

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  • Aug 25, 2014 (98 months ago)
Ok, so I have been running a clan for about seven months (which btw is 14 CoC years). We have done well in war (17-0-2) and have a cadre to great folks. So I am writing the penultimate clan leadership guide. Notice, it is not the ULTIMATE guide because that just seems to piss off Ironic Ninja.

This will be broken into three parts; 1) So ya wanta be a leader? 2) Recruiting and 3) kicking and promoting. There is no war guide because I wrote one a while ago and it is still awesome! Go read it!

Part 1: So ya wanta be a leader?

Yeah, yeah, I know we all want to try this leadership stuff out at some point. Either the clan we are with is run by 12 year olds, they are inactive, or you just know you could be better at it (which may be true). Here are the rules!

1. It is a time sink! If you are not willing to put in substantial time being online when not attacking, donít do it! A lot of stuff comes up in the chat, fighting (and leading wars) etc. It takes time, care and feeding. Be ready!
2. Donít be 12. Seriously.
3. Be at least at level 60 with a TH8 base. This means you have played for a while and know the ropes. Donít know how many times I have been on global chat and have seen copper, level 19s, trying to start a clan. Forget it! Leadership has to be able to donate AT LEAST L5 troops.
4. Be the example: give the most, be on the most, and always be encouraging!
5. Train your mates! Make them better, post attacks, watch their attacks, ask for and give advice on war bases etc.
6. Never start a clan alone! Always bring at least one other person. You need them to help you run the new clan and as a shoulder to cry on.
7. Post the clan rules in the header early on so people know them. Kick appropriately!

Part 2: Recruiting

What a pain in the butt! I hate it, but it needs to be done. Here are the rules!

1. Advertise, advertise, advertise: Use CoC, write a good guide (which shows you know something), go to other sites you have credibility on. Heck most of the members from my current team came from a Texas College football site, and they are awesome! (Of course it doesnít hurt that we can all get together during the season at a tailgate and drink a few beers).
2. Global chat is the Devil! But when you are starting out it is a necessary devil. I donít think I have EVER gotten anyone of substance from there, ever! Hoppers, hoppers, hoppers! And I am not talking about Dish network.
3. Just know that this game is full of pre-pubescent boys and teenagers. They are immature and need demand your attention. They can be great, but donít have a whole team of them or prepare for at least one coup attempt, at LEAST one! They do be crazy.
4. NEVER offer promotions for joining. It cheapens eldership and co-leadership. If you donít value it your clan wonít. If they donít value leadership they wonít listen to them. It must be earned! And for crying out loud NEVER EVER offer leadership unless you want to quit.

Part 3: Kicking and Promoting


Look, it needs to be done. In my personal opinion it is not done enough. If someone violates the rules (which should not be crazy hard) give them a warning, if they do it again kick. Otherwise no one will follow the rules and the clan becomes like a payless shoe store on back to school night.

Personally I donít care if my clan is 10 people or 50 people. I want to enjoy being there. If I am not having fun and youíre the reason why, see ya! Here are the rules when you should kick (but not all of them):

1. Your clan should be invite only: Always!
2. Anyone (early on) who keeps asking for a promotion (had a dude, lvl 88, do this when I started my clan and kicked him after two days. Hello Froster if you are out there!)
3. Anyone who is a jerk. Seriously if they are some high level douche is flexing their level 6 giants then boot them out.
4. Anyone who does not follow the war rules. Look war wins are bragging rights in the CoC world. The better you are the more likely you are to draw more quality players to your team.
5. ONLY leaders and co-leaders can kick! Elders cannot kick. And in the beginning you should be the only one kicking.
6. I also kick if someone misses two wars in a row. But in the kick I tell them they are welcome back when they have more time for the game.


I love promoting people. It is a sign of trust in them and an acknowledgement of their leadership potential. BUT! Donít do it too early or too often. Here are the rules:

1. No one should be immediately promoted to co-leader EXCEPT the person you started the clan with. Too much power! Unless you love random wars started, the header changed into amusing phallic symbols (or how jerky their girl friend is being), and people being booted you donít want being booted.
2. Elders: My rules are: good donators (at least 500 troops per season), 30 war stars they earned while with your clan, and they have been in the clan at least two months. I donít really have a number of elders in mind. Eldership is a sign of respect in the clan.
3. Co-Leaders: If you have more than four you have too many. Co-leaders run your clan, look over the clan website, are the BEST donators and are high level mates who consistently help others get better. I have three co-leaders and they are awesome
4. Demoting! If you have an elder or co-leader who goes inactive, demote. If they miss 3+ wars kick. Itís a bummer but sometimes people get tired of the game

So there you are! A not so concise and penultimate guide to leadership. I fully expect many criticisms and relish the verbal tete a tete likely to ensue!
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