Mizzou Elite's Guide To Trohpy Pushing

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  • Aug 18, 2014 (99 months ago)
Mizzou Elite’s Guide to a Successful Trophy Push
By Adam – With help from others
The 1-2 weeks before the push are crucial to setting yourself up for success. During this time you want to do two things. 1. Plan your upgrades so that no heroes or major defenses are being upgraded during the trophy push. This means you should not be upgrading infernos, mortars, wiz towers, air defenses, xbows, or even teslas during the trophy push. 2. Build up a solid honey pot of elixir and DE to use for your armies during the push. I recommend that you have a minimum of 4-5mm Elixir and 20-30K DE depending on your level, but it is up to you how you want to manage your resources. It can also be beneficial to keep all resources low and avoid attacks completely during the push (FIJI). This is also a great time to experiment with layouts that work well on defense, as well as new types of attack strategies.
Attack Strategy
The two biggest things I have seen keep people from reaching their trophy goals are being impatient and running out of resources. It is always important to keep in mind that you do not have to get all your cups in one day. Don’t blow all your resources in the first two days and get stuck on higher bases that you would otherwise be able to handle. The first few days you should try to gain trophies through defenses and cheap attacks. You can get all the way to crystal I without trouble just by TH sniping. Early on, you should look for cheap, quick wins that cost minimum amounts of resources. Here are some good early push attack strategies:
All Archers
Barch (half arch/half barb)
Gob Barch (half arch/ ¼ barb/ 8 wb / rest gob)
BAM (Archers/Barbs/Minions)

These armies are great at getting 1-2 stars at a very low price. Use them to TH snipe and get easy 50%’s. Once you notice that it takes longer to find unprotected TH’s, it might be a good time to switch to a little bit heavier attack strategy. For these attacks, it is good to target bases that you can get 2+ stars and ideally break even on elixir/DE. Good attack strategies are:
• Hogs (30+ hogs with other troops for CC, Heroes, and cleanup & heal spells) Do not use hogs against infernos on multi, no matter what lvl your hogs are and what lvl the inferno is (Vamp Wook). Note* you can do hog attacks 4 times faster by gemming just your spell factory (Uncle Jelly).

• Balloonian (20-30 balloons, the rest minions with heal and rage) Use balloons to target anti air defenses and swarm the minions behind them. Also ineffective against infernos on multi (Thonk).

• Giants/healers/wiz – (12+ giants with 2 + healers, a handful of wb, and wiz/arch for dps with heal, rage, and 1 lightning for CC troops)

• Giwipe – good for saving on DE. Works the same as GOWIPE but substituting giants for golems. Be cautious of spring traps and you will need to lure the cc troops. Use with heal and rage. Can be costly and takes some time, but is a good overnight troop build for a solid 2 star attack in the morning. Avoid TH10 with infernos.
• Air Assault – 4 drags, 12 – 20 balloons, the rest minions. Deploy balloons to take out anti-air defenses then dragons to deal damage. Minions to swarm after them. (3 lightning to take out an air defense or rage&heal combo).

After using these attacks for a few days you will be starting to grind out trophies. There will no longer be TH snipes and all the bases start to look scary. Here is where that patience comes in and hopefully you still have a lot of resources available. Take your time searching – you don’t care about the gold cost to search, find the perfect base to attack where you know you can pick up at least 1 star. Bring out your big guns and make the powerful, more expensive armies like:
GOWIPE – 2-3 golems, 2-3 witches, 2-3 pekka, 8+ wb, the rest wiz. Smash in with golems, a few wiz, and wb’s raged. Then get your pekkas and skellys into the middle of the base to do serious damage. Use with lots of rage and a lightning for cc.
GOWIWI – Golems, witches, wizards, wb’s and a smattering of barbs. Similar strategy to above, but more effective against those pesky infernos.
Dragon – All drags. Drop one on each corner of a side to prevent the main group from straying. Put the rest all in one spot and rage/heal them to victory. Make sure to rage when they meet the cc troops.

Other Attacking Tips:
Check Revenge Options Often – People will move TH’s in and out frequently and climb up and down in trophies. Look at revenge options before each attack to see if you can get some cheap cups. (Jelly)
Look for builder’s huts in corners – a single barb or archer on each can add about 5% to your attack at almost no cost or be the difference in time when you have troops trying to finish off a base (Vamp Wook).
Carry a couple giants when going after “unprotected” TH’s. Or for TH’s on the outside. Use the giants as tanks to take damage while a small group of archers clean up the TH for an easy star. Especially useful when the TH is covered by an xbow or wiz tower (FIJI).
Search for Unprotected TH’s while making time consuming armies – can cost some gold, but they are out there at almost every level. Be careful of tesla and giant bomb traps. (Jelly)
Keep your notifications on so you know when troops are out of the oven. (FIJI).
Defense is possibly the most frustrating part of trophy pushing. Even the best bases can be beaten – remember, the game is built for attackers to have an advantage. You will reach a point where other bases are just plain better than yours and you are going to get attacked. Don’t get frustrated, just do what you can to minimize the damage. Picking a strong base design is important, but don’t hesitate to make it your own by switching things up. Smart players do not copy bases exactly because traps will be predictable.
You want to cut down on higher TH’s targeting you for loot as much as possible. Since you want to keep your elixir and DE fairly high, this means keeping gold extremely low. Trophy Pushing is the perfect time to work on those boring walls you have been putting off. Keep 100-200K for searching, but use all the rest immediately to work on walls. This also means that gold storages will not be important to protect, so use that to your advantage by moving them out of the center of your base. Protect your elixir and DE at all cost, but don’t fret about the gold.
Stay online as much as possible – this is the easiest way to prevent people from attacking you.
ALWAYS KEEP YOUR CLAN CASTLE STOCKED – should be common sense, but… ya know, just in case.
If you are trying to win defenses, leave the tombstones – this can fool people into thinking traps and cc troops are used up. Conversely, if you want to avoid being attacked (once you are higher in trophies and are relatively weak compared to other bases), make sure you pick up those tombstones immediately.
When you lose a defense, watch the replay to see if your base worked like you expected. Make adjustments to trap placement, defense placement, or cc troop type as necessary. Ask for advice by sharing the replay when you don’t know what to do. (Jelly).

Morale Tips
Be generous with your donations! Giving a dragon or witches may be the difference between someone losing 25 trophies or gaining 25 trophies. That is a 50 trophy swing for the clan!
Share replays!!! It will give others ideas for good attack/defense strategies and can get you useful feedback on how to improve (FIJI).
Let people know when you reach a personal milestone – everyone likes hearing that you reached master III for the first time or set a new PR, and it will motivate other people to do the same.
Challenge yourself to be in the top 10/20/etc. in the clan. Based on how clan rank is calculated, the higher rank you are, the more your trophies count.
Post Push
Go down in trophies slowly. Use farming armies to target DE as it will be much more abundant than at your normal farming level. Move your TH outside immediately to get back to life on the farm. Remember what attack strategies worked well for you and carry them with you into wars.
Special Thanks to Uncle Jelly, FIJI, Thonk, and Vamp Wook for contributing ideas. If you are reading this and aren’t already in Mizzou Elite, hurry up and join! Good luck Trophy Pushing!
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