Trophy pushing+TH8 Champion autobiography

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  • Aug 15, 2014 (98 months ago)
Guide to Master or Champion league achievement
I have decided to write a guide to help others to get to higher leagues. This will also document what I have gone through and to answer many of the same questions that people have been asking me in global and clan chat since I got to champion league with townhall 7 a few days ago.

Here is latest best push result for July 20 2014

Firstly, there is no one path to high leagues. There are many troop/army compositions and every player brings along a certain skill set when it comes to raiding. Use the forum to research what may be best for you at your townhall.

Anyone can get these achievements if you gem. Refilling gold storages is key to be able to find bases that increase the odds of a successful raid.

The real challenge is doing it gem free as it requires more planning and execution.

Here are the basics to increase the likelihood of success:

- Max your army camps. The more troops you can bring to war will ensure a greater degree of success if you need to overcome some pesky defenses, traps, clan castle troops, heroes and troop deployment mistakes on your part
- Max or near max your barracks. Being able to bring the best troops to war and more importantly being able to make them in a short amount of time will be key to your success. Also, max level barracks will help you to bank more elixir and keep it out of the hands of your rivals when you queue up your most expensive troops before you log off.
- Laboratory and spell factory upgrades are important as well. Focus on what troops you will use most and the best spells to complement your troops.
- Defenses or max defenses isn't as important as most will think. In fact, walls or defensive buildings will make little to no impact on your push unless you are a townhall 10 with infernos. Virtually all bases from master 3 and up are townhall 10s and most have defenses upgraded significantly.
- Max or near max your collectors with more emphasis on gold mines. Let the collectors do their job 24/7. Investment in these always pays off sooner than later and will be key especially in high league pushing for townhall 8 and below not having max level troops.
- Stop doing single player campaign immediately. Leave those stages alone. They may come in handy if you are super low on resources in high leagues for non gemmers as they will be an additional source for gold or elixir on top of your collectors.
- Max your storages period. Make sure your storages are completely full before attempting a high level push.
- Devote extended stretches of time for uninterrupted raiding. The longer you can play the greater the chance to gain more trophies and offset loses. Playing for 30 minutes then taking a 30 minute break and repeating many times over is a recipe for failure and at best counterproductive as regular raids by rivals or a possible expensive revenge will be in essence a slow crawl up or more likely one step forward, 2 steps back trophy wise.
Of course exceptions will exist for super strong bases that can actually win defenses and a possible tactic is to lose cups in order to revenge for more. However, there is usually diminishing returns there as any decent trophy pusher will be in a higher trophy range before a revenge can be executed. In this situation, you will most likely gain less trophies that you lost in the first place. So when it comes to revenge raids it is actually something best served not cold as time is of the essence.
- Next button. This is your friend and best ally in order to push high. If you are unsure of a successful raid just press next. However, if your gold reserves are getting low you need to be more decisive and commit to a decent target sooner than later or else you need to wait for your gold collectors to produce more or have to resort to raiding in single player campaign.
- Leave your townhall fully exposed. Move your townhall ideally as far away from your base as possible. Do not put any traps nearby or hidden teslas as it will serve to just antagonize your rival more and increase the likelihood that once they take out or snipe your townhall they will move on to the rest of your base. Also townhalls just outside of your base and within range of your defenses (aka partially exposed townhall) should be avoided as your rival will deploy more troops to take out your townhall and since they are already at your doorstep they might as well go in for the rest. I understand this is a somewhat controversial topic but from personal experience this is the ideal setup for high league pushing. I have countless attacks from players that just one star my base (just sniping the fully exposed townhall) and ending the battle even in situations they can easily 3 star and gain many more trophies.
- Fully upgrade your clan castle. Bring maximum troops to war. Ideally join an active clan with members that will help with your push and donate max or near max level troops.
- Max or near max your heroes. For those townhall 7 and higher this is an extra tool in your weapons arsenal and more often than not can be a tide turner when in high league play. There will be those TH6 and below that can make it to master or champion league without heroes but the majority of players aiming for these achievements will be townhall 7 and above.
- Cheap boosts. A great time to push is during cheap 1 gem boost periods. Its always better to be able to battle more often versus waiting for spell factory, army camps to fill and/or resources to produce.
- Be in an active clan that goes to war often as this can be an important source of gold to push for the non gemmers

Pushing strategies:
1. All out attacks. Go for 2 or 3 star attacks. Pick up as many points as possible especially if its a high total cups raid (say 20 cups or higher for 3 star raids).
2. Sniping townhalls. Taking out a townhall is a guarantee 1 star or about 1/3 of the total points available to earn from a raid.
3. Hybrid approach. A combination of 1/2 depending on how easy an opponents base is.
4. Revenge raids. Always try a revenge if the rival's base will be a guarantee 1 star. Also, the tactic of losing on purpose and breaking shield in order to revenge for more cups. This is not recommended for those without a strong offense.

From personal experience sniping townhalls is the most efficient means for trophy pushing to high leagues. Without committing all your troops in a raid will mean being able to more or less start another raid right after the previous one just ended. Having to wait anywhere from 30-90 minutes to be able to raid can be a little too much for most.

When doing an all out attack or employing a hybrid approach you can still snipe while the majority of your troops are still being created. This should be approached cautiously especially in higher league play as you can be setting yourself with a loss if a trap or defense building pops up, etc.
Sometimes its prudent to wait for your army to fully replenish before attempting another raid especially if you are low on gold or elixir. Let your collectors work longer ensure you are at full strength to engage a rival.

A little more background about myself. I started playing clash back on August 21, 2013 or thereabouts.

Got to crystal 3 league in early September with townhall 5.

