Using Heroes Effectively

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  • Feb 20, 2013 (117 months ago)
The most recent patch has left us with Heroes that need 60 minutes to recover after theyve been fully "depleted". Since that makes the Heroes a much larger part of our every day battle strategy, I figured Id go into a little detail on my views of heroes.


Im not really going to go into a lot of stuff about defense here because its pretty hands off. All Ill say is keep in mind of how easy it is to kill a Hero outside of his base. That being said, if you want to put a hero on defense, you may want to place them towards the middle of your base. That way if someone has the misfortune of getting to your hero then they have to deal with your hero as well as all of your defenses, at the same time. If placed on the outskirts of your base, it will just cost them 5 Archers and 5 Barbariansto keep in check.


Hero Recovery Time

Heros arent wrecking crews but they are steady damage. Basically, they are an advantage that you cant live without. So optimally we want to ensure that you have both Heroes joining you in every battle. Lets see how we can pull that off.

So lets look specifically at the Barbarian King. He has 1,500 hit points and at level one, a 60 minute recovery time. So for every 375 hit points he loses during a battle, hell need 15 minutes to recover (375 is a fourth of 1,500). Okay, okay, that makes sense. So at level one he can lose one fourth of his hit points before you have to end the battle. 375 hit points is around 6 Archer Tower shots, or a few Mortars. Its not much at all. Im sure the thought of having your Heroes survive till the end of the battle seems outlandish to some players but thats my main goal when I enter a battle, well, other then steal all their riches.

Hero Deployment

So as mentioned, Heroes cant sustain a lot of damage before they are out of the fight so you cant throw them into the fray ahead of the crowd. They should always be the last of your troops deployed. That way the little guys take all the beatings and your Heroes just add damage to your existing path of destruction. In fact, its not a bad idea to give your army a significant head start before tossing your Archer Queen out there because she will have a much better shot of surviving the fight unscathed (since shes ranged).

Now that we know we want to let be patient with our Hero deployment, its time to know when to stop. If youre farming, stopping is the when your heros hit points have become more valuable than the resources that your army has yet to obtain.

I have surrendered battles with over 80 of my troops alive and had only two enemy structures left standing. Why? Because my Archer Queen somehow got in front of my troops when confronting a Tesla Coil. I want my Archer Queen in the next fight more so then I want to three star my opponent and Im always making sure that their survivability is a prominent factor as my finger hovers over that Surrender button. Nowadays I rarely finish a fight out to its full duration. At least a fourth of my troops are alive with every battle surrendered. I get the resources I want, my heroes are alive and I throw in the towel. I always have at least one star but the most important thing is that, at the very least, my Archer Queen will be tagging along into the next battle.

As mentioned the Archer Queen is easier to keep up. Your Barbarian King will inevitably take more damage because he has to get into melee range. To better your chances of his survival, only deploy him when things look rather easy. If your troops have been shattered against the Walls and at the last 50 seconds youve made it into the core of their base, might as well let the King sit that one out. If youre 60 seconds in to the fight and two Mortars are dead and their resources are all but taken, let the King go nuts. Just watch his health and know when to surrender.

In Conclusion

Its not hard to keep your heroes alive, it just takes some practice and adds another paradigm to your battle tactics. Its a great addition to the game and if you can keep your heroes in every battle, youll see a massive shift in your success ratio.
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