The COMPLETE guide to Farming (FIXED)

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  • Jul 22, 2014 (99 months ago)
"OH JEEZ ANOTHER FARMING GUIDE" Don't worry if you're looking at this you obviously still have questions or are still wondering about how to farm. You won't anymore after this guide! (hopefully) This is going to be quite a lengthy guide so bare with me. I've made this guide before but apparently bullet points show up as some alien language so I'm redoing it.

First things first:
-This works best in the silver leagues, sometimes in gold III, so if you could handle that keep reading.
-If you're in crystal league or higher, you could probably try this cycle in a higher span of leagues but I'm not sure so no promises.
-Make sure you have a farming base or hybrid base set up. (Get them from this website because I do and I'm cool)

Okay let's get it started!
-Since this cycle works best in the silver leagues (preferably silver I) we're going to need to stay in this span of leagues. That means both trophy pushing and dropping. (hence "cycle")
-The MOST IMPORTANT part of farming is knowing which bases to attack. So if you're going to learn ANYTHING from this guide PLEASE learn this: The bases you will be attacking for both modes are bases that have:

1.80,000+ in gold and/or elixir (When I'm farming for elixir I could care less how much gold the base could give me and vise versa)
2.Very little or No loot in the storages. (If you're serious enough to look at this guide you should know by now what that looks like; there should
literally be 2 or 3 gold coins in the gold storages and the elixir storages should look like a small puddle)
3.Elixir collectors and Gold mines on the outer layer of the base.
4.If you happen to get lucky enough to see a base with storages on the outer layer then attack that one too.
5.weak wizard towers or mortars are helpful too but aren't necessary.

TWO modes:

1. Trophy pushing (The "Oh no I'm about to be demoted into a league full of poor cavemen" mode)
-half archers, half barbarians (or 60%/40% respectively)
-total cost: less than 20k elixir (depending on size of army)
-when attacking, use index fingers and thumb on BOTH hands and make a circle of barbs around their base using about HALF your barbs, followed by a circle of ALL your archers, then the rest of the barbs. (When you're done attacking, or if you're bored, watch the replay and
look at how cool it looks)
-99% of the time this will result in AT LEAST 1 star, about 4-11 trophies, and (if you attack the right base) about 60%-90% of loot

2. Trophy dropping (The "Oh no I'm about to be promoted into a league where I have no chances at survival whatsoever" mode)
-7 - 12 wallbreakers (depending on what level you have them on... and because wallbreakers are stupid and sometimes go for a wall that youdon't want)
-the rest are goblins
-total cost: less than 30k elixirr? (Once again depending on your level of troops and how many wallbreakers you make)
-not really much of a strategy for attacking here. Just spawn them where the collectors are, and use a few wallbreakers to get to the storages on the inside. (Goblins will be dying left and right soooo if you cry easily you might not want to do this)
-Carry healing spells while in this mode (rage spell might work too but I never needed it. And the lighting spell... well who uses that anyway?)
-Use a healing spell once your goblins get on the inside where the storages are or if you're out of wallbreakers. (A mob of goblins attacking a wall + healing spell = bye bye wall)
-Again, if you attack the right base, this should result in about 80%-99% of their loot, a trophy lost of 15-35, and no stars! yipee! (To be honest though, I have gotten 1 star a few times using this which is just sad)

This concludes my super awesome and lengthy guide to farming. If you're an active player this should fill up your storages in no time. I'll end this guide with a few extra and important things:
-No clan troops are needed (but I'm not your mommy you can use them if you want)
-Always have an extra builder ready to upgrade walls if your gold storages are close to getting full. (I've only been playing since late May and I'm already working on level 7 walls.)
-Hope this guide helped(: if you still have questions or I made a mistake or if you want to compliment me on this guide or if you want to say hi or if you're bored please comment! I'll reply(:
-My clash of clan name: BOSS (yes this is the important parts....jk)
-My clan: Warpaw
-My level: 47
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