Got to master 3 league on Nov 13, 2013 with townhall 6 with level 3 troops and never any lvl 5 or higher troops in clan castle as my clan at that time did not donate high troops. Troop composition as I recall at that time was about 6-10 giants, 4 or so wall breakers, a few goblins/barbs (combined 5 or so), rest archers with usually giants or archers in clan castle. Typically I would search for fully exposed townhall and drop an archer at the farthest distance possible
away from the base and townhall in order to test for traps or teslas. If a hero is nearby deploy the archer at the farthest possible distance from hero and also be aware of the relative position of a clan castle. If nothing pops up and your archer is engaging the townhall try to drop 3-4 more (perhaps more if its a higher level townhall) ideally in as tight a configuration as possible from your first archer. Its critical to drop them on top of each other in order to
lessen the chance of triggering traps, teslas or get the attention of clan castle troops and/or heroes.
If teslas are triggered and depending on their level continue to drop more archers in a tight configuration and be prepared to send in some giants to act as shields for your archers. Maxed or near maxed teslas (google/visit Clash of Clans Wiki for photos) will require unleashing giants ideally one at a time in order to avoid spring traps and to get the attention of teslas for instance. I would typically deploy my goblins/barbs to trigger spring traps or bombs
before sending in the giants. Just be aware that with this technique it may trigger more teslas and eventually get the attention of clan castle troops and heroes so it is imperative for your archers to take out the townhall as quick as possible. So generally following this format I was able to get to master league with limited offense.

Got to townhall 7 thereafter and around that time started APOTHEOSIS clan shortly.

The rest is a bit of a blur but I made 2 attempts to get to champion league as a townhall 7. The first time was without a maxed base. There were many raids and a higher frequency of all out attacks compared to my most recent push. My clan mates can attest to more than a few raids close to 50% but just short and a number over but only one or two 3 star attacks on some other high pushing townhall 7 and 8 players. I would search for bases with at least one air defense upgrading and use lightning to take out an adjacent air defense and funnel dragons towards the townhall in middle of base. The barb king was essential in all these types of raids to ensure I take out periphery buildings around the outside of where I intend to deploy my dragons in order to avoid the dreaded dragons going around the outside of the base vs making a beeline to the townhall. So this first push was for a very extended period of time lasting several months and not making much headway until the eve of the dreaded update that introduced multi target infernos which ended my best push run at that time to 2984 cups.

Since that time I have maxed my base and was always in master league 3 or 2 except for a two week period or so farming to max my base.

With the announcement that a townhall 5 recently made it to champion league I decided to make a final attempt to push to champion to coincide with my clan's second ever push. I figured if a townhall 5 with limited weak troops can make it why can't I? The biggest difference would be my stronger troops and their ability to most likley use gems to refill storages.

My primary troop composition is 9 lvl 2 dragons and 10 lvl 2 minions with a level 2/3 dragon usually in my clan castle which hasn't changed since my first champion push attempt. I also used 3x lightning and avoided rage as most bases in master league are too large for rage to work properly. In preparation for this push I bought all decorations in order to sell if I needed the gold to push further. I also farmed so that all my storages were full for the push. This is very important. I also limited risky raids with townhall in the middle of a base to a minimum keeping in mind that a TH5 would never even come close to that feat.
The hardest part of the push was to break 3000 trophies. From what I recall it took over 3 hours to find a 2 star raid that got me to pass this mark into master 1 territory. Since getting over this mark I now was within the radar of champions being able to attack me. The great part of champions attacking a lower league is that on average I can lose anywhere from 1-13 cups vs the typical 4-34 non revenge raid. I had a very fortunate run in which 5 attackers
took only 14 cups; 3 of which were for 1 cup loss only. So in a period of slightly over two weeks I got to 3120 cups a few days ago. I was lucky finding my first TH7 in master 1 (around 2990 cups) just a day prior which I 3 star and helped to replenish my gold reserves. When we just had the latest server update is where I got my final impetus to push for champion league. I started it off 100% a pesky premmie TH10 that is always shielded or online.
Lets take a moment here to address the issue of revenge raids right after a server update. Folks I can tell you from personal experience it is the best time to revenge.
So I went overboard and used all my troops to 3 star Ragnu5 for 22 cups. Then a string of 1 star townhall snipes got me to 3198 cups and I was seriously contemplating buying a shield for the first time to ensure I get to champion league as I was about to get kicked off. Fortunately I resisted temptation and tatsmcgee007 from ScrewTheMoose clan 100% my base for only 2 star. The rest is history. I have now managed to push to 3322 trophies without spending any gems for personal TH7 best effort. I did not take advantage of the one gem boost during the Christmas holidays and also now.

As of April 29 I am now a new townhall 8 and pushed to new personal best 3255 with townhall 7 troops. Lvl 3 dragons will still take some time and my current objective is to get barb king to lvl 10 and then hogs to lvl 4.

So hopefully this answers many of the questions people have about how I got to champion league and perhaps it will help you as well.

On a side note, people have asked if I have used some program which allows me to not get attacked. I am not aware of such things and do not endorse [email protected] of any kind. It cheapens the gaming experience and whatever sense of accomplishment is all thrown away.
I don't have someone else play my account when I am offline.
I don't gem for now. All my gems come from achievements and removing obstacles. I currently have 5 builders and still have not redeemed my 2000 gems for reaching champion league. Moreover, I fully support gemmers as they make possible for me and many more to play this game for free.

Happy raiding,

PS....Like to give a shout out to witelightingHWD from clan The Haze for spotlighting APOTHEOSIS clans in his Youtube channel MYSTLC7. I highly recommend you check out his channel as he is the current world record holder at 3767 trophies for townhall 9 and is very proficient with balloonian raids.
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