Some Strategy To A Successful Clan

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  • Aug 15, 2014 (98 months ago)
This guide is based completely on personal experience and is not related to any other guides and as much as I am informed, there is no guide with the same strategies, so ENJOY!!!

In this guide I will be mentioning some of the clans I joined to help me with creating my clan and improve my leadership skills. I will not advertise about my own clan in anyway in this guide, as this belongs in clan recruiting forum or other clan advertising places, yet not in a guide.

I always wanted to create my own clan, since the day I joined my first clan, Young Volcanoes. Throughout all the days I was in that clan I read clan making guides and stuff to help me either improve my leadership skills or give me tips on making a clan. I read all and figured out 90% of those guides were absolutely junk. (no offense to guide creators). So i decided to make my own and this is what I came up with:

Step 1: You are probably in a clan now and you probably are loyal to it, its time for you to say goodbye. Tell your clan about the time you are going to make your own clan and its name and other descriptions if necessary.

Step 2: Set a trophy pushing plan. (more information in the guide I made before this one)

Step 3: Join a trophy pushing clan when you meet the requirements. (mine was APOTHEOSIS)

Step 4: In your trophy pushing clan you will probably learn more tips on trophy pushing and since everyone are trophy pushing with you, they are active so they donate a lot which would be necessary in order to have a good trophy push.

Step 5: About 10 days before the time you are going to make your clan, say goodbye to your trophy push clan and give them some information on the clan you are going to make.

Step 6: Find a small yet active and weak clan and give them a deal, tell them that you are going to join for a little while and help them recruit. Join them if they agree. (mine was o.t.c)

Step 7: If they are good people, they will probably give you co leader (if you help them). Since co leader is almost the same as leader you can practice leadership skills and make a lot of new friends in the clan. (people respect co leader)

Step 8: In the last day inform everyone about the clan you are going to make.

Step 9: Make your clan.

Step 10: In the first few days you have to be online for a long time in order to recruit.

Step 11: Put your clan on anyone can join mode.

Step 12: As your clan has enough members, start your first war. Wars can cheer people up to stay.

Step 13: Have clan trophy pushes often yet with smaller goals, for example 2,000 trophies with clan pushes every 2 weeks.

Step 14: Choose co leaders wisely, as they would have almost unlimited power when there is no one to kick them.

Here are some tips:

*If you are not going to have wars for a reason (trophy pushing, farming, etc.) tell your members about a week in advance.

*Write down current status (trophy pushing, farming, normal) in the clan description.

*Tell your members about the next trophy push by clan mail and write it in clan description.

*Try and use an emoji and fun clan description, don't talk about like level requirement or trophy requirement or donations and stuff.

*Create a feeder when you reach a certain amount of members/trophies/

*Donate a lot especially during war.

I hope this guide helped everyone as it took me a while to type this. As of now my clan has a total of 16,000 trophies in its third week, I used these strategies to create it, because I had made a clan before that which never went over 12,000 trophies, but got me experience on creating clan and leadership.

Feel free to comment as all comments are appreciated and replied to.


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