Leading your clan into war

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  • Aug 10, 2014 (99 months ago)
This guide is concerning the strategies whole clan use within wars, it may seem stupid however having a structure and guide for your clan to follow is helpful to stop the bottom 10 being attacked 5 times each.

So i shall start with the negatives, 'Dont's'

🚫Dont allow any members to town hall snipe, this may seem like a basic thing but when leading a large clan, if one can do it why cant the rest, no exceptions, "monkey see, monkey do" however the opportunity to town hall snipe shouldn't occurs as town halls should be in bases.

🚫Dont tell your members who to attack, players have brains and should be given the freedom to select a roughly equally levelled base and attack accordingly

🚫Dont punish players for failing attacks, every player makes mistakes however consideration should be taken to the army composition, if you feel the army was never capable of winning the attack warn the player,

🚫Dont allow war clan castles to be filled by anyone, clan castles reinforcements are most likely the most important defence and can shut down raids in seconds.

These may all seem like obvious things, however I have seen plenty of clans fail at these most basic of hurdles.

So here's what should be done, 'Do's'

✅ Do set a target of stars for every player to achieve, i personally believe 4 over 2 attacks is reasonable.

✅ Do fill clan castles with ranged and possible splash damage troops, you will find the best clans will use 2 wizards and the rest archers as these take a very long time to lure and are hard to kill compared to a dragon which can be killed by 15 well placed archers.

✅ Do check all players have a defensive base structure and make sure if they dont it's changed before war day.

✅ Do allow your members the freedom to raid who they'd like as long as they dont raid anymore than 5 bases below,
i suggest. Remind them about loot bonuses and to attack someone there standard.

✅ When attacks fail be helpful to remind them what went wrong but dont criticise to much, give advice which they can gain from, usually as a leader you are looked up to and players aspire to you, dont put them down.

Of course i would like to note these are the necessary requirements, all clans should have their own variations that will give them the edge over opponents, and at a lower level warring back-to-back may be fine however at higher levels, raids cost a lot more and players should be given time to regain the amount needed to raid.

Please do comment as all advice is good advice and I'd love to here your thoughts as this is my first guide.

--- Thanks oo ooo, jaggy thistle

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