GoWiPe (A how-to guide for the Townhall 8!)

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  • Aug 18, 2014 (98 months ago)
Getting your dark barracks to level 4 is exciting, and it also leads to some new and very powerful army compositions. One widely used Golem composition is GoWiPe. I will tell you how to use it as well as some tips to go along with it.

GoWiPe should be used when you have at least 200 army spaces, then you will be able to use it to almost its full capabilities. The GoWiPe army consists of (and this is based off 200 army spaces) 2 Golems, 13 Wizards, 12 Wallbreakers, 2 Pekkas, and 3 Archers. That is just one way you can create your GoWiPe army! You can have more archers, less wizards (although, that's not recommended, as GoWiPe's main offense are Wizards and Pekkas.) For spells, i would take 2 Rage Spells and 1 Healing spells. Other spell combinations include 1 Lightning spell, 1 Healing spell, and 1 Rage spell and various others, mostly for the higher Townhalls.
Here's some tips for your GoWiPe army composition-
The "Do's"-
-Do bring 2 Golems
-Do bring at least 10 Wallbreakers
-Do bring clan castle troops along with you
-Do always have at least 1 Rage spell in your Spell Factory
-Do have a Pekka in your GoWiPe army
-Do have wizards included
-Do bring along your Barbarian King also
The "Dont's"-
-Don't forget your spells
-Don't ever not train Wallbreakers or your attack will fall apart
-Don't use less than 9 Wizards

Now that you have your GoWiPe army ready, lets talk about how to execute your attack.
First off, make sure your spells are ready, your army camps are full, and its recommended that you have some clan castle troops on standby. I'd recommend taking along a Pekka, a Witch, or Wizards. Now time to choose your unlucky target!

1st, Find a base that will earn you back all the elixir you spent on your army. That is very important as it'd be pointless to lose loot from using GoWiPe, on the other hand, if you are trophy pushing and have elixir and dark elixir to spare, go for it!

HINT: Don't sweat the opposing clan castle troops, usually a well timed Rage spell on your Golems and Wizards will power up your wizards to take out the opposing troops. Some people might bring a Lightning spell to take out the clan castle troops. Also, don't worry too much about the opposing Barbarian King either, once again your wizards and your own Barb King should be enough to take him out. On the other hand, the Archer queen is more dangerous, your Wizards and Barbarian King can also knock her out. Make sure the royals and clan castle troops are eliminated!

2nd, Deploy your Golems in a fashion where they are separated from each other but still attacking the same side of the base. Then let your wizards out behind them to destroy outer structures for your Pekkas.

3rd, The attack has begun! Let loose most of your Wallbreakers and get those Golems in the base! At this point, the opposing clan castle troops should be exiting their clan castle and making their way towards your Golems. Also, at this point your Wizards should have cleared the outer structures and your Pekkas should have a path directly into the base.

4th, Now all your troops should be entering into the opposing base, now place a Rage spell on your Wizards, Pekkas, and Golems and they should take out the clan castle troops and any surrounding royals. If you brought a Lightning spell, time it and release it onto the clan castle troops.

HINT: I like to attack from the side that the royals are at, this lets me eliminate the threat very quickly after the start if the raid.

5th, Now that the royals and clan castle troops are gone, the base is ready to be demolished! Place a Healing spell on your wizards, as they get hurt significantly from wizard towers and mortars. If you brought 2 Rage spells, drop the 2nd one onto your Pekkas and/or Wizards and watch your troops wreck havoc on your unlucky defender's base!

For more information on the GoWiPe strategy, go visit the YouTube channel of Galadon (Clash of Clans Attacks) and watch his video on Townhall 8 attacks. Credits to him for providing me with some great information about GoWiPe. Shout out to LP4 Hercules and all the LP clans as well as Lost Phoenix! Search LP -number- to find the LP family!

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